Sunday, October 10, 2010

Life Is Great


Glad all is going great back home - some weird stuff for sure, but they'll be fun memories. I thought conference was great - lot of good talks. Priesthood session was great I thought - only 1 talk in it I didn't care for - all others were great.
We got transfer news this morning and I will be in Anthem another 6 weeks. That will put me at 9 months in Anthem. Things are beginning to role. We've had 12 baptisms in the past 2 months and we will have many this month in October.
Actually new shirts would be great. I will buy them here at the outlets and yall can put money in my account or whatever. I will buy like 3 probably. Dinners are slim with members - only 2ish a week. Quick lunch ideas would be great too. I am sending back my memory card tomorrow - so yall should get it by the end of this week. I have everything that I want - I got a basketball this past week. Actually -send me some sheet music of hymns - like cool arrangements - I know we had that one hymnbook with Kolob in it. Make sure they are hymns - I like playing them during lunch and at night when I have a minute or two. Time is flying by - can't believe it is October already - I've been out 9 months, with 15 left - scary to think. Things are great with me.

My week in review:

27 September 2010 - played soccer with district - still so hot - in 100's still. It was Elder Farnsworth's bday - so the sisters made him a cake. Fun times. E-mailed and shopped with them. Dropped off suits at dry cleaners. I got sun-burned again - will probably have skin cancer. Bishop Gurr called & it's fun to counsel with Bishops

28 September 2010 - both my brake cables broke today - so the first part of the day I rode with no brakes - which is very tough in a hilly area. Swapped bikes with a member until I can get better brake cables. Went on splits with EQ president. Oh, we cooked steak for lunch - wasn't so good, just over the stove - need a grill

29 September 2010 - district meeting went good - I threw down about how we need to do more for the "lost sheep" or lost investigators. Took a nap during lunch. Had a lesson with Pete tonight which was so cool - he's great - just loves everything (had a blast at Priesthood session).

30 Sept 2010 - had lesson with Shaw's - this time the non-member husband was in the next room reading the paper, so we talked loud enough so he could hear us. Then lesson with Stacy Spencer who will be baptized on Oct 9th. Had a pineapple for lunch which was good.

1 Oct 2010 - Can't believe it's October. This morning we began exchanges, so I'm with elder Tripp (zone leader) in his area. Confirmed that I'm 154. Kind of nice being with someone with high energy like me. He is training me on how to be a zone leader in case that stewardship comes.

2 Oct 2010 - I'm so used to sleeping in Anthem, that now when I'm on a different bed, me neck hurts, Ha. General Conference was great. Had the first session with a member and had a mini bbq after with some other missionaries. I had 2 burgers and a brat. Priesthood was great - every talk great (except for 1).

3 Oct 2010 - watched the morning session at the Waldron's home - they have 2 little girls (like 6 and 4) who drew us pictures the whole time. Then had a lesson and watched a session with the Spencer's. Broke our contacting record this week - we had 145 - the district record is 149 - so we are currently second.

Excited for another transfer here - the wards are going, there are people to teach, I've tracted every street here at least twice - I've seen the same people so much. it's funny - I know this place like the back of my hand. Elder Bird is doing great - learning a lot. Life is great.

Elder Perkins

I'm Up For Anything

Really busy last week, so this will cover the 2 weeks.

From Last Week: Funny stories. Thanks for all the updates. That sounds like a great birthday to me - do you still have the red dot on your forehead. Sounds very busy for everyone over there.

Oh funny story before i forget - we went our to lunch with our zone leaders to Applebees before a big mission conference. So we sat down and I look up and there is a huge high def tv with a close up of the Georgia running back Washuan Ealy sitting on the sideline and then the camera goes to the next play with Georgia snapping the ball - so I quickly turned my eyes and the pain was so severe. I had to switch spots with someone at the table so I couldn't see the tv. It was like a dagger through the heart. It hurt so bad. But the food was great - I got a big bacon burger with some sauce - very good.

So here are some notes of the last 2 weeks:

13 September 2010 - Played bball for 3 hours today. Really fun. bought a lot of food today - attempt to eat healthy. Decided college football is the hardest thing I had to give up, sleep is close second. Had baptismal interview today with a good ole rancher type. Elder Bird makes me laugh.

14 Sept. 2010 - Went jogging on the treadmill in our little gym here for first time in like 6 months. Felt good. Weigh in at 159 (but a lady said there that it was 5 pounds over - so maybe only 154) - or she just saying that to feel better about herself. Had a bacon sandwich for breakfast like Morgan would do. Then Elder Bird & I walked across a desert to get to a subdivision here that isn't directly connected by a road yet. Talked to a man who said I should go into sales because I'm good at listening and then building off it with my ideas . Saw a vulture today. Bought some steak today (got $30 of meat for $13). Lesson with Ogburns. I love blueberry pomegranate ice cream. Don't like it when people are late.

15 Sept 2010 - District meeting went well. Had a homeless man walk in to church so the zone leader and I met with him for a bit. Lessons. Bishop came and gave us a loaf of homemade banana bread and the other bishop put a request in to keep us here to our mission president.

16 Sept 2010 - Had flu shots. Lesson with spencers - commited to baptism. Had a big plate of food before bed.

17 Sept 2010 - Ran 1 mile in 10 min today. Contacted all day - still hot here - in 100's everyday. Lesson with Ogburns & dinner weth them at members home

18 Sept 2010 - Went to Applebees. Had mission wide conference - saw Elder Coburn again - fun times. Elder Richard Hinckley (Pres Hinckley's son - he's director of missionary department). It was good. Lesson with Stott's and the Alvarez family. Sandra commited to be baptized!! So happy - and it will be next Saturday. Ogburns passed baptism interviews.

19 Sept 2010 - Church was really good. 6 investigators at church. Lesson with Shalayne and Sandra today. Our wards are getting excited about the work.

20 Sept 2010 - Had burgers and lunch with sister missionaries at a members home and played pool. I was trying to guess all the college football teams that had purple in their logo/uniforms. There are only 6 and i got 4 of them. Got haricurs today. Sandra and Shalayne passed interviews.

21 Sept 2010 - contacted whole day. Helped someone move. Lessons with Ogburns and Sandra. Sandra gave us dinner too.

22 Sept 2010 - Had interviews with President Beck today. Mine went well. I'm thinking i'll stay in Anthem for another 6 weeks, then i'll be gone, but you never know. While he was doing interviews I was doing a district meeting, went well. Began deep cleaning for inspections tommorow. Got free Taco Bell for dinner.

23 Sept 2010 - had another district meeting about goals and numbers and the importance of them. Lessons. Went to rose garden area on exchanges with Elder Farnsworth - great elder - I love being with him - hopefully meet up at BYU together. Sandra passed her Spanish interview as well which was great.

24 Sept 2010 - contacted 58 people ( a contact is making eye-to-eye contact, teach true doctrine, bear testimony, and invite to action) - so not just "hey, how's it going" - they are tough to do. Big day.
Most i've done in one day. Then we exchanged back for the Ogburns baptism. It was excellent. They asked if I would baptize all 3 of them. So I did the mom first, then the son, then the daughter. It was just great. Felt just happy. Then we walked out of the baptism and someone clipped the lock on some other elders bikes and stole them - not so fun. Great day with baptisms. Back in Anthem with Elder Bird.

25 Sept 2010 - Today we had Shalayne Winward, and Sandra Alvarez's baptisms. They were great. Shalayne asked if I would baptize her which was so fun. Then Sandra Alvarez's baptism was just great. I love that family - they are great. Then we began exchanges with the zone leaders. I found out I would be helping with 2 ward council trainings tomorrow - so I gotta cram some info

26 Sept 2010 - Today at church was great - it was so crazy - I loved it. Sometimes it's nice to sit from 7am-5pm in church all day - but when you're used to just always going - it makes it fun. So we (zone leader and I) met up with the Stake Presidency and a counselor in Mission Presidency and did 2 ward council trainings (one was in a ward I was serving in) - so basically, the mission presidency member started it off about the importance of missionary work, then a stake presidency member bore testimony, then the ZL and I got up and gave a 20-30 min presentation about the ward mission plan, the 5-focus names, coordination meeting, and ward council - and it was fun teaching about how to actually do missionary work. Fun stuff. Then we exchanged back. Had 5 confirmations today - I did one of them (Brannon Ogburn). Good times.

All is well - things are great. We get transfer news next Monday - so I'll e-mail probably around 3-4 with news about if i'm staying in Anthem or not. I'm up for anything.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dad Taught Me This...

I tell ya, missing college football is going to be tough.

I just get really sick to my stomach. I didn't even think about it till Sunday when someone mentioned that BYU won. Just the excitement, the statistics, the rivalries, the rankings, the Heisman, how will Georgia do with new defensive staff, and star wide receiver - and then there is all the other teams. It will def be what I miss the most.

But you forget it once you start working and realize that we have 5 more people being baptized this month, district meetings, mission meetings, teaching, correlations, auxiliaries, etc - so much you don't even remember.

