Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mission Life

Brother Eager carved this for me for Christmas:

"You lookin at me?"

"To cute for my own good!"
Sister Missionaries made these shirts for us.

"Will the real Santa please stand up?"
All of President Beck's Zone Leaders- December 2010

Ring Pops and Cops!

Sounds like fun times back home. Stake Conference sounded good. The past 3 Ensigns (Jan-March) President Monson has spoken on missionary service - you can tell it is on his mind - and is manifested in what the Seventys are going about preaching.

I have heard much of the popular teen "Justin Bieber" and his seemingly perfect hair. Never say Never!

Answers to Questions: 1) The Elder who went AWOL was just biking around. We found him - the wild goose chase lasted about 30 minutes - fun times. 2) When Elders hate each other, we sit them down and tell them to deal with it and then leave and let them figure it out - can't run from problems. Sometimes ET's (Emergency Transfers) occur in only the extreme situations. I love being a Zone Leader and dealing with this stuff - good times ha.

To search on mormon.org, all you have to do is do a search with 18-24yrs old, males, and key words "Phoenix Arizona" to find me really fast - and other missionaries here. I can picture me living in Colorado - wouldn't be bad at all (as long as I keep a winter house down here).

Also have a dentist cleaning tomorrow at 8am. About time, I know.

White Handbook Moment: if you live in an apartment with more than one room, always sleep in the same room as your companion, but not in the same bed. Arise and retire at the same time as your companion. Do not stay up late or get up early to be alone.

Got my 2 new suits today and bought some new gym shorts. My suits are quite nice - I'll send picture home next week of them. Attached some new pictures I got from another's camera. Carving Pumpkins in October and then one of the Mesa Temple when we went down to see the lights.

14 Feb, 2011 - Bought 2 new suits. Had a deal for buy one get one free. So two suit coats for $300 a piece. So I got them for $150 a piece which isn't too bad. Bought 2 new slacks at Ross for summer tracting. My suits now are pretty bad. We played bball at 5am today - early - but felt good.

15 Feb 2011 - We had our 6am breakfast with President Weathersby's - the moved the WML to come to the one in March - so nothing too intense this time. Went to visit an investigator and the gave us some pizza. Met an almost golden investigator who believes everything in our church, except the fact that Joseph Smith died with a gun in his hand and wasn't a true martyr like all the past prophets of God (I told him dang right he went down fighting - just kidding, i didn't). So we have an appt next Tues - we'll see.

16 Feb 2011 - had specialized training today (which means we had a Zone Conference from 9-12, then lunch, then break off into individual zone meetings). So Elder Hall and I had a good 2 hours to do what we willed. Elder Hall spoke on living the daily schedule (up at 6:30, excercise, studies, work, planning, etc). Then right when I get up to speak, President Beck walked in to observe - of course. i spoke on how we can hold more baptism dates by focusing on the baptism interview and the baptism interview questions using doctrine from PMG. It went pretty good. Later in the day, the Assistants called and said they heard a lot of good feedback from our zone meeting and want me to present my talk again at the next mission leadership training for Zone Leaders, District Leaders, Trainers - so that was cool (will be my 3rd leadership training talk - so should be fine now that I'm getting used to it). Had dinner at the Carlos families. Stopped by the Toledo's and gave them some ring-pops. I got 2 new name tags. Last week I gave mine to a little boy to wear and he was too cute to take it away, but he snapped it in half. So I've been wearing Elder Hall's for the past week. I love being a missionary. It rocks! This is definately the greatest part of my life so far! Find, Teach, & Baptize! Get it Done!

17 Feb 2011 - Someone called the cops on us while tracting. They came and talked to us for a bit and then let us get back to tracting. Fun times. Had another lesson with Austin Squire - He's 13 and him and his 8 yr old sister commited to baptism in March.

18 Feb 2011 - had a lesson with the Toledo's - went really well. Alexis will be baptized in March. Also stopped by a LA with a 9yr old unbaptized son - stressing so we helped her sweep, mop, and dusted her house (was with a priest so we could go in). Then went to check on an investigator who had a really sick child (in ER last 2 nights) and had a really low battery on phone. So she gave us her debit card and we went to Wal-mart and bought her a charger.

19 Feb 2011 - We did a lot of tracting today. It rained most the morning till about 3-4pm - I wore my rain coat that I haven't used since my days on the rez. This morning, we got up and scouted a trail for a district hike in a couple on Mondays. My suit smells so bad when it gets wet - glad I will be able to pick my new one up on Monday! We got a flat tire and so we changed it - Bro Eagar took it into his garage thing and helped us out. He also made us biscuits and gravy for breakfast.

20 Feb 2011 - Church was pretty decent. Found out that 2 missionaries went shopping on a non-p-day and one wasn't wearing a tie or his name tag - some Elders are just ridiculous - So we are their District Leader and I am goin to sit down with them on Thursday and get on them. It's like - are you really that stupid - come one. Ha - i just don't get some people. Had lunch with the Casebiers and Dinner with the Bales. Fun times. We hit 140 contacts again this week.

I'm living the dream. Take care and much love.

Elder Perkins

Have a Great Week, Cause I will

Today for P-Day I went and bought new clothes - 2 new suits from Men's Wearhouse, and 2 new slacks from Ross - spent about $400 overall. We played bball at 5am with some guys from our ward. Probably going to sleep after this e-mail. We e-mail at Brother Eagars home - he works from home and has 2 extra laptops that we use. We get 1 hour of e-mail. I need to wash my bedding again - today will be the day.

Well President Beck's study guide was changed up awhile ago - and so I have done everything on the new study guide except read Jesus the Chirst. I'm at about 65% done with it, but we are currently reading the Book of Mormon in 60 days - so I'm working on that and use the rest of my studies for other things. So I will be able to have my personal study with him in a couple months.

Also if you search for Grandpa on LDS.org - an article comes up with him in it back when he was a stake president.

31 Jan 2011 - we got haircuts. spent $48 dollars at Wal-mart. Also shocked at how many kinds of headache medicine's there are. It has been now 6 years since our zone has had a record breaking baptism month. The next longest in our mission is like 1.5 years. So we need to baptize here ha.

1 Feb 2011 - Already February - crazy. Time is going too fast. Elder Hall and I have been jogging every morning - about a mile. We had zone leader council today. We reported back the 2nd lowest baptism efficiency of the 9 zones. We came into January with 14 set with dates and only baptized 6 in the zone - needs to be fixed. Really great meeting though. Really learning a lot. LA Family - Gladdens - took us to a steak place for dinner - very nice. Went out on splits with our WML who is the man. He was put in the Bishopric after his mission in a family ward. Then he was high priest group leader when he moved down here from like 26-29. Now is our WML. Fun times

2 Feb 2011 - Had district leader council - trying to push and move forward. Began exchanges with Elder Campbell. Lunch with Casebiers. Dinner with Carlos family. In 40's today, brrrr. Up till 11:30 with Elder Campbell talking about things.

3 Feb 2011 - Swapped back this morning. Had dinner with the Eisenhours - she has a 26 yr old sister, Keri, with Down Syndrome - really fun being there tonight - she does a lot of the same things as Morgan (gets shy around boys she likes, has a boyfriend at her school thing, assigns people movie characters, says people hit her, ha).

4 Feb 2011 - A missionary went awall from his companion. Went and had to hunt him down with the Assistants. Had some good lessons tonight.

5 Feb 2011 - Bro. Eagar made us burritos. I went on a three way exchange with Elder Zollweg and Elder Pryor. Talked a lot today - a lot. Hit a chinese buffet.

6 Feb 2011 - I went with a missionary to his wards today and Elder Hall covered ours. Had out Glendale North Stake Coordination Meeting. I feel it is most productive when we just throw the issue on the table and discuss it. So that's what we did - and it went great. He volunteered to have a fireside for all the ward missionaries to train them on how to do their callings and be finders. Went contacting - wasn't too successful since Super Bowl was on. Had a cottage meeting and it was really neat. Sandra Alvarez Sr. was asked to share her converstion story and it was awesome. Bore a powerful testimony about the Book of Mormon and the Church. She thanked her two angels - Elder Bird and myself for teaching her and her family. It was a great experience - one of those moments that make the mission what it is. I talked with her for about 20 min afterwards. Elder Geren and I re-activated her daughter and baptized her son, then Elder Bird and I worked on her and baptized her. Just a great family.

7 Feb 2011 - Well the Assistants confirmed that our zone had the most "issues" in it. Elder Hall and I are the only solid companionship - pretty funny. Got transfer news today. 8/11 companionships have some changes to them - really looking forward to it. 6 companionships will be changes and 2 sets lost their wards and got new ones. Had good lesson with Casebiers.

8 Feb 2011 - Created my mormon.org profile. And I had to write a talk this morning for our leadership training meeting. it started at 2 and I gave a talk on the role of a zone leader. Transfers then happened. Really excited for new missionaries here - we got a lot of good ones. Transfers is my favorite meeting. Began exchanges with Elder Labrum.

