Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Father's Day

Well Happy Fathers Day!

Thanks for all you do Dad - your a great example that I'm trying to live up to. It is always good getting ya'lls letters. Sounds like some good times back home.

The YM programs here are so great, it's fascinating - they go on crazy cool trips, high adventures, scouting stuff, etc.

My week:

June 14 - another flat tire. Fixed it.

June 15 - Had two baptismal interviews which went great. We have an awesome ward mission leader.

June 16 - Had zone conference and talked about the power of the small plates, and how to teach the second lesson (plan of salvation) in 10 minutes. We focus on the doctrine - not lame analogies that serve no purpose - but when you teach simply the doctrine, people get baptized. So how I imagened teaching before my mission and how we teach now are total opposites - I'm learning a lot.

June 17 - Mark committed to be baptized on August 14 - very far away but its a great thing - he's the first person I've taught the whole way. It's sad that he's moving, but he will still be in our district so I will get to go to his baptism.

June 18 - went on an exchange with an elder in our district. It was a lot of fun.

June 19 - Helped 3 people move.

June 20 - 10 hours of church. got a lot of food for Fathers Day. after we talked with a women we tracted into a couple days earlier and we will begin teaching her tomorrow which is very nice.

June 21 - helped our stake high councilman over missionary work move today for about 6 hours, played bball with district for a couple hours.

Still very busy with trying to help out our district. we have another district meeting this Wednesday which will be good. It's better now that I don't write notes or anything for my talks, just go off the Spirit. It's been good. We are trying to expand our teaching pool. We will have 2 baptisms in July and hopefully more. Things are great here.

Just a quick note this week. Thanks.



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