Excited for the Tennessee game y'all get to go to - have fun. Lots of good notes - thanks for the details - I like them.

30 August 2010 - took 3 hr nap - just phenomenal. Lesson with Yvonne Ogburn. Went to Pete's. E-mailin Jeff Cotten. It's weird that I am really starting to love the investigators - I didn't think I would ever get really attached to them.

31 August 2010 - had district meeting. I like teaching and bringing up new ideas/insights - it's fun to study. We got to have the release-time seminary students practice teaching us the First Vision so they can be good missionaries at school. Lesson with Alvarez family - I love them. Saw a couple havalina (javalina, not sure spelling) - like wild pigs. Elder Bird is a funny companion - he's a farm boy from Idaho who works hard.

1 Sept - leadership training meeting all day. How to be effective district leader & solve special challenges. Got slushie with zone leaders. Dinner and lesson with Alvarez family at Potters home.

2 Sept - had another leadership meeting all day on how to be catalyst of spirit. hap baptismal interview.

3 Sept - had 3 wonderful lessons with new investigators - hopefully they continue to progress. went to Del taco and some members came and bought our meal - blessings for them. So much is going on here - blessed to be serving in Anthem today.

4 Sept - always get the biggest moving truck you can find when you move. Always - I think dad taught me this. We've done a lot of moving and always go big. We were biking and felt like stopping at an older couples home and found out the husband had passed away night before - good timing by spirit - nice visit.

5 September - Yvonne and Shalayne finally came to church! so happy. Went to a Bday party dinner for one of our investigators. Lesson with Alvarez family.

Great week - work moves forward.

Lots of love.

Elder Perkins

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Loving Every Moment

Well I haven't gotten a letter from ya, so here was my past week - VERY BUSY!!!

August 23, 2010 - Got news that I will be in Anthem for another 6 weeks which is great. I have been here for 6 months already, so this will put me at 7.5 months here. Elder Geren (my firstborn son) was transferred and I got a call from President Beck informing me I would be training another Elder fresh from the MTC. I'm really excited - I love training. I will birth him into the field tomorrow. Had a lesson with Pete - pumped for his baptism.

August 24 2010 - Last day with Elder Geren so I took him to Jack-n-the-box for some tacos - that's the only thing I order there - just amazingly good. Kinda sad he's leaving - we did great together - great friend. Was in meetings most the day. Started at 2 with leadership training - my nose started to bleed while President Beck was speaking. Then had a trainers training meeting. Then I got my second son, Elder Bird. He is my farm boy from Idaho Falls, Idaho. He is a state champion wrestler and get this - when he was a freshman, he actually wrestled my trainer (my dad) who was a senior at the time. My trainer, Elder Nielsen is from Pocatello, ID - pretty close to Idaho Falls I hear. Fun stuff. He's pumped to work. Had a great lesson with the Alvarez family at the Gunderson's home.

August 25, 2010 - Brother Mowry took us up to buy a bike for Elder Bird, then he took us to Quizno's for lunch - members here are great to us. Made some visits, had to run to Wal-mart to get some food for Elder Bird. Then tracted. Taught 4 lessons tonight. Trying to finalize all the baptisms this weekend.

August 26, 2010 - Weekly planning, had a district meeting afterwards. Had lesson with Spencer Davis, had dinner a family who is looking into church. Still working on these baptisms for this week.

August 27, 2010 - Had a lesson with a woman from England - cool accent. Tracted a lot. Had Pete's baptism - was way great. The ward support is awesome - after the baptism we all went to the Bishop's home and had ice-cream and talked. Fun event.

August 28, 2010 - Had 3 baptisms today. So we were at the church most the day setting up - had to set up the gym for a dinner also. I got to baptize Spencer (a 10 yr old) - it was the first baptism I've done - really fun.

August 29, 2010 - I got to confirm Pete and Spencer today and give them both the gift of the Holy Ghost - which was awesome. I really love the wards we are in. We had a lesson with the Alvarez family. Both the children are members (Fabian was baptized about 4 weeks ago). We committed the mom to be baptized and she accepted for Sept 25, but is nervous, and not sure about anything - wants to learn more - her 20 yr old daughter was crying when we committed her and it was just an awesome experience. Missionary work is just the best thing ever - bringing families together. We committed them to have family prayer and scripture study each day. I love what we do. Elder Bird is doing great. We are going to have a fun transfer.

August is almost over, we had 7 baptisms this month and have 5 set for next month which is exciting. The Lord is blessing us and I am loving every moment of the work.

Take care,

Elder Perkins

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

MTC Changes

Policy changes are as follows.

In the MTC they have been teaching new missionaries how to teach (like how to teach the restoration, plan of salvation, tithing, etc). But effective May 2011 they will be changing everything and the MTC will teach new missionaries how to be missionaries (how to get investigators to pray, read, and come to church, how to receive personal revelation, how to recognize, and rely on the holy ghost, how to begin lessons, how to invite, etc). And there are 8 points of this new curriculum.

Now, every mission in the world has to be fluent in this new curriculum by May 2011 so that these new missionaries will mesh perfectly in. So we have many trainings to do till then to get everyone up to par.

We did get transfer news today and I am staying in my area and Elder Geren is leaving. We have been together for 4.5 months. He's a great Elder.

16 August 2010 - instead of playing sports as a district, we took a week off to rest. So i got some serious nappage time which was amazing. Shopped at the outlet malls - Anthem is like a copy of Castle Rock except newer here. We shopped - got some fish fillets. Sent a package home with some stuff for family and b-day present for Quinton - a watch. Got haircuts - I'm looking quite dapper now as they say. Had lesson with Pete. Got a letter from Carson Telford - funny kid - I need to write him back soon.

17 August 2010 - had a district meeting this morning where I taught on the 2nd principle of the new simplified MTC curriculum - the role of the Holy Ghost in converstion. It went decent I guess. They had a change in our mission - we used to have a goal of tracting for 10 hours a week, and how instead of that they have a goal of contacting (making eye contact, teach doctrine, bear testimony, give invitation) with 140 people a week - so it is up to each how to get them. Because everyone in Anthem is fairly well off - there is barely anyone outside - so we still tract - not much street contacting. Had some pasta for dinner, had lesson with keys - recent converts. Lesson with Alvarez family. Fabian Alvarez was baptized a couple weeks ago & now we are teaching his mom. She understands English but likes to speak Spanish, so we bring someone along who can help with translation - I can follow about half if I know the topic. It's really fun. They gave us some cake after.

18 August 2010 - had a zone meeting to start day. Followed by some tracting. Gave a blessing to a member. Went to an appointment and they had a wonderful steak dinner for us - a huge t-bone - I don't think I have ever had a t-bone steak. There are two parts - the tenderloin and the sirloin. Both sides have there positives - I was very excited. Then Elder geren left to another appointment and I stayed to teach that family - who gave us the t-bone steak. The dad of the family wants us to baptize his two sons in 2 weeks - crazy - gotta fly and see if the kids can keep up and if they are willing.

19 August 2010 - Elder Geren was still sick today. So after weekly planning we stayed inside for a couple hours. Then went to visit the Ogburns - up the biggest hill in anthem - almost killed Elder Geren - tough kid. Went to carrols for dinner - had some friends over. Then taught Morgan Shaw and then the Alvarez family. I really wich i would of payed attention more in spanish classes and kept up the piano - tell Conner to learn that piano. Sometimes we start off lessons with a hymn that I can play if they have a piano in there home - love to do that - I make Elder Geren give a solo or sometimes the family joins in if they know the hymn. Good times. He loves it (really doesn't) ha - but he doesn't have a choice since I like to do it - piano is fun.

20 August 2010 - had a footlong really spicy buffalo chicken sandwhich from Subway for lunch today. Lot of tracting and contacting. Had lesson with Davis family. had lesson with Pete - I love that man - trully and inspiring story for all ages and people. He had a lot on his mind and we did our best to clear it up. Gotta teach people and not lessons. I love this area.

21 August 2010 - Quinton's birthday. Helped someone move this morning - getting ripped because of all the moving - not really. Then took the fastest shower ever - like ever. Then went to a lunch appointment with Relief Society President and her non-member brother who we used to teach till he moved out of our area. Had Morgan Shaws baptism -awesome. I got to play the piano for her baptism which was sweet. then we had a come unto christ fireside (kinda like an open house thing) - expecting like 100 nonmembers to come - only 9 came - we gave tours of the building, a couple talks - fun stuff.

22 August 2010 - I got to confirm Morgan Shaw a member of the church and give her the gift of the Holy Ghost in sacrament meeting today. It was awesome - probably the smoothest blessing i've given - just flowed off the tongue - the Spirit will help ya when you need it - just a great experience. I love the wards i'm serving - we have been going out to appointments with our bishops, wml's, rs pres, eq pres - just all the auxilary leaders - it's been fun. The people in our wards are great - I know mostly all of them by name which is great. We have 4 baptisms next weekend - so a lot to prepare for this weekend.