9 Feb 2011 - Had a district meeting today. This new district we have is really really good. Great missionaries here now. Tracted a lot today.

10 Feb 2011 - Bro Eagar took us to Taco Bell for lunch. We went and met a less active who had requested a blessing and is open for us meeting with him and his wife - non-member. Looking forward to that. He's been less-active for a long time and wants to get back now. He's 25. Also blessed his home - he thinks he has evil spirits in it. In Coordination I tried something new and when they asked us for a spiritual thought I gave it on how to run an effective coordination. Had a lesson with Austin Squire - he's 13 and both parents are less-active. We had a kneeling family prayer after and the mom was chocked up which was cool - hopefully they come back.

11 Feb 2011 - Lesson with the Blacks. Commited 5 of them to baptism - dad is still hesitant. They are open, but are still really hesitant about it all. If they just read the Book of Mormon, they will be fine. Began exchanges with Elder Bird, so I went up with him.

12 Feb 2011 - Back in Anthem. Elder Bird and I got a lot of hard work done today. Really fun. Got to help a family move out of a house that I had moved them into. It felt hot while moving though - probably only in 70's, maybe 80's. Elder Bird is doing great as a district leader. Good change of pace to be on a bike too.

13 Feb 2011 - Church. Thomas. Toledos. Numbers.

Have a great week cause I will.

Elder Perkins

So I Put On A Smile

February 7- Won't be able to type a letter this week. I'll put double next week. I got news I will be staying with Elder Hall here. That will put him at 10.5 months here.

We had lots of changes in our zone. Only 3 or the 11 companionships will be in same situation. 6 missionaries will get transfered and 2 will have different wards. It was a much needed change. Many struggling. Many stories that will stay in the journal and then I will seal that part of my journal for many many future generations.

We had a little zone meeting this last wednesday and I remember sitting up in front of everyone and looking at them and it was like all I could see was their struggles and problems. Everyone just going through a really tough time and it made me feel kind of sad. And as I was thinking this I also had the thought, "Well these missionaries who are struggling don't want to look up at their leaders and see them all sad too." So I put a smile on and got everyone pumped and led with enthusiam. I have a lot of respect for Bishoprics and Stake Presidencies who sit up on the stand and always seem happy and cheerful when they have to deal with so much.

But we are excited for the next couple months. Stake/Ward Relations have really changed for the good. Lots of good things happening and now with a fresh batch of missionaries this will be good.

They say that the biggest determinate in how successful an area is...is not the members, the investigators, the community....it is the missionaires. They make the biggest difference.

This will be a good transfer. I'll work on suits and dentist check in.

Love yall,

Elder Perkins

Happy Birthday Morgan!

Hello family,

That was really nice of Sis Shumway - she is so nice. She gave us a card with $50 dollars in it for us.

This week has been so crazy. So many concerns and issues going on now. We will get transfer news in about an hour. I'll get back on at about 3 or 4 if we have time. This last week has been the most wild week in the mission thus far. So much going on.

Tell Morgan Happy Birthday. I love you Morgan!!!


Elder Perkins

From Sister Shumway to Tylers Family

From Sister Sarah Shumway - Jan 30, 2011:

Elder Perkins (Brad & Karen's nephew on the Perkins side) is serving a mission in Arizona and is in my ward. Today
the Elders spoke in Sacrament Meeting, so I took notes from Elder Perkins' talk - I thought his family would enjoy hearing a
first-hand account of how their Son/Nephew/Cousin is doing on his mission.

In a word - fabulous! He's a solid missionary with strong testimony and carries the Spirit when he speaks.

His talk began by quoting John 14:26 - 27. His talk was on Personal Revelation through the Holy Ghost. He spoke about
how we can use personal revelation to accomplish any task as we seek personal revelation; and then by applying the
answer after we recieve it.

He walked us through the story of Enos, how he was taught by his father and how he related to that. He talked about the
importance of church attendance and how his family influence helped him with that as he grew.

Elder Perkins continued on the story of Enos and how Enos received inspiration as he we thinking about the things that he
had heard... as he was pondering.

He talked about how sometimes we read the scriptures and pray without taking the time to ponder over what we have
read. He spoke of the scriptures as being just a small percentage of all the many revelations that were given, so how
important they were to consider. He talked about being grateful for what has been given to us and consider that each
scripture was provided for a specific and important purpose.

Elder Perkins then spoke about our right to receive personal revelation when we ask for it as members of the church with
the gift of the Holy Ghost. Then he asked the question, "How do we get those answers?"

He then quoted Elder Boyd K Packer, who spoke of impressions and feelings that come to our hearts and minds....

Then he referred us to D&C 9:8 when the scriptures talk about "...causing that your bosom shall burn within you" He said,
"We usually stop there, but the verse goes on to say, ..."therefore, you shall feel that it is right."

Elder Perkins then spoke about how we need to stop and listen to our feelings, sometime we just feel that something is
right, and that this is the answer to our prayers.

He then quoted Elder Packer again, who said, ...."you will know after you decide".

Elder Perkins talked about after we have prayed and pondered that we should make a decision and then go forward, and we
would know that it was right - it would be confirmed to our hearts. He shared that he had decided to serve a mission early
in his life because that was what he was taught to do. Then, when he was mission age and he prayed about a mission, he
received his strong confirmation.

He bore his testimony and said, "...my joy is to be on a mission and share my testimony with others...."


It was a great talk - what a great missionary and what a great spirit he carried.

Karen - could you post this to the Perkins site so his family can enjoy his talk...maybe not quite as much as I did....but so
they can know how much he is touching the people in his mission; members and non-members.


And Then They Cut Our Ties

Happy Birthday Mom (even though it was a couple days ago) - Hope you had a good day. Thanks for all the hard work you do and the great example you set for me and everyone around you. I love you and hope you are having a great week.

That is crazy to hear about Quinton. That is very exciting. I can't wait to watch the best two years when I get home cause I'll catch a lot more of the subtle missionary jokes. So the family finally got a big screen tv. That will be nice. It might be awhile till I can watch it. I think I am leaning towards going straight from the field to Provo and just getting right back into school. Glad Morgan, Kellie, and Conner are doing well.

My week:

17 Jan 2011 - We need to set more baptism dates in this zone. Played dodgeball for a couple hours. Went to Deseret Book, Wal-mart, took a nap, cleanded the truck, played pool and had dinner with Maria, contacted, worked on a stake report for our breakfast with stake tomorrow morning.

18 Jan 2011 - Breakfast at 6:00am is early. I never eat anything really because I'm not hungry. We had our discussion on missionary work in the stake with President Weathersby, President Merrill, and Bishop Potter, and the missionaries. Elder Hall and I are suppose to lead the discussion and have the missionaries report back on the progress of investigators and their wards. But I'm pretty sure I really led the whole discussion - but I like to lead so it is all good. Then at 8am we switched and went on exchanges with Elder Pryor in my area. He is is just amazing on the piano - best I've ever heard. He did musical firesides before his mission and would just travel and play the piano for an hour at a stake fireside all around. Had district meeting and I gave a talk and then I helped out in another talk and acted out the part of Ammon with King Lamoni.

19 Jan 2011 - Had district leader council and talked abou the zone vision we created. We call it " The Kolob Project: Krushing Our Limits, Obliterating Barriers". Had a zone conference all about receiving revelation and following the Lord's will. Elder Geren and others were there - fun to catch up. Bro. Eagar made us meatloaf for dinner.

20 Jan 2011 - Weekly planning went well. Bro. Eagar took us out to Panda Express for lunch - delicious. We also went to a coordination tonight and we currently have one investigator in that ward and so our progress record was almost blank except for like 2 names and we gave it to our Bishop and WML and they were joking that it (the report) was only part way filled out, and how slim it looked and how we need to get out and find some people. That made me upset so I said...Well, this week we had 0 member dinners and 0 member referrals in this ward and then asked if they had an updated "5 focus names list" and our WML was like, well we actually haven't been doing that recently and was like, we need to get back into the habit of each auxilary working with people. And so I asked if we could get an updated list for next week and basically I am going to just each week ask if anyone did anything. But we'll get them going.

21 Jan 2011 - We did a lot of tracting today. We've gotten 140+ contacts each of the last 2 weeks and we are promised if we get it every week, then we will begin to baptize weekly. And it hasn't been done by anywhere in our zone. Elder Hall and I usually always lead in contacting. Met with the Toledo family - 9 yr old baptized last week - now teaching her 13 yr old sister. Began exchanges with Elder Bird which is fun.

22 Jan 2011 - Bro. Eagar cooked us another great breakfast. We spent most of the day talking about his district meetings and how to improve them and make them easier on himself - He is like me when I was a new District Leader - took all of my personal studies planning those meetings and never spent really anytime studying anything else. So we are teaching him how to delegate, make it easier on himself - so he's not so stressed out all the time. Elder Bird had an interview today so I got to just sit for an hour and do nothing - felt wierd - usually I'm the one doing the interview. Bro. Eagar took us out to Carls Jr for dinner. Swapped back. I like Elder Bird - hard working, gets things done, has fun.