Take care - hope all is well.

Much love,

Elder Perkins

Monday, August 16, 2010

Slushies and Blessings

I hear that Despicable Me is a very funny movie. I love you too Morgan.

I never knew Conner was even getting into playing football - that's exciting. Let me know the details of how things go. You assume I don't know who Trace Adkins is, ha - of course I know.

Here's the past week (let me know if you like my week reviews - just do them now out of habit I guess:

9 August 2010 - one of our investigators, Pete, told us to go visit one of his friends, so we did - visit went ok - referrals from investigators are the best. Played ultimate Frisbee and volleyball with our district in Anthem park. Got sun burned on my feet and neck - usually covered by proselytizing clothes. Shopped, emailed. Played some pool, took a nap. Then had lesson with Morgan Shaw which was great.
Oh I got a 44 ounce slushy for 79 cents at Circle K, and a free hot dog. Also bought some peach ice cream at Wal-mart to try out. Mission is fun times.

10 August 2010 - Tracted for 4 hours. Had a Mcdonalds high quality chicken sandwich (like not the $1 ones, but like a 4.50 sandwich one) and large french fries for lunch - I splurged and bought a large combo - very delicious. Then we had Taco Bell for dinner with some members.

Our Ward Mission Leader is phenomenal, Brother Dave White - he told us he wants his kids to be like us when they grow up - he does good things for us. We took him to a lesson. Then had a lesson with Pete - have I told y'all about Pete yet? Golden man - so great. He committed to being baptized and is hungering for the gospel - loves to learn - great times. I'm just happy doing the work.

11 August 2010 - had long zone meeting, because assistants to Pres, and President and Sister Beck were there. They gave presentations about the new policies in our mission. We have a lot of changes to go through for the next year. Did I tell y'all about those yet? But its not the change that's difficult, its the transition is what he says. I had to give a talk about how inviting souls to baptism is how we fulfill our missionary purpose - not really nervous anymore speaking in front of people - unless it was like an apostle or something.

12 August 2010 - began exchanges so I'm down in Phoenix with Elder Farnsworth. We taught a man from Cyprus, then went on splits. So me and a 19 yr old ward missionary went to visit 2 people, but they were not home, and since I didn't know the area, we went to QT and got some slushies, and then waited at the church for an hour - poor planning leads to wasted time. Then we went to another family and committed them to baptism. Elder Farnsworth is a funny elder.

13 August 2010 - watched "The Testaments" this morning - good movie about Indian family in Americas when Christ comes to visit people there. Came back up to Anthem. Had dinner and lesson with Pete. Then we went on splits and I went to see the Ogburn family - many tough times, but they want to get involved in gospel - re-set some baptism dates for them. I went on splits with our Bishop - it was really fun - he's a great man.

14 August 2010 - had Alexis Soncrant's baptism today. Went really good I love baptisms. Then they took us to Olive Garden and she gave us a thank you card. I ordered the baked ziti - very delicious. It was a tough decision between that and the chicken alfredo. Great people. Then we went back to the church for an 8 yr old baptism - they wanted us to stand in for confirmation. Then went to our zone leaders baptism because we had to give the missionary invitation - fun stuff. Then I had a baptismal interview. Baptisms rock - spirit is always great there.

15 August 2010 - our wards are impressed with all the work the Lord is blessing us with. We got to teach gospel principles which is fun - I just love speaking and teaching. Went over to the Taylor's home for dinner and a lesson. The Lord is blessing us a lot this week. Next Monday we get transfer news - I'd like to stay, but I've been here for 6 months so chances are I might leave - but I like change so we'll see. Everything is good. Learning a lot.

Take care.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Biking Has Built Up My Legs

Hello family.

Thank you for the package. The EFY CD 2010 is pretty good.

Here are the notes of the past week:

2 August 2010 - played bball for 3 hours. Had a lesson with Alexis - being baptized on 14th.

3 August 2010 - started off day with lesson, tracted for 3 hours. Got to go to Louis' baptism - she is 89 and she asked me if i could be a witness which was fun. went out to a Hawaiin bbq for dinner.

4 August 2010 - baked brownies and gave them to a member who is helping us out with rides a lot.
Had district meeting and I spoke on section 58 of Doctrine and Covenants and zone leaders talked on progress records.
Had dinner with Potters and Alvarez family ( Fabian Alvarez is being baptized on Saturday). It was fun - his mom speaks mostly Spanish so I used my gift of tongues and spoke Spanish most the night - had a fun time. Nah, the mom is pretty shy speaking English so I was trying to make her feel more comfortable.
Then we exchanged, so Elder Giles came up with me. He's been out 3 weeks in mission. Taught Morgan Shaw - being baptized on 21.

5 Aug. 2010 - Elder Giles and I worked hard. Taught some lessons, make visits. Went to Hack n the Box and threw down 8 tacos for only 3.50 - I had a get 2 free tacos coupon. I love those tacos. Got slushies too (only 79 cents for 32 ounces). Exchanged back and went to see Pete - phenominal man. He showed up to church this last Sunday on his own. Had excellent lesson with him.

6 Aug 2010 - got a package from family - tender mercy of lord. We got rain for about ten minutes - tender mercy of lord. Then back in the 100's - love it. Had dinner with an FBI agent - which was cool hearing his stories. Taught morgan again and Fabian.

7 Aug 2010 - got a lot of rain this morning, then had Fabians baptism - phenominal. It was so awesome and we filled the program with power players. Fabian is the first baptism I've had where we taught him all the lessons - just a great service. He is awesome. Our mission president showed up to the baptism too and told Elder Geren and I that we did a great job with our presentation but we should of committed anyone who was not a member to be baptized which was cool - we'll do it from now on. Pretty bold. Our bishop got us lunch after. Then I interviewed 2 people for baptism. Then went out with our RS president to visit one of our investigators. She reminds me of mom. Fun times.

8 Aug 2010 - an hour before Fabians confimation, the man who was going to confirm him called and said he wouldn't be able to make it, so we had to call an audible and it worked out good. Had a lesson with Jacque Armstrong - being baptized on Aug 21. Its amazing to see the transformation this area had had since i've been here. At first it was tough finding people to teach, but now we have a huge teaching pool with many baptisms this month. Things are going great for Elder Geren and I. The gospel is phenominal.

I love you all. Thanks for everything. Letters were fun. Conner is really tall now - and I noticed him wearing my Georgia hat - looks good on him. Thanks for the Georgia info. I won't bother you with me thoughts. Today in wal-mart they had a tv with college football highlights from like last year or something and I saw it in passing and just got goose-bumps - it'll be tough. It is just so exciting - a new year - everyone begins undefeated - whats going to happen - ah - it'll be tough - we'll see how it lasts. Quinton is taller then Dad it looks like huh?

Take care, much love.

Oh I can touch the rim of a basketball goal - and get it pretty good, not just skimming it - biking has built up my legs - extra 3 inches on vertical.- hopefully I can dunk at the end of my mission.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rain...A Tender Mercy of the Lord

Thanks for sending the CD we will love it.

The Joseph Smith movie in the visitors center is excellent - we try to take our investigators to see it - very powerful.

Questions Answered: At the MTC I always played basketball in the MTC and here in the field - we can play with the sisters, just can't guard them too intensely - a lot of contact is not good.

Our investigators are doing great. We have 4 scheduled (one each week) so far with the building and our goal for this week is to schedule the other 6 and set 2 more baptism dates. We are very busy - this area is taking off now and we are doing our best to keep up with it. It's taken 5 months to get things going, but it's phenomenal now. Phenomenal is my new favorite word.

26 July - Played bball with Zone. Then we went to Desert Book and bought those CD's I think I told yall about - Truman G Madsen. I've learned a lot this past week from those. Met with 2 investigators - good times.

27 July - Had a District Meeting which went well. Things seem to be in place for us to break records in all of the 5 key indicators for August (baptisms/confirmations, people with a baptism date, investigators who attend sacrament meeting, lessons with a member present, and new investigators).
I've been sick all day but it got really bad tonight - just toughed it out.

So cool story - So we have been teaching a boy named Fabian - he's 12 and just a phenomenal kid. I love him. So he is going to be baptized on Aug 7 and things are great. We went to have a lesson and he left his skateboard outside the house. We had a great lesson and when we came outside it was gone. Then everyone just gets that hurt stomach feeling and its just no bueno. He loves to skateboard and had saved up really long to get this one. So we started looking around and it was gone, so I just said, "well Fabian, the Lord will bless you for doing what's right." Then we said our goodbye's and right as we were about to leave, some neighborhood kid came up and said, " Hey Fabian, are you looking for your board" He said "ya." Then he said that he saw some guy run up and steal it and start to run away. As the guy crossed the street, a car came and honked at him, he dropped the board, and this neighborhood kid picked it up and gave it back to Fabian. So i just said, "see Fabian, the lord always blesses the righteous." It was really cool.
Mosiah 2:24 - Lord blesses us immediately with things. He does not save up rewards for us. It is not true when people say, "More blessings for us in Heaven." The lord blesses us now - immediately.

28 July - Had Zone conference. Fun to meet up with missionaries. Also spoke with one of our bishops about the work for a while.

29 July - Gave a tour of the chapel to a referral we got. Went great and set up appt to begin lessons. Then we began exchanges with the zone leaders to help train me, etc. There was a storm so we got some rain - tender mercy of the Lord in Phoenix. For dinner I had dad's toast, gravy, turkey recipe and threw down some mashed potatoes on top of it all. Very tasty for all ages. Fabian passed his baptism interview.

30 July - had a tire problem with bike - back rim is bent, so I had to loosen the brakes so it can spin. so I have no rear brakes at the moment.

31 July - Helped a less-active move. Help paint another house. Tracted for 4 hours.

1 Aug - Can't believe its August. Church was great. Some guy showed up randomly - had checked out and looked up meeting times. He rocks and set up a teaching appt. Had a lesson in between wards. Had a "cottage meeting" at stake presidents home - little meeting for investigators and RC - way great. Took weekly numbers from everyone - told them we are doing great, but kind of grilled the district in some aspects of the work- but we can be doing a little better. Still on track to break all key indicator records for this district though, but we can be doing better. President Hinckley said, "try a little harder to do a little better." We can always improve.

Things are great. Loving everything. Great times. Nothing better I could be doing.
Having a fun time - Elder Geren has to keep me in line sometimes- ha. Hope all is well. Take care cause I care.


Elder Tyler Perkins

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

So I repented...

Fun to read Sterlings e-mail.

So Justin is going to Montana. I've met probably 5 ppl who served there and I know like 5 missionaries from there (1 was my MTC companion) it sounds like a really good place - he will tear it up.

I started my mission like at 155 - so I'm up like 7-9 pounds - leg muscle ha. I sent some pictures home last Tuesday - so hopefully it wasn't lost in the mail. You should get it today. Just load them on the computer and send the card back - I'll delete them when I get it.

Don't really need anything now. I went to Deseret book today and bought some journal paper (was going to ask for some, but since I was there I got some). I also bought Two Lecture series by Truman G Madsen - Joseph Smith the prophet or something for like 25 bucks a piece - each has like 8 CD's. I love doctrine and lectures. So you'll see those on my card from home pop up. Did you ever work on my CD with Carrie Underwood singing How Great Thou Art?
19 July - took a 2 hour nap - loved it.

20 July - Today began our 4 day leadership conference. They are introducing a new simplified curriculum in the MTC starting next May - so our mission needs to not only be fully trained on it, but be applying it and doing a good job on it. So they are introducing the whole curriculum this week and each month will be a specific focus on a piece of it. So it will be an exciting year trying to learn it and teach it to those in my stewardship. So we go there for about 6 hours of the day (10-4pm). Had correlation and went on splits.
My ward mission leader took me up to go give a baptismal interview and a blessing to a sister missionary, but they never showed - so we just talked about stuff for an hour which was fun. So when I got back, Elder Geren was like, "what is going on?" He had the cell phone the whole time and there was like 20 calls from the sister I was suppose to give a blessing to. The sisters were late and they called and let me know they were furious that I didn't wait for them. But they were late. So we made arrangements so they can get it first thing in the morning.
Had a lesson with Sandra and Fabian (Fabian is an investigator we're teaching - he's 12). gave Sandra a blessing after. Fabian is pumped for his baptism.

21 July - gave 2 blessings this morning. Had day 2 of training meeting. Got pizza for dinner and lesson with Yvonne.

22 July - leadership meeting most the day. We are taught doctrine and then we role play basically. President Beck sat in on one of our role playings and told me I need to listen a little more instead of just firing off my doctrinal pistols. So I repented - I listen a lot better now. It rained for a solid hour when we got back and I was drenched completely. Soaking wet. Taught Fabian again. He's a stud.

23 July - So today in our leadership meeting President Beck told the story of the Anthem area in front of all the leaders of the mission. Short version is that about 1-1.5 years ago there was nothing going on in Anthem. The missionaries told President he needed to close the area, it couldn't be done unless we had a car, the members didn't do anything, wards wouldn't help, and that it was dead and they were wasting their time. Then he turned to me and said, "Elder Perkins, has anything changed in your area - members are the same, still on bikes, same people, etc." I said - still the same. And he said, "So Elder Perkins, how many people have commited to a firm baptism date" And I said 10. And he basically made the point that when you have hard working elders who are committed - there is no such thing as a dead area. The Lord is blessing this area a lot. We've roled played all week with other elders, and I mostly practiced with zone leaders - and they rock. We have a lot of superb elders here - a bit intimidating, but it was fun. I've learned so much doctrine and teaching skills this week its been amazing. So much fun. So now I'm fully trained on the new MTC simplified curriculum and now have to teach others and apply it.

24 July - helped someone move, tracted.

25 July - had another baptism interview with Louise - 87 years old and she passed. she had never before prayed out loud with other people before, so the family before told me good luck making her pray and the sister missionaries teaching her told me not to fail her if I couldn't get her to pray. But she prayed - the first prayer was great. Fabian and Sandra finally came to church - so if he comes again he can finally be baptized - he will be the first person I've completely taught and baptized - so pumped. Were with a family of 11 tonight - 9 kids - fun times. We're teaching one of the daughters fiance who was recently baptized. Fun stuff.
So that's the week. Let me know if you got any questions. Have a good one. The work is going great - things rock, all is well. Got a district meeting tomorrow- district is doing great. Our big focus is getting these 10 individuals into the font this month.

Good times. Take care.

Elder Tyler Perkins

Monday, July 26, 2010

Crusty Ties

I did get my box and it was great. Thank you very much.

The ties were very very nice ties - I liked them a lot. We usually exchange maybe a tie or two with a companion and sign the back so we know where we got ties and where they've been. We have posterity ties too, so I signed a tie and gave it to Elder Geren and if he ever trains (becomes a father) he will sign it and pass it down to his son - making me a grandpa. I like all ties. I just hope they stay in tact long. Cause with all the sweat - they are dreanched all day long and they dry all night and some get all crusty. So some ties ruin faster then others.

Glad the family reunion went well.

From last weeks e-mails: This I-pad thing sounds pretty cool. I still have no idea what one looks like or what it does, but a lotta ppl are talking about it. I receive Conner's e-mails, i just have barely any time. So I really do appreciate them, tell him he rocks.

My money is doing very well, we spend thrifty here. Ya, we've only ate about 5 times with members so it looks like well get fed about 25% of times which isn't too bad. I'm eating so healthy you'd be so pleased - wheat bread, yogurt, etc. Ya the World Cup seemed pretty good - the members fill us in. Good for Spain. Sounds like dad is staying busy while everyone is gone. Busy is good. How is Grandpa Perkins doing?

Here is my past couple weeks:

July 5 - played bball with Elders quorum president for a couple hours, then played bball with district for a couple hours, got haircurts, and then went to check on a referral who says she wants to start getting back into church - was never baptized when used to attend awhile ago. Began exchanges so I am now with one of my zone leaders, Elder Hall.

July 6 - Elder Geren and I are having tons of teaching opportunities - the Lord is placing people into our paths. We began teaching a 12 yr old boy named Fabian and his older sister, Sandra (already a member). It was fun.

July 7 - got a call at 8 am saying I'd be giving a talk at our 10am zone meeting. So i threw something together on how to be more urgent in the work.

July 8 - Weekly planning - went on tracting splits with some priests in our ward which was fun. Began teaching one of the Bishop's family friends who they have known for 21 years! Great lesson though. Had some visits and got McDonalds for dinner. Things are going great for us. The Lord Rocks!

July 9 - did tracting splits again. I went with an elder who is leaving on his mission in 2 weeks and basically ran him into the ground hard core. He had to leave early cause he was too tired - showed me just how hard Elder Geren and I push it here. Went out with our Bishop on some visits - working close to leaders is key.

July 10 - I weigh in at 162 with shoes on now. Brought another priest to a lesson (we get them as involved as we can) with another investigator and her less-active husband. It was funny because Elder Geren was talking about Joseph Smith's story and right when he got to the first vision account, the baby started crying so she got up to go check on it, so I jumped in and stalled the husband for like 5 minutes till she walked in and right when she sat down, I passed it back off to him and things went on. We are getting pretty good at working with each other when we teach. We went to a baptismal service and we forgot to bring our suit coats because we had lessons and were so busy and our Mission President happened to show up. So he got on us a bit but then was excited to hear about the work in our area that's going on. Met with an investigator and gave her a blessing.

July 11 - We are told every week by the members that we are the best they've had here - which is cool to hear. Church is fun.

July 12 - our whole zone met to play basketball today and the zone leaders came in with transfer news. Elder Geren and I will be staying here for another 6 weeks which is exciting. had a lesson with bishops friend again - really good.