23 Jan 2011 - Got to go into Primary today and they gave us ties to wear and if the kids sang good then they got to come and clip off a piece of our ties until they were gone. Fun times. We also had dinner and lesson with Thomas and his family. he is so close. Then we had a "Come Unto Christ" fireside the stake puts on about once a quarter. Members can only come if they bring a non-member. It's purpose is to introduce non-members to the church. So It's about 40 min. long - has opening remarks by stake presidency member, Elder Hall and I teach the first lesson, and closing remarks by stake president, with like 3 musical numbers throughout. So really good. Then everyone goes into the gym where their are different boothes/tables set up with info on scouting, young women, emergency prepardness, geneology, relief society, etc. for people to learn more about stuff. last night we had about 100+ people and 15-20 non-members. Then came back and took numbers. Long day.

"No One Out Works Elder Perkins"

Learning of the week: In a business, you learn who supports you, who has valuable skills, who is an asset, etc. Everyone who cannot help or further your cause, you fire them or help them off the bus. But the gospel is not like that. In the church, you can never help people off of the bus.

10 Jan 2011 - Played bball and soccer for a couple hours. Took a nap. Phone call with President Beck went really well. Began exchanges with Elder Mendenhal, so he is here in my area with me - one of our District Leaders.

11 Jan 2012 - Elder Mendenhall is a DL. Contacted quite a bit. Lesson with Thomas on Joseph Smith and Charles Anthon. Lesson with Brooke Toledo - having baptism this Saturday. Then we went on splits with Pinnacle Vista ward and wrapped up exchange and swapped back. We have situation we're dealing with regarding an investigator who is threatening to bring a knife to church and "take care of some people" - so I've been on the phone with President Beck like 4 times today, the missionaries, etc. Pretty crazy stuff.

12 Jan 2012 - Did a morning drop in on two Elders and of course they were not dressed for studies. We told them to get dressed and we'd begin companionship study at 9. We helped 2 Elders move today and then went to the last half of Elder Bird's district meeting and then helped 2 more Elders move. Brooke passed her baptism interview - had dinner with Alberto which was good.

13 Jan 2012 - Weekly planning - we are creating a zone vision and the current name is: The Kolob Project: Krushing Our Limits, Obliterating Barriers. We are dropping all of our investigators who are not progressing - only have about 4 now and are focusing on contacting more. Played a game with Brooke and her family tonight for the lesson. So Anthony called us back. He was mad because we gave his number to someone in our Bishopric to call and invite him to lunch - not happy that we were giving out his number, but we got an appointment to talk about it. Showed up and he pulled a gun on us! Well that's not true. We actually had a really good lesson with him and he committed to meet with us weekly. Fun to teach because he's a fireball and goes off sometimes and it's fun.

14 Jan 2012 - Went on exchange with Elder Cannon - really cool because he bought me Quiznos for lunch - Yummy. At his district meeting we were able to teach the first lesson in 8 and a half minutes (including an opening and closing prayer). Goal is to be under 10 min and we crushed it - even had prayers. The point is to stick to doctrine and not the fluff that doesn't matter. Exchanged back.

15 Jan 2012 - Had Brooke Toledo's baptism - had lots of non-member family there which was great. Elder Hall baptized her so Elder Bird and I reunited to teach the baptism invitation and it was phenomenal. Under 10 minutes, we each quoted about 8 scriptures - threw down doctrine and testimony and then I ended it by saying, "Now, ponder on feelings, Holy Ghost......Now think of this question if you have not been baptized yet, Will you follow the example of Jesus Christ by being baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God?" Then paused and someone jumped up and said, I'm ready! Well maybe I wish that would of happened. But we did pretty good. I had a baptism interview with Jose - really solid man. Got McDonald's 2 big macs for $3. So last week we got 143 contacts and some sisters got 145 contacts. And everyone else in district is around ranges in 30-70. So last district meeting Elder Bird told everyone, "Congratulations to the sisters on contacting the most this week. But now that Elder Perkins has lost, he will make sure it never happens again - no one out works Elder Perkins."

16 Jan 2012 - Today we had Brooke's confirmation which I got to do which was really cool. I met Sis. Shumway who is Aunt Karen's (Brad and Karen) sister. So that was pretty cool. The Bishop's wife makes us a sack lunch and puts it in the fridge at the church which is nice. Watched the Joseph Smith movie with Thomas tonight. Ended this week with 142 contacts - first time we've gotten 140+ in back to back weeks.


Elder Perkins

It's Been A Year!

Can't really believe it's been a year. As of today I have exactly one year left. My release date is scheduled for Jan 10, 2012. Seems like it's been really fast, but feels like forever since the MTC and Rez days.

3 January 2011 - Went to LDS Bookstoore and bought an oil vial - lost mine. Watched the new Joseph Smith Movie. Took a little name. E-mailed Pete. Went to the church and played a little bball and piano. Contacted - got some good prospects. Picked up stuff from Sisters. Bro Eagar made us some really good chili. Can play 2 songs on the harmonica.

4 Jan 2011 - Had Zone Leader Council this morning. It was really good. Big discussion was on getting a fast start to 2011. Last year's record is this year's base. It's fun being with the leadership - really sharp and great Elders. Then we came back with Elder Geren. He stays down here because there is another Leadership training all day tomorrow. It was really fun being with my son. He's a zone leader too now - makes me so proud watching my children grow. It's fun being with upbeat happy people. Gotta enjoy the mission.

5 Jan 2011 - We had a district leader council at 10am. We met with our district leaders and discussed what needs to happen and how to accomplish it. Leadership training went from 11-4pm today. Covered a lot: Fast Start in 2011, making plans to accomplish goals, being humble, teaching the first lesson in 10 minutes, accountability, how to secure baptism dates, how to correct misbehaviour, and the new mormon.org policy - it is going to be a big role for us - church is putting on aggressive media campaign. We need to familiarize ourselves with it so we can tell others about it - including members to create profiles so we can refer people we meet to them. Had dinner with Dave at the Clough's home. Told him to pick his own baptism date and we'll help him get to it. I'm tired

6 Jan 2011 - Planned out January. Contacted. Began exchanges with Assistants - so I'm now with Elder Pickett in my area - I like him a lot.

7 Jan 2011 - Good to be with a pumped up missionary who knows what he's doing. Had some really good lessons throughout the day. District Meeting went really good today. For our practice teaching I was put with Elder Campbell and we had to teach Sister Briggs and Sister Moody the first lesson in 10 minutes. It was probably the best that we have ever done. Right after, Elder Campbell said, "Wow, that was actually fun." Because we destroyed it. And that's what it's all about. When the Spirit is there and takes control of the lesson - missionary work becomes fun. Met with Chris Carlos (investigated on and off for 12 years). He wants to read the Book of Mormon so we are going to help him with that. Had exchange wrap-up with Elder Pickett. Exchanged back,

8 Jan 2011 - Well today is exactly half-way through my mission. English missions are 2 years and 4 days with transfer cycles (Jan 6, 2010 - Jan 10, 2012). Life is great. I love it out here. Glad I still have another year.

9 Jan 2011 - Toledo's came to church today, so I went up to the mom and told her we need to have one more lesson for Brooke (9 yrs old) and then we can baptize her and set a date for this next saturday (Jan 15). So we are on target for that. Also met with Thomas right after church and set a date for him for Feb 5. Gave a blessing tonight. This was a really good week for us. Set 2 baptism dates and got over 140 contacts in a week with 2 leadership conferences.

Love yall,

Elder Perkins

Tracting In The Rain

Thanks for the letter.

The sicknesses are going around here too. I haven't been hit yet, but we have had a lot of missionaries in our zone go down. Hope the car is well. And tell Kellie that she might not ever get to drive the car if I decide to claim it when I get back. Let us all remember that it was my car, who gave it to Quinton when I left (with intentions on getting it back after my mission), who swapped it out for a newer car, which is still mine since he owes me a car at equal or greater value (which is the case) - so I will claim it. Sorry Kellie. : )

Here is my week:

27 December 2010 - Got up early today and went to visit Elder Giles & Elder Campbell. Played ultimate frisbee as a zone. Got transfer news and everyone is mostly staying. Only 3 of 23 missionaries are getting transferred. President Beck says he doesn't want too many changes so we can have a fast start to the new year. Last year in this zone we had 1 baptism - in the whole zone - which is ridiculous. Bro. Eagar drove us down to the bus depot in central Phoenix & I got my backpack and my camera was still there which is a miracle. I'm burning CD's - have around 50 or so now. Ate dinner with Maria and had some good visits to some PM families. Called the three missionaries that are getting transferred and wished them the best.