July 13 - Transfer day - I had to go to a leadership training at 2 and it went well. It's fun knowing I'm apart of the leaders and can help out - they're are some phenominal Elders out there though, it's a bit intimidating sometimes. We have many new mission policies and changes about to happen. We have new curriculums and have to be in them by full force by next may. Next week we have training meetings everyday for 6 hours a day for all the leaders to learn and then implement. It's an excellent opportunity for growth - a lot to do though - it'll be fun - I'm pumped. got 3 new members of our district.

July 14 - had a district meeting to get to know the new people. And I talked for like 40 minutes on how we need to do better at extending baptism commitments. We have a fun district and i'm excited for this transfer. It is getting hot!! really really hot outside. Had a couple lessons.

July 15 - lesson. got up to 115 degrees today - it's hot to go tracting in. Had lesson with Bishops friend again. Then had correlation. Missionary work is really fun - having a blast.

July 16 - made some visits this morning and one was up in the country club of Anthem (which we cannot prosylyte in). So we tried to just sneak by like we usually do, but this time the security officers ran after us. He questioned where we were going - he was some goofy old man trying to act tough, pshh. After like a 5 min hold up he let us through and said he would arrest us if we handed out anything. pshh, like to see him try. Gave the sister missionaries a blessing, one was feeling a little homesick. A wind storm hit and we couldn't bike cause all the dust that kicked up - couldn't see. It knocked out the power for a couple hours. Elder Geren and I have fun teaching. We had an area in our district which wasn't producing much, but we were able to get a baptism date in it - yes. district is becoming bolder.

July 17 - Tracting splits with Priests. Then we took 2 investigators to a baptism in another area and it was crazy. It was kinda rocky from the start and then when they went in to do the baptism, there was only a foot of water - they had left the drain unplugged so it was draining the whole time. The Elders didn't know what to do, it was the ward mission leaders first baptism, the Bishop wasn't doing anything so i got up and had to tell them to start filling it up again - then led everyone in singing hymns for like 20 minutes while it filled up to try to keep the spirit there so everyone wouldn't just talk. Then it went on. Crazy day.

July 18 - had to get up at 4:30 - so tired. Went to Anthem ward from 8-11, got a ride home, biked to a lesson, taught her, got a ride to church, and had Gavilan Peak Ward from 2-5. We got some more shout outs which was cool. Got to talk in Relief Society about the office of an Elder. Then got a ride to our next dinner/lesson. Had like 5 girls around 7-10 yrs old crushing on Elder Geren and I - funny stuff. Then got dropped of there to another lesson. Then got home, took everyones weekly numbers, got in bed at 10:50. Long day.

So the work here is going great. We have 10 baptisms lined up for August - the most this place has seen in a really really long time. And if we can keep the dates we have, our district will break our zone recond for the month of August. The Lord is blessing this place and Elder Geren and I are lucky enough to be here at the right time. Hopefully all goes well.

Take care,

Elder Tyler Perkins

Monday, July 12, 2010

Amazingly Refreshing!

Very funny picture, Morgan is very funny.

Memory of Grandpa and Grandma - I remember Grandma always coming up to visit us in Colorado (with all her soda) and we would always sit and talk, drive around town (to Sonic ha), shopping, etc. It was always good just to visit and chat. I love listening to them tell stories about their childhood and I hope I can become like them when I grow older. I don't really remember Grandpa all that well, but from what I've heard I'd be very lucky if I could accomplish what he was able to do.

We don't really have any rules for the heat other then drink a quart before you leave the apartment, wear sunscreen, and drink a lot of water. I've been well, just very very busy.

June 22 - Had baptismal interview with a 10 yr old girl - went way good. Still preparing thought for district meeting tomorrow, very tired & pumped for tomorrow

June 23 - Great district meeting. Heard great talks from Sis Jones & Elder Farnsworth. After, we all blitzed an area (where all missionaries in district go tract that area for an hour). I'm worn out after our meetings.

June 24 - Weekly planned and then tracted the rest of the day, then we did an echange so I am with Elder Trussel in his area.

June 25 - Fun day with Elder Trussel. Had Arby's for lunch. Helped someone move.

June 26 - Tracted a lot - it's getting hotter.

June 27 - Had church and we are bringing investigators now which is cool. Our stake presidency, mission president, and zone leaders had a meeting today and they decided we will no longer be eating dinner with members unless they have a non-member there - so we will have to get creative for dinner ideas cause we'll be eating more on our own now. More tuna casserole for me, yummy. But our stake presidency had high remarks for Elder Geren and I which was cool to hear.

June 28 - got to take like an hour and a half nap on p-day - fantastic, amazingly refreshing. Had a little pizza party with some investigators who are moving - which is sad - family of 4.

June 29 - Had district meeting. Just basically said that we are not implementing - so we talked about how we can apply and act. Helped our investigator family pack and load up.

June 30 - Had interviews with President Beck. We have worked hard - very hard, and people tell us all the time we are the best. We have had 3 baptisms YTD for our area (2 wards) - we have 4 planned baptisms now and 2 very close, which will double our YTD in the next 2 months.

July 1 - Talked with our bishop - he said he put a request to our stake presidency to keep us here for a long time - so now I'm sure Elder Geren and I will be here awhile together (at least another 3 months my guess - cause when bishops love you, then stuff gets done).

July 2 - It's getting hot. Got up to 116 degrees today and we tracted for about 4 hours in it - its HOT!!! We knocked on a door, and they opened it and we said, "we are sharing a message about how Christ has called a prophet to bless our lives for us today" - or something like that and he said "I believe in Satan" and slammed the door. It was wierd but funny. Gotta have fun.

July 3 - Tracted, lessons, the usual.

July 4 - church all day - made announcements that we won't be eating with members anymore unless they have non-member friend - hopefully ward can provide. Had to be in by 6, but we had a like a new member / investigator meeting at stake presidency home which was nice.

July 5 - played bball from 6-8 am - fun stuff. played bball/frisbee with district from 10:30-12:30. now e-mailing. I'm pooped. I'm so tired every day, but the work is good. I love being a missionary. Life is good. take care

Elder Perkins

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Well Happy Fathers Day!

Thanks for all you do Dad - your a great example that I'm trying to live up to. It is always good getting ya'lls letters. Sounds like some good times back home.

The YM programs here are so great, it's fascinating - they go on crazy cool trips, high adventures, scouting stuff, etc.

My week:

June 14 - another flat tire. Fixed it.

June 15 - Had two baptismal interviews which went great. We have an awesome ward mission leader.

June 16 - Had zone conference and talked about the power of the small plates, and how to teach the second lesson (plan of salvation) in 10 minutes. We focus on the doctrine - not lame analogies that serve no purpose - but when you teach simply the doctrine, people get baptized. So how I imagened teaching before my mission and how we teach now are total opposites - I'm learning a lot.

June 17 - Mark committed to be baptized on August 14 - very far away but its a great thing - he's the first person I've taught the whole way. It's sad that he's moving, but he will still be in our district so I will get to go to his baptism.

June 18 - went on an exchange with an elder in our district. It was a lot of fun.

June 19 - Helped 3 people move.

June 20 - 10 hours of church. got a lot of food for Fathers Day. after we talked with a women we tracted into a couple days earlier and we will begin teaching her tomorrow which is very nice.

June 21 - helped our stake high councilman over missionary work move today for about 6 hours, played bball with district for a couple hours.

Still very busy with trying to help out our district. we have another district meeting this Wednesday which will be good. It's better now that I don't write notes or anything for my talks, just go off the Spirit. It's been good. We are trying to expand our teaching pool. We will have 2 baptisms in July and hopefully more. Things are great here.

Just a quick note this week. Thanks.



Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"Don't go all Jesus on me."

Answers to Moms Questions:

1) We (Elder Geren and I) were biking kind of fast and his chain got stuck and so his tire stopped and he just fell to the side and crashed. It was funny. He's tough though - so we went to Walgreens to wash up in the bathroom there and then went tracting after.

2) I did not think I was going to be called district leader because I'm so young. The Zone Leaders were just messing around after my talk saying that they sealed the deal that I would be the next district leader - but everyone likes to say that to make you feel better. But leadership doesn't mean anything. Just more stewardship. As President Beck says, "I am nothing of myself, my mantle is everything."

3) I don't ever print off e-mails cause you have to bring your own paper to use - so I just read them cause I usually don't have too many - just from yall mostly.

4) Yall are the only ones that write me online. I'll get an occasional e-mail from Jeff or Joseph or someone. But mostly yall. Only the Telfords send me hand letters (Carson, Mady, Taylor).

Mark (our investigator) is doing great. His family is in the ward. But he is moving out of the area, but still in the district which is sad to see him go. But he wanted us to start teaching his son too. So he's committed to baptism, just won't set a date yet until after we had taught the son some of the gospel and they could discuss it together. So we're going back this Thursday to see how it went.

Give me Grandpa and Grandma's address so I can write em. That's funny - tell them I love em.
Yes, I can e-mail other missionaries.
Glad everyone is doing great.


June 7 - played bball as a zone - went shopping and played pool with sisters. Had dinner, taught a less active family.

June 8 - tracting is fun - I had my first baptismal interview with a 87 yr old woman. It took about an hour and a half. Great interview though.

June 9 - had my first district meeting. It went ok. then we all went out to Panda Express. Then I had to go and have another talk with the 87 yr old. Then we tracted. Then met with our Bishop and discussed members to visit to help the ward. Then had another baptism interview with a 13 yr old boy. Very busy day. Also had to take supply orders and work on district goals for the month of July

June 11 - Good lesson with Mark. Had weekly planning, tracting, dinner, splits, helped someone move. We had 3 people commited to baptism, and they are all moving out of our area this month, ugh. But its ok - just gotta work harder.

June 12 - Started teaching a 9 yr old girl. She's great. Had lunch with the family afterwards. Tracted 3.5 hrs today. went on splits with WML and we pulled up to a less-actives home and they had like 8 people outside all smoking and drinking. So we went up to them and one of the drunk guys ran up right into my face (like seriously our noses were like 2 inches away) and he started yelling at me saying stuff like "dont go all Jesus on me." So I was a little not sure what to do so I just stood there and stared back at him while he yelled at us. Then he asked if he could give me a hug. So we hugged for awhile and he sang the song "I kissed a girl and I liked it." Then we talked with them and he was just crazy. But the less active has a 12 yr old daughter that's going to start taking the lessons. So it was a fun night. Mission has a lot of funny experiences.

June 13 - Church was great. good dinner. On the phone for like an hour taking weekly numbers/ reporting numbers. So long day. I'm very tired at the end of my days. Being District Leader is a lot more work I gotta do. But the district is awesome.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

New Assignments as District Leader

Did yall get a letter sent to yall about my new assignments for District Leader?

My new resposibilites are: nightly call ins, weekly call ins, take numbers and report, work somewhat with stake leaders, go on exchanges with missionaries, hold district meetings, hold baptismal interviews, some other stuff, and then stuff like - motivate, solve problems, implement new ideas, improve numbers, etc. 10 is a pretty big group, but they are awesome. I'm really lucky to have the missionaries I have in my district.

President Beck called and asked if I'd be willing to do it and then they sent me a letter (and cc: yall in on it) explaining more stuff. I had a leadership training meeting where they expounded on a lot of stuff too which was helpful.

It is getting very hot here - now in the 100's almost everyday - I am now golden deliciously tan though. The Navajo man is getting baptized in a couple weeks which is very exciting - I sometimes see him at church and it's very exciting. He's a great guy.


June 4 - went on exchange with one of our zone leaders who helped give me more training/guidance for my new assignment. We went to sing at an old folks home with the other district. We would pick a hymn, sing a verse, and then say why we chose that hymn - they loved it and we got to chat for a bit with them after to do some service. I got to look at numbers for our district which is fun - i like that stuff. We got dairy queen too - good memories.

June 5 - Very hot - I was a roasting. We met with the high councilman over missionary work for like 2 hours and had a great meeting with him. Very cool man. Got subway.

June 6 - Church was fun. Had to get up at 4:45 a.m. and don't get to eat till 6 - long fast Sunday - usually you can sleep in, go to church, and then come home and eat. We got to teach a Young Women's combined class which was fun on missionary work.
My mind has a million things going on in it. Trying to sift through a lot of info. Glad today is P-Day and can rest a bit. We have our first district meeting this Wednesday which should be fun. I'm excited for everything.

Love, Tyler

New District Leader Surprise

We had to e-mail on Thursday this week because the system was being repaired on Monday. So they told us to take our P-day on Monday but just take an hour on Thursday for email. I've heard that the 4th Shrek was pretty good (and Iron Man 2). The zone I am currently in is the richest zone in the mission - so attendance here drops a lot over summer because people are always traveling.

May 24 - got my haircut at Wal-mart. Bought Peyton Manning cereal (Wheaties Fuel - built by champions for champions). Got Katelyn Turner's wedding announcement. Played volleyball & frisbee with the sister missionaries. Took a nice hour nap - lovely.

May 25 - Elder Geren crashed on his bike so we rode to a Wal-greens so he could wash up in the bathroom and then went tracting ha - he's a tough kid. I hate writing hand written letters - it hurts my hands. Zone leaders called and asked me to give a talk tomorrow in zone meeting on hope.

May 26 - Gave a nice talk on hope. Zone leaders thought it was great and think I will be made next district leader - just want to finish training Elder Geren and take it nice and slow. Zone went to In & Out burger shop after which was fun.

May 27 - met a mountain man from Colorado (nice grizzly beard).

May 28 - Did a tour of a chapel with one of our investigators. Elder Geren has been sick so we stayed in half of the day. I've read a lot.

May 29 - Went to a baptism which was fun with another one of our investigators. Elder Geren is still stick. I've read half of Mark and Luke.

May 30 - Church is always great. Found out that Elder Geren and I will stay together for another 6 weeks and I will finish training him which is very good news. I like Anthem a lot. Also got a call from President Beck to be the next District Leader. Should be interesting since I've only been out like 3 transfers (4.5 months) and have not much experience. Our last DL had been out 23 months - and he rocked - big shoes to fill. We'll see how it goes.

May 31 - helped someone move this morning. Played bball with zone. Went shopping and played pool with sisters. I bought a little fan for $9 from Walmart and set it on my nightstand-table thing by my bed to blow on me at nights - it rocks. Had dinner with the McIlnay's. He used to teach seminary in Castle Rock at the stake center for the kids going to castle view. So he knew like Tyler Anderson, Dani, Sis Baker, and most everyone else which was cool. They wanted me to tell Sis Baker they said hi. Sis McIlnay said she was a YW pres when Sis baker was Stake YW Pres and was just awesome to her. So pass that onto her. It was a fun dinner.

June 1 - I eat a lot. For lunch I had a sandwich, a burrito, a frozen pizza, and a couple croissants. I'm always so hungry. went to Pizza Hut with members for dinner.

June 2 - Had to go to a leadership training meeting which was nice. Sat through the transfer meeting and thats always fun. Saw Stuart Coburn again, and most of my mtc district which was fun. So I was officially made the district leader now. they opened up a new area in the district and put another set of sister missionaries in it. So there are 10 people in the district (6 elders, 4 sisters). So things should be cool. Never would of guessed I'd be training at 3 months and district leader/training at 4.5 months, but what can you do other then work hard. I got a lot to study to prep myself. Should be an awesome experience. really looking forward to it.

Hope all is well. I'm having a blast and enjoying everything. Things are going great for us. Anthem is a great place. Take care.

Elder Perkins

Getting Caught up!

My apologies for being behind--here is Elder Perkins May update.
He must had been busy too, after our Mothers Day phone call, he got busy and didn't have much to say.

Here goes.

May 10-

Yes, very nice talking with yall. Tell Morgan I love her and hope she has a great week. Tell the Telford's hello from me. We were told from our Mission President to only be on for Mothers Day for 45min-1 hr.

The Stott's took us out to dinner this past Saturday to some wing shop. They are a very cool family. Sister Stott is Mong so she has a cool accent. I'll send a letter home with details if there was any - weeks are going by really fast when you got so much going on in your head. Have a good day. Talk to yall later, love ya, hope all is well.

May 24-

Sounds like a lot is going on over there as always. Mom is a very busy woman. But loosing your life for Christ's sake only means that you will find it. One of my new favorite scriptures is D&C 6:33 - that which ye sow is what you'll reap - we (and I guess the Lord) determine how much we reap.

Tell Morgan CONGRAGULATIONS!!!! She is officially done now huh, so is she excited? Did she get that job at the pizza place? I talk about her a lot more to people then I thought I would (even on doorsteps when tracting when I find out people have autistic, etc. children to help relate).

Everyone here is pulling for the Suns - it's tough when we go on visits and people have their tv's on with some games on - rougher then I'd thought it'd be. I wish I could just sit back like on p-day and just watch a good game of any sport. I agree less pressure is good - there is a lot more pressure as a trainer then when your being trained - that's for sure.

This past week:

May 17 - played bball and games with our district which is always fun just to hang out. Sister missionaries bought us Orange Julius - they rock. I got ahold of Michael Brannock on e-mail, so we've been going back and forth a bit which is very fun. Got some pickles at Wal-Mart for my sandwiches which was a good buy (on sale for $1.88).

May 18 - good day of tracting - I love tracting now. It was very nerve racking the first couple weeks, but when you can actually talk with people and answer anti questions, etc, it becomes fun to connect with people and share what you know is true. We are working with a man named Mark who is was awesome. He is really searching for the truth and we've been over to teach him about 4 times in 2 weeks. He's the first investigator that I've worked with that I have actually kind of connected with - I actually really care and want the best for him. He is an IT guy. I'm excited for him.