28 December 2010 - Discussed baptisms for the dead with Maria - going to the temple tonight. Went to transfer meeting. I love going to those. Elder Geren (my son) was made a Zone Leader which made me so proud. I have 2 sons and one is a zone leader and the other is a district leader. Got to chat with Elder Stuart Coburn which was good - he's almost done - but good to see him. Also saw Elder Farnsworth - I just love seeing him. They split an area in out district. We also had to diliver a mini-fridge to some sisters and Bro. Eagar took us out to In-N-Out for dinner. Also tracted into a 1/2 Navajo and 1/2 Black guy named Anthony. Really confused about life. Set up an appointment so we'll see. I like him though.

29 Dec 2010 - Big storm came through, so it rained all day. Tracted in the rain which was really fun, but really cold too. Suit Coat and pants get soaked. But I love it. It's actually fun when on the outside your cold and tired - because you know that 80% of the missionaries are inside because their wimps and your out living the dream. We went out at about 5pm tracting again and were going down a street and Elder Hall was like, "Maybe we're not suppose to be tracting." and I was like, well we have nothing else to do (since we had just made visits for past 2 hours) and told him that we can tract or go inside. So he wasn't too happy about it, but I was like - Step up. So we ran into a guy who let us in and we taught him the first lesson - doubt anything will come from it, but he gave us an umbrella and so we have to go return it so we'll see. The harder it gets, the funner it is too. It's nice to come home at 9 all wet and change, plan, and then get into warm bed knowing you didn't wimp out.

30 Dec 2010 - Bro. Eagar bought us pizza for lunch. District Meeting was really good - this district has a lot of fun which is what it's all about. Went and met with Monique for about an hour and a half. She is pretty blunt and open, so I'm bold right back to her about how she needs to be baptized, come to church, etc. Our coordinations were fine. Worked on stake reports today. Snowed for like 30 seconds - I caught a tiny on my camera. Pretty crazy.

31 December 2010 - Interviewed Jessica Heath for baptism which is always fun. Today was really cold - in low 40's for most part. Went to Dave's and helped him take down his Christmas tree and had some cocoa. Had to be in by 6 today to keep us safe. Elder Hall made dinner - homemade mac and cheese. Watched Legacy. Relaxed.

1 Jan 2011 - Today was by appointment only - no contacting or tracting. Went to Anthony's place and he was home (tract backs usually never work out). Talked for an hour and kinda got through the plan of salvation. He is an engineer, very analytical, tons of questions. Invited him to church - he really liked it though. Bro. Eagar took us out to Bajio's - really good. We had a zone meeting today to kick off the new year and it went really well. We talked about what we want to accomplish and how to do it. I gave a talk on Unity since half our companionships don't like their companions. Threw down on that. Watched the John Tanner DVD - about consecration. Really good. Had everyone make plans for the new year and turn them into district leaders to follow up so we can have a fast start. Took a nap. Had dinner with Alberto and the Tieman family which was fun. Finished stake reports.

2 Jan 2011 - Church was good. Anthony showed up to church and really liked it which was cool. I am going to baptize him. He's a really cool guy. I think I like him a lot because he is really smart/analytical. I've worked a lot with kids, and teenagers, and so this is good. We had our stake meeting with the Glendale North Stake Presidency and President Beck. We did a good job at presenting the issues and showing where we have been improving. After, President Beck said it was the best meeting he has had with this stake presidency which was really good to hear. We had a dinner with Thomas and the Roque family which was fun. Also had a cottage meeting. Took numbers.

Life is great. I enjoy where I'm at now. I can help have an influence on a lot of things enjoy it a lot.


Elder Perkins

Playing Santa and A Merry Christmas

Hello. Good to speak to yall as well.

Big news is transfers and I am staying here with my companion Elder Hall. So another 6 weeks which is good. Don't know if I'm quite ready to grab the reins yet, but another 6 weeks and I know I'll be fine. Here is last week:

The week of exchanges! Had 3 long ones this week.

20 Dec. 2010 - Did a little Christmas shopping. Bought Bro. Eagar a Christmas ornament, a puzzle, crossword book, some tupawear (as a joke because he can never find the right lids to his containers - it is just like grandpa's house with all his containers). Bought Elder Bird a bouncy ball and got Elder Hall a reaction ball. Played basketball for about 2 hours which was fun - I can touch the rim now. Got a haircut by Sister Bale. She used clippers on my whole head - usually get it scissor cut - but it looks nice. Halfway through she jumped back and started to apologize because she missed my bang line or something but you can't tell when I do my hair so it was funny. I told her that as long as it's shorter, I'll be fine. Wrapped some presents, laundry and off again. Went caroling with our ward to some less-active and investigator families. Our stake president lives in our ward and has a huge trailor - he is a rancher and the trailor holds around 50+ people. Then we had to work on a report for our early morning breakfast tomorrow with the Stake Presidency and the missionaries to fill them in on the work - the Bishops will be there tomorrow too so we are planning on getting them in shape too.

21 Dec. 2010 - Had breakfast this morning. Stake Presidency, President Beck, 11 Missionaries, and 10 Bishops. So last night I proposed we added something to the report. Knowing that the Bishops were there we put something basically meaning that only 3 of the 10 wards are effectively doing missionary work based off what Elder L. Tom Perry taught a couple years ago. And we only made copies for the Stake Presidency and Missionaries like usual. But when we got there he wanted us to give a copy to all the Bishops and so we told him that they probably wouldn't like what we put on there about their wards. So we did that and then they turned the time over to Elder Hall and I to lead the discussion which we did. Elder Hall doesn't like to offend anyone, so he usually lays off. But I went right in. Example, a Bishop said they hold their coordination before church on Sunday and was trying to defend it (it should be held mid-week, preferably on Thursday). So I said, "So yall are planning an hour before church how to get investigators to church for that Sunday....Do you find that effective?" And then I would lean over to President Beck and say, "And that is why that ward had 2 baptism dates fall through." And he would lean over to the Stake President and say that to him. We'll work out the kinks eventually.
Anyway - right after that we began an exchange with Elder Tanner.

22 December 2010 - Did a double swap this morning. I left Elder Tanner and went with Elder Berry. Went to his district meeting. I got to play the piano which is always fun. The members they live with have an 18 year old son who goes on his mission in February so we took him out with us all day mostly. Elder Berry is a "Rez" missionary. Went to subway. Swapped back with Elder Hall.

23 Dec 2010 - Had weekly planning. Put some charts together for next stake meeting. Around 4 we swapped and now I'm with Elder Giles in his area. This will be a fun exchange.

24 Dec 2010 - Merry Christmas Eve. Planned on getting 50 contacts in his area by 4 today. So his area is a bike/bus area. So we got on a bus in the morning and took it up to the huge shopping center. Some lady on the bus gave us 10 dollars which was nice - gotta love the Christmas spirit. So we contacted all around the shopping center (since tons of people there) and we were at 18 and I told him if we get 2 more we would go to paradise bakery for lunch - great food. So we talked to 2 people and then went in for lunch and those 2 people came into the store and paid for our lunch which was cool. Rode the bus down and I left my backpack on the bus with a Book of Mormon in it and a Camera (but I got both back luckily - not sure how no one stole it). Exchanged back and Elder Hall and I went to dinner at the Clough's and they had prime rib - not sure if I've ever had that before, but it was really good. Gave me a bag of Skittles. Then went to the Bale's home and did the nativity with them. I was a sheppard. They gave us a stocking full of little presents. Then the best part was we got to play Santa. Because the mail doesn't go tomorrow, the mission can't forward any packages, so we went and picked up mail for missionaries in our zone and got to deliver them today. So I got a cool elf hat and we had fun. We stopped by the Sisters place at like 9 and they were in their PJ's which was a little different - usually all dressed up - it was like they were 12 year olds at a slumber party all giggly for Christmas. Fun stuff. But made lots of fun visits to missionaries. Bro. Eagar let us open one of his presents and I got a new pillow that was really nice (about 2 weeks ago he made us make a list of things we want and I put a new pillow). Great Christmas Eve.

25 Dec. 2010 - MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! We woke up and did a little studying - read some of my patriarchal blessing. Feel really blessed and full of gratitude - life is perfect - all is well. Bro. Eagar went and bought us some gourmet pasties and hot chocolate so we had that for breakfast and then got to open presents. I believe this Christmas I got more presents then ever before. Probably 25-30 presents. Here is a list of some things: 5 ties, 6 pairs of black socks, 3 pairs of white socks, lots of candy (I mean lots), red and black dri-fit Nike t-shirt, gym shorts, a Block of wood with "Elder Perkins" carved into it from Bro. Eagar (probably one of my favorite gifts - really cool), new scriptures from Bro. Eagar, a harmonica, lots of little toys and games, piano solo hymn book, shampoo, deodorant, soap, toothbrush and paste, pajama pants, dr. pepper, new pen, subway gift card, McDonald's gift cards, pair of slippers, new pillow, mini stapler, church DVD's, a CD case holder, and some more too. I know, that's a lot of stuff!. Also got to call home which was really fun. Visited some familes too. Came back and watched "Joseph Smith, Prophet of the Restoration." Had dinner with Bro. Eagar and then just relaxed.

Great week for me. Living the dream.