May 19 - We went on a zone tracting blitz - where the whole zone goes into a companionship's area. So we had about 20 missionaries in a single neighborhood which was awesome. This area has had as many investigators this year as we have had baptisms, so we all went in to help. We overall found 2 new investigators for them (I found one, she had a naked baby running all around - so I'm really hoping things turn up there for them). We then had interviews with President Beck - mine went very well. I'm done with the Cover Sheet, Lesson 1, and Lesson 2 of the study guide. Just started Lesson 3, so just passed the halfway mark.

May 20 - weekly planning - I actually like planning the little details - things go a lot smoothly. Most people hate all the records/paper work, but I kind of like it. Gotta work not only hard, but smart. I got my package from yall - very good - Nacho cheese and salsa very good as well. The CD's also are way great. The Praise to the Man one is all we've listened to the past week - I like powerful music. And by chance if yall are still working with my other cd (with Carrie Underwood singing How Great Thou Art) can you also throw on a cool rendition of If You Could Hie To Kolob, and then O Holy Night sung by motab featuring the kingmen, and also maybe Come Thou Fount. Thanks. Correlation is fun now - I actually put ideas out there and know what's going on.

May 21 - found a man tracting from Brazil who has been literally prepared by the Lord to receive the gospel. A couple days before we went there he had an exterminator come to his house - who spoke fluent Portuegese for being a white American. Turns out he went on a mission there. Then the day we found him he was actually out playing golf earlier in the day, but his wife got sick, so he came home to make sure all was well when we knocked on his door. We are going back this week and he's elect. Great guy. We had a great baptism tonight. Reciting the first vision account and bearing my testimony is one of the coolest things I get to do - especially at baptisms. The spirit was so strong.

May 22 - I was on a Zone leader exchange all day. So one of the zone leaders came to my area and we did work. He taught me a lot and told me that I've developed a reputation for being a hard worker which was cool to hear. We taught Mark and again committed him to baptism twice. He knows this is what he needs to do and said he would pray to be baptized on June 5. We swapped back and my son Elder Geren is once again with me - it was hard seeing my only child go away for a time.

May 23 - Today was the first time I think I ever completely slept through my alarm. I always wake up, sometimes before the mission I would turn it off and go back to sleep for a few minutes, but today I completely slept through the alarm twice ( I have an alarm go off at 6:20, then one goes off at 6:25, and then another at 6:30 - just to make sure I'm up at 6:30). But I slept throught the first two - craziness. Then we got to attend the Gila Valley Arizona Temple dedication - they broadcasted it to the stake centers. It was awesome - President Monson was on fire telling jokes - a funny man. They began in the celestial room and then walked outside to seal the cornerstone or whatever they do - so they let him and a couple other people (apostles, temple pres, etc) put some mortar on the corner stone and then President Monson called many little children up to do it - so they were outside for about 10-15 min and he just was great. The dedicatory service was very nice.

Hope all is well. Much love and care,

Elder Tyler Perkins

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

It Rocks My World

Ya I probably won't be able to call home (for Mothers Day) till like 7 or 8 my time at night.

If you haven't sent it (a box of goodies) yet then here is something you can add to it. Burn a cd with some good music for me. We can listen to EFY, Mormon Tab Choir, and any arrangements of hymns. I need you to burn Carrie Underwood singing How Great Thou Art. It basically rocks my world since we never get real music.

Tell Kellie congrats, Quinton - congrats, Conner - practice makes perfect, Morgan - hi gerdy giggles, Dad - your beastly, Mom - you're a rock.

First week of training was very crazy. A lot of pressure and stress - I had no idea it would be this hard - probably the hardest thing I've had to do in my life thus far - no joke.

So much stuff going on in my head (what, how, when to teach investigators, how to get members involved, scheduling, meetings, referrals, etc) - just a lot of stuff to keep track of. I usually will wake up at like 5:30 and I lay in my bed for an hour like half-asleep thinking of what i need to do that day and that week. But it has been way exciting.

It's fun to take the lead and help someone learn how to teach, tract, etc. I'm just really getting this area down ( I got ET'd in so I was working with a short transfer) so this past week in our PEC's I was able to jump in and discuss and put ideas out there.

Missionary work is really hard but very rewarding - we tracted into 3 people who where recently baptized, moved here to Anthem and haven't been to church - so that was cool.

The Stott's are way cool - the members are great here.
I honestly have no clue what the details are for this week - it was so busy - I'll try to send a letter off if I get some time today.

Love, Tyler

Sunday, May 2, 2010

He Fed Us

An Early Mother Day Present received in my Inbox tonight...

Elder Perkins fed us spiritually, we fed him physically.
The Stotts family

Eric Stott
(623) 261-7208

My reply to the Stott Family:

For the Wonderful Stott Family,

Thank you for this delightful Sunday surprise!! We are thankful that Elder Perkins was in your home this evening and I can tell by the smile on his face he was having a good time.

We love him dearly and pray for good people like you to help and support his efforts to share this gospel.

There must be a story about the biggest spoon ever!!

Blessings to all and thanks again for taking the time to share him with us tonight!

Darryl and Marti, Morgan, Quinton, Kellie and Conner Perkins

Brother Stott's reply back:

That was our ice cream spoon, so he decided to take it and use it as his eating spoon (since he didn’t want to eat with the plastic spoon).

By the way: he sings a mean ‘As Sisters In Zion’

We shared Family Home Evening with him and his new companion, and they sang that while we sang Armies of Helaman.

Eric Stott


Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm Loving It

Yup, I was made a trainer this past Wednesday. Very crazy - I finished being trained on Tuesday and then became a trainer the next day. I got a call from President Beck on Monday morning asking if I am ready to handle this assignment. He explained what is expected of me and I accepted.

On Wednesday morning we had our transfer meeting at like 10:30, but all the trainers had to be there at 9:30 for a meeting with the Assistants and President Beck. He said that being a trainer in the mission is a more important assingment then being the mission president. They talked to us about what is expected and the responsibility and accountability of this assingment.

Then I got to meet Elder Geren and now were working hard in Anthem. It is going very good - he is very excited to be here on his mission. I have to teach him a lot of stuff and the pressure is on - I am now in charge of working with our ward leaders, deciding what and how we teach investigators, making appointments, deciding what things to do, having to answer anti-mormon questions, and a bunch of stuff.

But I'm loving it - it's so fun to help other's progress and see their excitement.

I'm not really sure on what an Elder has to do in order to become a trainer - all I know is that a lot is expected of a trainer because he helps mold the new missionary basically into a missionary (the MTC is great, but it's nothing like the field).

Usually Elders don't train until they have more experience, so it came as a shock to a lot of people that I was training.

Once President Beck gets the application for the missionaries coming in (about 2-3 months in advance) he works hard trying to find out which missionary will train him and where they will be. He takes new missionaries very seriously. So I'm loving it, and things are going great. He's a funny guy. Right after dinner each night, Elder Geren hops up and starts washing the dishes - cool Elder. He's my first born in the wilderness. I'm now a father.

The pastor was just a friend or something. That family wants to have us over for a nice dinner with steaks and stuff - so really looking forward to that and hopefully can help them start to progress.

We had a sister missionary in our district who got the exact same thing I did, around 3 days before me - so not sure if I got it from her cause we saw each other at Paul V. Johnson's misison tour (the day before I got sick). So it was just a one day thing - nothing big. We just have to call Sister Beck and let her know we are staying home from proselyting.

My new companion is 5'4. He's from Spokane, WA. Comes from a family of 5 boys - he plays the drums and was a wrestler - so he's got some nice biceps like dad. He's a ball of energy and wants to work hard which is very good.

How'd Carrie like BYU?

It will be a bit warmer this week - getting a nice tan which is cool, but not really since it's only a farmers tan.

Highlights of week: Monday - played ultimate frisbee as a zone which was fun and we got smoothies afterwards, birthed my first son into the mission, made an excellent decision last Monday to buy turkey & ham lunch meat with pickle stackers to make sandwhiches this week - they were excellent with a little mayo on multi-grain bread, yummy.

I'm excited for this transfer to take the lead, it will help me grow a lot. I'm glad Elder Geren is here. I'm loving it. Hope all is well.

I'm so Pumped

Howdy. Well, here is my past week,

Monday, April 12- Got to go fishing which was a lot of fun, haven't been fishing in forever.

Tuesday- Pulled weeds for one of our investigators. Got a letter from Carson Telford. Our Ward Mission Leaders here are really great, both of them in our wards do a good job.

Wednesday- Had dinner with the Yellowhairs- Navajos's. We had Navajo tacos which are so good, I love frybread! We showed up to one of our new investigators house and there was a pastor there but he was cool and liked how I had more energy then him- he left and we got to teach the wife.

Thursday- General Authority, Paul V Johnson, First Quorum of the Seventy came and spoke to all the Elders and Sisters in the Valley. Our ride dropped us off and as we were walking to the front door of the chapel, President and Sister Beck pulled up with Elder and Sister Johnson. So we chatted as they were getting out of their car and President Beck was like, "Elder Perkins, how are you? Your smile is becoming legendary around the mission!"
It was cool to hear!

So Elder Otto and I held the door open for them and I got to say Hi for a bit and then we went into the meeting. He gave some great instruction. We broke for lunch and I got to speak with Stuart Coburn (my cousin) for a bit- still a funny and great Elder. Lunch was good and then we all went back and sat down. Then they got up and announced they had chosen 4 missionaries to get up and bear their testimonies of the Book of Mormon...and one of them was ME. It was fun. Then Elder Johnson spoke again.
Taylor wrote me a letter too.

Friday- I was sick. Woke up at 6am, threw up twice before 8am. Everytime I sipped on water I threw it up. We went to an appointment at 10am and I about died without water- so we got back to apartment and I felt so thirsty and sick so I tried drinking water and just threw it up- so I was in bed the rest of the day. Lost 4 pounds.

Saturday- Had Matt's baptism.

Sunday- Got transfer news that I'm staying and Elder Otto is leaving. We had Stake Conference- I just love the feeling of being a missionary- Everyone basically loves you.

Monday- Went shopping, emailed, played ultimate frsbee with our zone. Got news that I will be training someone fresh out of the MTC here in Anthem. So I finish my training tomorrow evening and the I start training. Pressures on- I gotta take this area over now- I'm so pumped.

This experience will force me to grow up and learn really fast cause I'll have to take the lead when we teach, tract, etc. Crazy cool times.

My next email should be interesting.

Take care, Much love, Hope all is well.


Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It was warm and comforting!

We had a baptism this past Saturday to complete a family. Baptized a dad - he has a wife whose a member and has 2 kids (6yr and 2 yr olds).

Larry (the Navajo man and his son from the Taco Bell story last week) did come to church and the sister missionaries are teaching him now so hopefully things go well with that.

Tell Morgan I love her too. I get to call you in a few weeks on Mother's day - not too far. I just sent an e-mail to dad. Have fun at Target, let me know if you buy anthing. Good picture Morgan, you look so pretty. Enjoy your days off. Do you use your glasses? I have to wear them at church so I can see. Do you play on the Wii Fit game Morgan? Has anyone beat my hula hooping record?

We have a 9 yr old Down Syndrome girl in one of our wards here who knows sign language perfectly so the family taught us how to say, my name is Elder Perkins, so we could talk to her.

I'll send a letter home with details of the week.

Highlights: Had Paul V. Johnson of the First Quorum of Seventy come do a mission tour, so all the Elders in the Valley gathered and he gave us instruction.

I got to talk with Stuart Coburn - I gave him a hug for his mom - it was very warm and comforting. He's doing great - fun to talk with him, very smart too, had a lot of good comments during the meeting. It was fun getting to see him and talk with him a bit. (Marti: I asked Tyler if President Beck knew his cousin, Stuart, was in the mission...) I haven't told him, but he probably knows. He studies your application for like 2 months before you come - he knows stuff - plus he can perceive thoughts. So you can never lie to mission presidents cause they can read anything your hiding. : )

We had Stake Conference which was good. Big focus on missionary work. They said in this zone (stake) - 1 in every 53 people the missionaries find on their own efforts gets baptized and 1 in every 3.5 member refferals get baptized. I never realized how big members are in missionary work. Without a ward behind you, it's so tough to do the work.

I also had to bear my testimony in front of the whole valley, President Beck, And the Seventy, Paul V. Johnson. They got up and just said, "and we would now like to hear the testimonies of X, Elder Tyler Perkins, X, X. So not sure if they were just trying to fill time or what, but it was cool. I'll put more details in my letter home.

I got really sick and lost 4 pounds from throwing up all day Friday. My legs are getting stronger from all the biking. Anthem, my area, is really hilly. We eat so good here - the members feed us too much at dinners.

Elder Otto is getting transferred on Wed., I'm staying in Anthem so I will be taking over the area, meaning I will have to explain to my new companion everything about investigators, appts, etc.

So Carrie is going back to Texas for the summer? - is she working.

Do you have Michaels email yet?

Tell Grandma "Hi" for me.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Follow Those Promptings

Glad you liked the pictures.

That's great to hear about Quinton. Tracting was easy on the Rez cause there isn't really anti-mormon stuff there. But here in Phoenix it's crazy, so my first week here was pretty nerve racking for me. But then you realize how to discuss with people rather then bash and things usually are great - we are to find those who are prepared, not those who want to just argue. But now I actually love tracting. It's fun, cause you never know whats going to happen at each door. We have to do 10 hours of tracting every week.

On Pday's we usually have some sport activity we do - on a district or zone level. We'll play basketball, ultimate frisbee, soccer, etc - just to relax and have a good time. We go grocery shopping at Walmart usually cause it's the cheapest for stuff.

I'll write a letter home about this week, can't remember everything off the top of my head. Today we just got back from playing some game called rocketball with our district - it's like a mix between soccer and basketball and ultimate.

Highlights of the week - went on splits with AP's, exchanges with Elder Trussel (way cool kid, only been out about a month, reminds me of Quinton, really good at basketball - fun stuff) - had interviews with President Beck - told me to keep preparing for when I'll receive and increase to my stewardship. I love Wheaties Fuel - built by champions for champions.

Cool story for ya.

So on my 24 hour exchange with Elder Trussel, I had to call the shots since it was my area we were in. So we went to an appointment and on our way back I felt like stopping and getting a quick drink. Which is usually wierd cause I'd rather just keep working or something, but it was a hot day and I was thirsty so I asked Trussel if he wanted to stop and get a drink at McDonald's - it was on the way back home and we had about 10 minutes to kill before heading to our next appointment.

So we were heading for that and then i felt like going into Taco Bell (which is right next to it) instead (who picks Taco bell over Mcdonalds for drinks? not I).

So we went there and asked for 2 large drinks and the cashier gave them to us for free (way nice for her - blessings for her). So that was cool, but we made some small talk with a Navajo man inside the store with his son who were buying something. So Elder trussel and I walked out and started getting on our bikes and the Navajo man came out and told us his name was Larry - he had previously taken the lessons with some Elders awhile ago and never had the chance to go to church. He lives out of our area so we got his information and contacted the sisters in our district who cover where he lives. Well he came to church this past Sunday and set up an appointment with the sisters to begin the lessons again - hopefully things turn out for him and he and his son can be baptized.

But that Sunday I had a good lesson in Elders Quorum about the Spirit. We usually get in an internal argument with ourselves asking whether or not a thought we have is just from us or if it was from the spirit; should i follow it or was it just me thinking something - I was told that if you are worthy to have a temple recommend then those first good impressions/thoughts are from God. So follow those promptings - even if it is to suddenly get a drink from Taco Bell cause you never know what can happen.

Elder Perkins

Monday, April 12, 2010

He's Got Personality!

Preparation Day Basketball

From Sister Becks Blog:

Every Monday is preparation day for our missionaries. It is a time for them to prepare for the upcoming week and do their laundry, wash their cars, clean their apartments and write home to family. Even though those are the priorities and reason for Preparation day, the thing they look forward to is a time to let it all out and recharge themselves. This is one of the activities they do.....and this time they persuaded me to be a part of it. I use to play basketball in high school and loved it, but it did wear me out. I had a fun time sitting under the hoop and waiting until one of the missionaries passed it to me to make a basket. They are the greatest and I got my exercise for the week!

Monday, April 5, 2010

It's For Champions!

Easter Sunday was very good for us.

Conference is a relaxing weekend for the most part. We ate dinner with a family of 5kids (ages 5-15). Had a nice dinner and played a Book of Mormon game. Then did some street contacting and called it a night.

Glad yall had a nice Easter.

I heard about the earthquake in Mexico. Some people felt it here, but I never did.

Tell Morgan I enjoy her letters.

Morgan, I am glad you had a nice Easter day. You have a lot of jobs! Are they hard for you to do or easy? A lot of people I have dinner with ask about you and I tell them all about you.

We excercise for about 30 min in the morning just doing little stuff. We don't bike too intesively, but its still good excercise.

Members here treat us very well. For lunch we usually just have a sandwich or roman noodles. Nothing too fancy. Cause we have basically huge dinners at night - and we always have dessert. I've started eating healthier, though. I bought Peyton Manning Wheaties Fuel for Champions - its basically the best cereal ever cause its for champions. I bought multi grain bread, V8 juice, oranges for snacks, skim milk, etc. So I'm trying to stay fit and not get so plump.

This week we went down to the Mesa Easter Pagaent which was way fun. They put on a huge play for about 2 weeks and have about 10-12 thousand people at each performance. Hopefully we get some referrals this week from anyone who went from our area. Yes, a lot of talks on family during conference - basically all of them in some way.

I also got my haircut this week. We have interviews next week. Paul V. Johnson of the Seventy is doing a misison tour on the 14th next week which is cool.

We have ultimate frisbee, shopping, 50 chicken nugget challenge at McDonalds, maybe a nap and dinner, then back to work at 6. Conference was good I thought. I enjoyed many talks. I liked all of Uchtdorfs talks. Priesthood session was very good as well.