Elder Perkins

Busy Busy

Well I'm not really in a city that's alone like Anthem was. It's just North Phoenix. I live a little north of Happy Valley Road and 35th ave. I'll work on a suit in the new year. Glad yall got my package. The one that I got for Morgan for the names has a note on it so you know.

My week:

13 Dec 2010 - Phone call with President Beck went really good this morning. Still excited about the zone and things going on. Went shopping and got presents for family back home and sent them. I also made a Santa Wish List. Bro. Eagar - the member we live with - he makes us write a list of things we want for Christmas and then he goes out and gets some things. Which is awesome. So I threw some things on that list and gave it to him. Played pool at Maria's house with her and her husband. Then we went and did some interviews for the Piemontese family. Good family.

14 Dec 2010 - Had district meeting. I helped out with a musical number - Be Still My Soul. It is Sister Pehrson's last week in the mission (goes home on Dec 18th - probably have known her the most in the mission - been in same district for over 10 months). So we also all wrote her a letter to open for when she gets home. She's really great. One thing I do now as a zone leader is facilitate during practice teaching. So I watch two companionships practice teaching each other and I help them evaluate their teaching and how they can improve - which is fun. Did some service for Dave - helped him wash and clean an oven and a microwave that had been abused at a home he rents out. Put together Maria's baptism program. Also had a planning meeting w/ our High Councilman. Bro White was there too.

15 Dec 2010 - Cannot believe halfway through December. Busy Busy. It got up to about 77 today - just perfect weather outside. This morning we prepared for out zone meeting and organized it. Then we washed out our 2010 Red Chevy Colorado we get to drive - we have car inspections before zone meetings. It took us two hours to do a deep deep cleaning. We got to the building and had to set everything up. It was also interview day with President. So I did mine and it was really good. Quick and simple as always. Just told me that we're doing great and to keep it up. I got to conduct which was fun - first like big meeting I've gotten to conduct which was cool. Our big thing for this (since Elder Hall and I got to plan it all) was "There is a missionary solution to every problem" - basically there are no excuses. So we threw down on that and it went really really good. The skills training was how to work with WML's better and how to get them to do stuff without telling them too (not everyone is as good as dad was).

16 Dec 2010 - We got our truck fixed - weather stripping issues. Oil change - all that took like 3.5 hours - ugh. Got a $5 hot - n - ready pizza. Had weekly planning. lesson with Maria. 2 ward correlations. Began exchanges. I'm with Elder Labrum in his area.

17 Dec 2010 - Today we tracted all day long. From 10am-9pm with 2 hours out for lunch and dinner. Also met with their Bishop for 30 min. So tracted for total of about 8 hours. We broke the daily contacting record, which I set 2 weeks ago at 51, and today we got 55. Elder Labrum reminds me of the mormon version of Eminem the hip hop guy. We contacted all day.

18 Dec 2010 - Bro. Eagar made us breakfast since it was Saturday. Biscuits and sausage gravy. Yummy. Then he also took us out to lunch since it was Elder Hall's birthday yesterday. Then we had Maria's baptism which went really good. The AP's were there so it was fun talking with them. Then we got to stay for the Piemontese family baptism. That was awesome. Cool story about them. About 4 months ago, one of the Sister Missionaries, Sister Moody, asked if I would give her a blessing of comfort which I did. So I asked her if there was anything she wanted to tell me or give me any info and she wouldn't (I was like, come on - you gotta tell me something). But she just said that Heavenly Father knows. So I was like ok, and gave her a blessing. In the blessing I felt strongly to tell her that she would find, teach, and baptize a family while serving in her current area. So every time transfers have come around, I've crossed my fingers she wouldn't get transferred. And have been waiting, but she did it - so that was really cool to see. Finished stake reports for meeting tomorrow. Only 1 week time Christmas.

19 Dec 2010 - Church was good. Maria was confirmed. Also had stake cordination meeting with Deer Valley Stake Presidency and President Beck - that was really good. Fun seeing how leaders interact. We had a good lesson with Thomas - lives with the Roque family. I enjoy being over there. He said that he wants to get baptized so we'll see where that all goes.

All is well here. Loving it all and living the dream.

Merry Christmas. Brad and Karen sent me a package so I got that - will open them on Christmas.

Elder Perkins.

Decorating for Christmas

Sounds like a busy and fun week. Bummer that Kellie didn't go to state - but you are only as strong as your weakest member. Sounds like Quinton is having fun. There is a boy here that is exactly like him. To a tee. It is garrett roque (the brother of the girl that he texted or whatever). Pretty funny. Well it's still in the 70's so it's perfect temperature out here. I enjoy it a lot, but I will never live in Arizona permanently. Tell Conner Happy Birthday! Turning 14 is a big move - that means dances - get to show all the moves you have practiced for months. Sounds like he had a fun birthday.

No! I am not going to wear a mis match suit - that is just ridiculous. But I know that I had at least 3 suits (with matching pants) when I was at BYU that I brought home. Now I know one of them is a light brown which doesn't work. But I'm pretty sure that I had 2 dark ones with matching pants - granted that was one year ago so not sure where they are at now. But let me know if you cannot find them and then I will go buy another one.
You cannot send packages directly to me - just to the mission office and they will be here before Christmas - Sister Beck will make sure of it. Bro. Eagar has 2 sisters (live in Mesa and Kingsman) - and they both have families - so they all came over for Thanksgiving. But he has never married or had kids.

Alberto did get baptized. He asked me to do it, so I got to change into my all whites - which is so cool. I wish I could wear all white all the time. It was a 30 minute service which was amazing. The quickest one I've been apart of. Talks were short and perfect (they should really just be testimonies and not sermons). He was baptized, some short remarks by the BIshop and then out. Font drained and cleaned up in under an hour.

Well, you know if Elders are saying there is no time limit on phone calls on Christmas then it is probably a mission rule they have or they are just crazies. In the white handbook it says to have short conversations. And then our mission president has told us to take 45min-1hr max. The wards here are nice. I'm learning a lot from my new companion. We follow the same dinner policy in Anthem were we can only eat if there is a teaching opportunity (investigator, LA, etc.) So we only get fed by members maybe once a week if that. But Bro. Eagar takes us out to lunch about 2 times a week and cooks us breakfast on Saturdays and makes big batches of things for him and then just puts it in the fridge and tells us to have at it. So it rocks living with him.

I will check on a dentist here after the holidays. We have our next transfer on Dec 28, so we'll see how that plays out and then I'll get in somewhere. I have your JOY decorations in our room. We actually put up Bro. Eagar's Christmas tree and decorated it this last Friday. It was fun. It looks really good. I'll take some pictures when I get the camera. And if you haven't sent my package yet - throw in some things from the blog so I can see what it is like if you still do that.

So my week:

6 Dec 2010 - Today we had a fun district activity - played ultimate frisbee. Fun being with friends and talking. I enjoy it. Went to Maria'a and played some pool and then she fed us dinner. Crock-Pots are good. Had another lesson with Alberto - making daily contact with him and Maria. We are going to move his baptism again forward to Thursday.

7 Dec 2010 - Went on exchanges with Elder Duke. So I got to his area at night and so we began planning for the day tomorrow and I asked him what their daily contacting record was and he said it was 20. And their weekly record is like high 30's. So I told him we would get 50 contacts and he laughed a bit and told him you gotta be confident and you'll get them. It would have been 2.5 times their daily record. So the next morning we set out and we worked like dogs - I drove him into the ground - but he can take it. We made it to 5pm and we had 21 contacts. So we had barely broken the daily record. So we went out again and destroyed it and ended the day with 51 contacts. Made 30 contacts from 5-8pm. So we were blessed to reach our goal.

8 December 2010 - Had a district meeting. We got there early and interviewed 4 Elders who are just struggling. (One companionship had 1 contact all last week and the other companionship had 5). So we met with them and it was decent. We stayed for half of that district meeting and then went to Elder Bird's meeting. Had lesson with the Toledo's - a Navajo family. Have 8 yr old, Brooke, who is awesome. Then went to Alberto and met with him and set out the program. He asked if I would baptize him which is awesome. Had dinner with the Clough's - a Recent Convert family. He's a really good cook and made fried chicken with mashed potatoes - great.

9 Dec. 2010 - Planned a lot today. Bro. Eagar took us to Bajios - really good. We started to put up the Christmas tree. Had Alberto's baptism. It was great. Love being in all white. After that, I went up to Anthem - Pete drove us up. Good to catch up with him (feels like I just left Anthem, but it has been a good month about now). Had to interview 3 sister missionaries over the phone which was fun i guess. So on exchange with Elder Bird now.

10 Dec 2010 - Elder Bird and I talked about a lot of things - effective district meetings, baptism interviews, how to work with sisters, ward members. Contacted a lot today. Got 51. I love contacting - fun stuff. Swung by the Cray's - an investigator family Elder Bird and I tracted into. They bought me a Christmas present. A yellow dress shirt and tie. We had the Gavilan Peak Ward Christmas Party that night too which was wierd going to since I served there. Got to see the Alvarez family which was cool. The Bishop even asked me to give the closing prayer. Came back to my area.

11 Dec 2010 - Went and met with Mark Ediger today. I need to baptize him. One of the few that I have taught and not gotten into the water. He's a tough one. I'll get him soon. Finished decorating Bro. Eagar's tree which was fun. Looks really good. He said it has been many many years since it's been decorated up this much. Put some garland around the house too. We planned for our zone meeting next Wednesday. It is looking like it will be real good. Visited with Alberto - they fed us some dinner too. He's leaving for Mexico tomorrow for about 3 weeks. Great man who will do great things. Bro. Eagar took us out to Subway for lunch too.

12 Dec 2010 - We had our last Ward Council training today. And Elder Hall is sick and has halfway lost his voice, so he stayed with our ward on splits with our WML and I went with President Morris (in mission presidency who does trainings with us). So we trained a YSA ward council today which was a little different but fun. So President Morris and I were talking before it about our attack plan and things and he said that he wanted to hit this ward straight on and not beat around the bush. (So for the trainings, President Morris talks for about 20 min and then turns it over to Elder Hall and I for another 20 min). So he got up and was pretty straight forward, He doesn't mince words which is fun. Then I got up and went on for about 20 min and got to drill them a bit too. I think they are fun. Then we went to watch a child of record baptism with Maria. Her baptism in on Dec 18th and she has a fear of water. Then we had a couple appointments. Went over to the Roques and they fed us some pancakes and sausage. Shared a quick thought. Came home. Was on the phone for like an hour and a half taking numbers from District Leaders. Lot of concerns going on now, but also a lot of great things happening. Pushing really hard to break the zone baptism record which is 17 in one month which occured in 2005. So it has been like over 5 years since we've baptized that much. Gotta fix that - so we are pushing everyone hard.

Life is great. Living the dream. Will probably check e-mail around 4 again.


Elder Perkins

Best Day In Mission- Phenomenal

Hello my family.

Glad to hear of all the success in the Castle Rock Ward. 15 is a lot of baptisms. I went to a baptism in the Gavilan Peak ward because they asked if I could do the opening prayer since I helped teach them. And that put us up to 11 baptisms in that ward (really 13 because 2 of them were 8 year olds). And that was a big jump since last year they had 0 baptisms. The Lord rocks.

Georgia hopefully can beat South Florida - we'll see. I was going to ask whose name I had - scared yall might skip me this year. So I have Morgan huh, tell her to get ready cause I am going to get her something so good that she will always keep it.

I was going to ask if instead of me buying some new suits. The two I came out with are fine, but we have a rule where if the temperature gets below 65 then we have to wear a suit coat. So I need a cheap suit coat for those days to tract in and etc. So I was hoping yall could just mail out one of the suits I already had and once it gets here I can have it dry cleaned and ironed - just stuff it in a box. Will that work?

Living with a member is great. It's Brother Eagar - he is 63 years old. Great guy. We are basically like his sons - he cooks for us sometimes. We do our studies at his kitchen table, eat here and all. So It's great. This is a 3 bedroom house. He's turned one room into his office - he works at home most the day. He has a big tv and stereo system - so we watch church movies and listen to music every now and then over it. He doesn't let us do ANYTHING for him. Fun stuff.

I moved about 10 miles south of Anthem - so very very close. Only 1 area in between us. So still same district and all. Still pretty far from Stuart mission wise. Elder Bird had a good first district meeting - and everyone says that you can tell I trained him. He will answer the phone and when people ask how he's doing he says, "good, i mean, um.....spectacular." Because everytime I answer the phone I always say I'm doing phenominal, never good - it's boring and everyone says it. That is my word here on the mission - phenomenal. The assistants to president love it and so they start always saying it and trying to spread it. President has said it a couple times now. Phenomenal.

White handbook moment (under Missionary Leadership - Example): Missionary leaders set an example in the way they carry out their missionary work. They work diligently in their proselyting area in addition to fulfilling their leadership responsibilities. A leader's proselyting area should be a model for other missionaries. They can learn from it and see it as a pattern for their own work. Leaders must teach through example how to plan, how to find and teach investigatros, and how to work with local Church leaders and members. Leaders should also recognize that they can learn much form the missionaries they serve.

My camera has broken. I need yall to send me Kellie's camera that she has. I have no picture taking abilities and will need them for Christmas if yall want pictures. Thanks.

My week:
29 November 2010 - Relaxing P-day. went to some Goodwills and then hit Ross. I bought a Donald Trump tie. I get to play a musical number in zone leader council tomorrow so I practiced a bit today - probably will do my arrangement of Kolob since it's the only one I can do that sounds cool. I can jump and grab the bball rim now and hang onto it - pretty sweet. Washed our car. Watched a little movie about Thomas Monson. Got to meet and teach Alberto (12 yr old) - set a baptism date for Dec 10th.

30 Nov 2010 - This morning we had Zone Leader council - where all the zone leaders in the mission gather - probably 14 english and 4 spanish. They said we will now have 200 missionaries in our mission by the end of December. We learned a lot about the role of a zone leader, answered questions. Told us to challange current approaches and make changes. Had lunch - then I played the piano for a musical number. Talked some more about changes we need to make. Then came back with Elder Juchau - He's in Prescott and is staying the day down here with us. Taught Maria - she's ready for her baptism. Tracted with Elder Jucharu - really like him. Dinner with Wilde's family. Fun night with an extra missionary.

1 December - Probably best day in mission so far. Haven't really evaluated yet, but it was pretty much awesome. We had our all day Christmas Zone Conference. We started off actually with a district leader council at 8am. So Elder Hall and I met with our 3 district leaders and talked to them. THen at 10am we began our zone conference. It went till about 2 - we had like 5 musical numbers which were just great, talks by President and Sister Beck, lunch, watched a Christmas slideshow with pictures of the year. Really fun. Lots of friends there to catch up with and talk to. It's fun cause now I know all the leaders and most the missionaries and so things are great. Just really spiritual and learned a lot. Then at 2 we piled into our cars and drove down to the Mesa Temple. We went throught an endowment session as a mission which was just great. It was so cool to see all the elders and sisters in white in the temple with Mission President - just great. Then we walked around the Mesa Temple with our district and took pictures - they do Christmas lights and decorate it really amazingly. Really fun - got to bond with district and it was great. I haven't gone through temple since January so it was great.

2 Dec 2010 - Lesson with Maria Donely. Lesson with Jim Flood - he loves meeting with us - great guy. Fun to teach. Also lesson with Alberto. He's going back to Mexico on the 12th so we'll see what happens.

3 Dec 2010 - Did some service and helped build a kids playhouse. Hit all 3 district meetings in our zone. I had to give a talk about why the principle of love is so important in missionary work (D&C 12:8). It was good - I talked about Morgan to all the missionaries about how she is such a great example of someone who loves unconditionally. I love to speak - so it was fun. Maria passed her baptism interview. Visited Mark who is my project - I've worked with him for about 6 months - have set 3 baptism dates with him and I just cannot get him into the water - I'll get him though. Just in a rut and can't get out. Went to one of our ward's Christmas Party - not too big a fan of baked ziti. Sat with a family and Kari. Kari has Down Syndrome and is the sister of the wife in the family. Kari is 26 and is exaclty like Morgan. She waved at me and I smiled and waved back and she got embarresed and hid her head in her sisters arm. And was giggling talking to the missionaries. Just like Morgan - it was so fun. Kari lives with her mom, but the sister takes her every now and then and she spends the night and it was fun. Then went to the baptism of Nicolas and Kaley Adelman. It was so good because their dad got to baptize them with the new change in church policy - which was so cool. So after right before we left - Bro. White was like, "See ya Tyler". and I was like, "What? who told you that." And he said Elder Bird told him because he wants to name his next kid after me - probably just kidding - funny guy. Then I switched with Elder Mendenhall who is one of our district leaders and started exchange with him.

4 Dec - I love giving talks and training people. Spent all day with Elder Mendenhall - young district leader too and reminds me of me when I was there. He was a little nervous about how his area is suppose to be the model for his district. So we went in and set the new single day contacting record in his area with 51, found 4 new investigators (weekly average is 2.5 in zone), and set a baptism date for Jan 8. Reminds me of probably my favorite missionary quote, "We Find, We Teach, We Baptize, that is what we do." We did all three. Told him to take risks, think outside of box, and change his district. Good exchange.
I was told that the animal I would be is a puppy - lots of energy, "puppy" face - probably meaning I look young, lots of energy and always happy - and probably because I'm adorable. : )
My hymn is "Onward Christian Soldiers" - because its upbeat and motivating. and my profession I should be is a counselor at a troubled youth facility. Finished our stake reports for meetings tomorrow. Wed of this past week was phenominal.

5 Dec - Had church today. Also had a ward council training which are always fun. President Beck came to this one again. It is fun working with a ward for how to improve missionary work and yet being so gentle and loving and kind, but grilling them at the same time. Then we had our stake coordination meeting with President Beck and Glendale North Stake President, President Sorensen. It was very good - went well - I really love working with leaders of church and seeing how things run and work and how to lead. Great stuff.

Yall Rock. Thanks.


Elder Perkins

Thanksgiving and Black Friday Shopping??

Yall's letters make me laugh. Funny stuff. Glad Thanksgiving was good. We hit up Best Buy at 2am and got a new camera for Elder Hall, then I got a couple nice sweaters at Kohls which opened at 3am. So I was really tired the next day. Glad to hear about Conner's mad skills at bball. Ok, so we really didn't go black friday shopping. Gotcha. So here is my Thanksgiving week:

22 Nov 2010 - Every Monday morning, the zone leaders talk with President Beck. We call him at exactly 8:45. We had a good chat and he said that he was almost as phenomenal as me. It was a good conversation - fun being so involved. We did some service and helped someone plant trees. Had lunch and then had an hour to e-mail home. Our P-day got switched to Thanksgiving. But they wanted us to e-mail today. Had dinner with the Lundgren family - great family - for his job he buys cat litter for Petsmart.

23 Nov 2010 - This morning we had our montly breakfast with the Stake President. Discussed missionary work in the stake. After I went on exchanges up to Anthem with Elder Evans who took my spot in Anthem. Elder Bird who was my last companion was made the new district leader. Both of my sons (Elders I have trained) are district leaders now. And will probably both become zone leaders some day - I have a rich posterity. It was a little wierd being back in Anthem. We had correlation too - so I was able to put input in on everyone even though I'm gone now. Had a lesson with the Jacksons after and he's moving a bit forward. Exchanged back.

24 Nov 2010 - Today was weekly planning and then our Return and Reporting District Meeting. We fell short of our Nov goals in our area & are looking to smash it in December. I played the piano which I like to do. I really like our district - good missionaries (we are at 6 elders & 6 sisters). We had a great lesson with Jim Flood. Then ate at the Wilde's house and finished our weekly planning. We have a lot to plan for.

25 Nov 2010 - Thanksgiving. We played basketball with our district this morning. Then went to the Stake President's home & I had a medium plate of food (bonding with him a lot - he's very missionary oriented). Then came back to Bro. Eagar's home (member we live with). His family was here and I had a large plate of food which filled me up nicely. Then I layed down for an hour, sent Taylor back a letter, relaxed. Then went to the Clough's and had another large plate of food - so stuffed now. Then came home and watched "Mountain of the Lord" Then we exchanged with the Assistants. So now I'm with Elder Tripp - I took his spot here - we have been unofficial companions for about 3 weeks because of all the exchanges we've been on (we've been in the same district for about 10 months). So I know him really well. Stayed up late talking. Great Elder.

26 Nov 2010 - Elder Tripp & I went over some things for the zone and how I can help and my role. Then we went and met with one of our three district leaders & worked with him for a bit. Got Panda Express. Since it was black friday - ton's of people in the strip malls. So we tried to contact, but got kicked out by the security guards. Had dinner with Maria and set a baptism date with her for Dec. 17th. Then we reviewed our exchange and swapped back with Elder Hall. Love my sweaters my family sent me. Love Christmas music too.

27 Nov 2010 - I don't like how I write my number two's. they look like the letter "z" rather then the number 2. We contacted a lot today & broke the zone record for contacts in a day with 68. (and a contact isn't just saying hi. It's teaching doctrine, bearing testimony, & inviting to act).

28 Nov 2010 - I had my first stake coordination meeting. It was with the zone leaders, stake president, mission president, and high councilman over missionary work. It is awesome working with the leaders so closely and giving opinions and ideas. We swung by Maria's and she gave us some spaghetti - really good - I'm not too big a fan of it, but her's was good. Then went to the Roques. Fun family - remind me of my family back home. I think they added my family back home as Facebook friends which is wierd.

Life is great. Living the dream. Take Care and Merry Christmas.

Elder Perkins

Golfing, Texting, Transfers and a Birthday

Hello my family, it is I, Tyler Perkins. Sorry I didn't really e-mail last week - very busy. So here are my last 2 weeks.

8 Nov 2010 - WE went golfing this morning with the Zone Leaders (Elders Tripp and Hall). It was fun - played 9 holes - got second of 4. I like golfing. Then we met up with the other district members and tye-dyed some shirts. It was fun to relax a bit - it was the sisters idea. Then e-mailed home and went shopping. Only spent $5. Planning on just using up what I already have in case I get transferred. Got haircuts - we walked in the same time a member did and he paid for us - sweet. Elder Bird got a 0 on the side - kinda looks like a military haircut. Had dinner and a lesson with the Jackson's. They made some salsa - wasn't as good as dad's though.

9 Nov 2010 - Contacted a lot, lesson with Courtney. Had correlation with Bro. White and after we drove to wal-mart, bought some cookies, wrapped them, and delivered them. Cookies are the secret to getting into homes. So we got texting for our mission approved which has been really wierd because I haven't texted in like a year. But it is very nice, because people actually respond. Made some spaghetti for dinner.

10 Nov 2010 - Started off with a good district meeting today. I got a package today from family back home and letters from the Howard Family - very fun. Lot's of great stuff in package - I probably should of waited till B-day, but I didn't. The card was really funny. We went to a priest's quorum activity tonight and taught them the atonement, and had them practice it back on us, and we evaluated. Then we went to help someone move.

11 Nov 2010 - Tonight we had a training meeting for all the Bishops and WML's on how to run an effective correlation meeting. So the missionaries in the district role played with President Morris (in mission presidency) a meeting. President Beck was there and the two of them answered questions and it was really good. We had to clean today because inspections are tomorrow. Then I came down here to the Zone Leaders area - on exchanges with Elder Tripp. We have been in the same district for 9 months now & have gone on exchanges enough times that we have been companions for almost 3 weeks which is half a transfer - so we have been companions in a way.

12 Nov 2010 - Well Elder Tripp and I stayed up till like 12:30 last night - big mistake. We talked a lot about transfers and what we think will happen - which is in like 4 days. Elder Tripp is probably going to be the next AP. Today we taught Mark Ediger again. I like being with Elder Tripp. At dinner, this family gave us some fried chimichangas. Traded some ties - my collection is getting pretty nice. Getting rid of darker ones for more colorful ones. Back with Elder Bird now.

13 Nov 2010 - Can't believe I'm 20 now. Read my patriarchal blessing this morning for my birthday. Helped someone move for like 4 hours. Came home and took a nap for lunch break. Nicolas Adelman passed his baptism interview today. Baked a birthday cake - yummy. Elder Bird made me a smoothie. Got a letter from Taylor & one of her roommates. Can't believe I'm 20.

14 Nov 2010 - Today we had stake conference and it was a broadcast from SLC. The Presiding Bishop, Bishop Burton, Quinton L. Cook, and President Monson all spoke to I think the state of Arizona. Right after I had a great baptism interview with a 10 yr old. Went tracting and had a real birthday dinner with the Potter's. He's our high councilman over missionary work. Great family - made us some Meatloaf, mached potatoes, salad, pie, and ice cream. Then we biked across Anthem to teach the Shaw's. I like being a district leader - took numbers tonight.

15 Nov 2010 - We had a zone activity this morning with everyone to announce transfer news. The sister missionaries made me a birthday card and had everyone in the district sign it - one side has a big georgia g on it. Then the other sisters made me some brownines with some good walnuts in it. And then they announced the news and I am getting transfered. It's been 9 months in Anthem. So we took pictures and played some frisbee. Then the Elders went to a member's home and he bought us pizza and wings. Started to pack. Oh, President Beck called and told me I'd be a new Zone Leader & Elder Bird would be taking my spot as district leaders, so I have 1 day to train him on everything. We gave a blessing tonight. Almost done packing. Called the district one last time. Who knows where I'll be going.

16 Nov 2010 - Transfers! Finished packing and Pete gave us a ride down - pretty bummed I am getting transfered. We got there at 2 for leadership meetings. They are creating 2 new zones and 5 new districts - the mission is growing very fast. They went through the list of new leadership and areas and it turns out I will be the zone leader in the Deer Valley/Glendale North Zone. Which is the same zone and even the same district I am in now. So Elder Hall will be my new companion, who I've been in the same district with for 6 months and have gone on exchanges with a lot - so I know him well. I took Elder Tripp's spot - and I was right - he went AP. We have 3 districts in our zone and 24 missionaries - one of the biggest zones in mission. After transferes was crazy becvause we had to do so many things - drive people around, deliver beds. I love the craziness though. This is going to be very fun. I'm excited and pumped.

17 Nov 2010 - So we live with a member, Bro. Eagar who is the best. He does a lot for us. This morning Elder Hall began training me up on all the zone leader stuff. It's nice because I already know half the zone because I was a district leader over them. I live 10 miles south of Anthem - so I'll be in this little area most my mission which is funny. Went to Elder Bird's first district meeting. Being kept very busy now - love it. Finished unpacking.

18 Nov 2010 - Today we had weekly planning & had a lot to do - many changes in our zone. Took us about 6 hours - we have to plan for a lot of meetings, exchanges, planned rest of November out, planned trainings to do, etc. Had a church tour tonight and had 2 correlations. It's funny because I know most the bishops, wml's, down here because I've been here so much on exchanges - also know almost all their investigators too. The mission sent a letter to my parents and sent me a copy of it telling them about my new assignment as a zone leader.

19 Nov 2010 - Attended the other 2 district meetings. All 3 of our district leaders are brand new and so we get to mold and train them which is fun. Doesn't even feel like I'm a zone leader yet, just doing new stuff.

20 Nov 2010 - This morning we held a district leader council. Elder Hall and I met with the 3 new district leaders and went over their roles/responsibilities/answered questions, etc. It was good. Then we went to a baptism after which was fun. Got to see Elder Henrie who was the other district leader in the zone last transfer who got called to be a zone leader too. Fun to catch up with him real quick - great guy. Brother Eagar made us some great breakfast burritos too. I had a baptism interview which was great.

21 Nov 2010 - So Elder Hall reminds me of Stephen Fuller - very very similar. It's been fun. Today we had 3 ward council trainings with President Morris which went very well. We didn't even get to go to my 2 new wards, love the business though. Came home and Bro. Eagar had made us stew. I'm going to get so fat with all this food, and now I'm not on a bike anyone. So I started a weight chart. I'm at 156 right now. Had a lesson with the Roque family - way good - reminds me of my family. They asked me about my family and then went and looked them up on facebook and might of added them - fun stuff.

The vests work perfectly - no piano here which stinks, but I'll still get to mess around every now and then. Good to hear everyone is doing well - thanks for all the updates.

White Handbook moment - Security - Stay away from unsafe areas. Travel after dark only in lighted areas. Vary the routes you travel. Walk quickly and with purpose. Do not fill your carrying case with too many items or with materials that are heavy of bulky, whih could create the impression you have items of value. Do not resist if you meet thieves. Carry a little cash with you so you have something you could give to thieves.

Love, Elder Perkins

Birthday and Transfers


Thanks for the e-mails. I got the package and it was great. Had a fun birthday. The Sisters in our district made me brownies, and made a georgia card (has a georgia g on one side) and had everyone in the district sign it. Fun stuff. We got transfer news today and I am being transferred. I will go to my new area tomorrow at 6. I'll let you know how things go. 9 months in Anthem and now it's time to move on.

Busy day - gotta pack and do a lot. will e-mail more next week.

Elder Perkins.


We try to get the priests out with us as much as we can - good kids.

I will read 2 Nephi 9 - it's a good one indeed father. I remember FHE's - i miss them. we don't get those on our missions - and the ones in singles wards are not the same. It'll be awhile till i will get to have them.

To Mother's questions: I love the piano - I am doing making up stuff for hymns and it's really fun. Didn't really realize it till I was out here - my wife better be able to play the piano to teach my kids - that or the violin - nah probably the piano. But Elder Bird likes to sing - he's got a deep voice on him which is cool. But he will only sing if I play - because neither of us are too good. I'm not sure if Al came to church - I would doubt it - he's a long way out. Mark may get baptized on the 13th of November - he has some issues that are tough - so we'll see if he can get them all sort out in time. And Riley's parents know that I have an older sister with Downs. We've chatted a lot - It's cool because I know all the adults fairly well here now -been here for 9 months. I thought my talk went fairly well - President Beck e-mailed me and said, "Thank you so much for your outstanding presentation on how to hold an effective District Meeting. You were terrific and great to hear of the continued great progress in your area and District." So that was nice of him - I have found the power in complimenting - you can never compliment enough and it goes a huge, long, phenomenally great way.

I already got the Carrie Underwood song - so no worries there.

25 October 2010 - We carved pumpkins for Halloween today. It was the sisters idea - I carved a Georgia G on mine. My family is in Hawaii.

26 October 2010 - We had to wake up at 4:30 to make it to a breakfast at the Stake President's home at 6. Out whole district meets with him and President Beck was there too. We had some egg/hashbrown casserole which was decent. Wonderful grapes though. Then we talked about our investigators & how we need more member involvement. Had some good visits today. Went out with Bro. White on splits after correlation tonight. Had 4 auxilaries there - most in a long time.

27 October 2010 - So on Sunday night, Elder Pickett (Assistant to President - attended my district meeting last meet) called and asked if I would give a talk in our leadership meeting which happened today. It was on "How to hold an effective district meeting. Since we are going through a transition in the mission with implementing "Fundamentals of Preach My Gospel, Teaching More Effectively" district meetings have changed a bit. So they wanted a refresher for everyone on how to do district meetings with the new policies, teaching models, etc. So Sunday, he told me to put an outline together asap so he and President Beck could check it to make sure all was good before I taught it. So I worked on it that night and then e-mailed a really rough draft to them on Monday morning. So he got back to me on Tuesday morning and changed one thing and then President changed one thing and told me Tuesday afternoon. So that night (yesterday) I looked over it again and reviewed it again this morning. Dropped Elder Bird off with 2 other Elders and went with the Zone Leaders to our meeting. Wasn't nervous, just not 100% comfortable since I hadn't reviewed as much as I'd have liked too. It went well I thought. Then I came up and taught a couple lessons in Anthem with some splits and then went down with the other Elders and Elder Bird and spent the night with them.

28 October 2010 - Had part 2 of the leadership meeting. I got paired up with Elder Mendenhall in our Zone who is training - he is like the nephew of Bronco - BYU head football coach. We got to practice teach Elder Farnsworth (used to be in our district - love him) and Elder Wilson (from Parker, CO - so we know some of the same people). Lunch was fun to chat - President Beck sat with us. So at the end of this meeting President Beck stood up and handed out my notes from my talk the day before along with a sample district meeting agenda I had made up - Cool thought that something I made up will be used by the mission - cool helping out. If I had known that- I would of changed some things ha. Had a lesson with Madison Shaw.

29 October 2010 - We had a district meeting this morning. We did a lot of practice teaching. Then we had weekly planning and I went on exchanges with Elder Campbell. We're up in Anthem. We went to the Anthem Ward Halloween Party - good times. We were some of the judges for the chili cook-off. My top three were 1)A bar-b-que chili 2)A spicy chili and 3) A traditional, meaty chili. We drove back with the Spensers who are doing great.

30 October 2010 - Lot of tracting with Elder Campell. We swapped back and went to the Gavilan Peak ward Halloween Party - we had one of our investigator families show up and a lot of less-actives/non-members. It was fun. We drove there and back with one of our Bishop's who is just great. The wards here are awesome. I've developed good relationships with them. Yvonne Ogburn and her family were there - good times seeing converts doing so well.

31 October 2010 - Church was great. There was a musical number of "Come Thou Fount" which was awesome. I wish I could play the piano better. We gave a short presentation in Elder's Quorum about how they can help with missionary work - used L. Tom Perry's waterwheel effect. It was great. In between wards we came home and taught a family who came to church. After church, we went to an investigator's home who is going into surgery tomorrow and gave her a blessing and then the member invited them over for dinner - so we stayed and had dinner - then we had to come back to our apartment - no contacting outside on Halloween.

So overall a good week.
So I thought hard and here are some things I could use: 2-3 new slacks (I have 4 now and 2-3 are looking old. My only good one is a solid black one and a brown one looks ok). A Christmas CD - maybe Motab and the "Kings Choir" or something like that "Kings men/choir/group". Come Thou Fount sheet music or some cool hymn sheet music. Ummmm....not really sure what else.
Maybe a cheap new suit - something I can wear to district meetings every now and then to keep my nice ones good for church and bigger meetings. Some pages from my blog so I can see what that's like. My memory card so I can take some pictures. maybe a cheap sweater that I can wear under my suit coat during colder days at church/meetings.

Hope all is well.

Elder Perkins

Just Scrap The Ants Off and Eat It

Well sounds like lots of great and fun times. Hawaii sounds like a really fun place. Our WML - great guy - he went to BYU Hawaii for a year and really liked it and has some good stories.

I don't need new shoes yet - maybe later though.

18 October 2010 - Everyone in Anthem is getting ready for Halloween. Some less-active lady called and asked us to give her grandmother a blessing which was good. My bike has a flat tire, but we had a spare bike that I used - it is dangerous and crazy. On the way home it basically broke for good, so we threw it in the dumpster when we got back to our apartment. Then got slushies & walked to wal-mart. I spent $35 bucks on bike repair stuff. Fixed my bike and made some visits. Made some fruit smoothies tonight - really good. Elder Bird and I are working on a musical number for district meeting.

19 October 2010 - Helped someone move in this morning. They got us some jack-n-the-box for lunch, but we set it aside to finish the work- after we went to eat and found that ants had gotten into it, and my tacos were all soggy, but they weren't that bad - hopefully I don't get sick since ants were on them - just scrapped them off. Started reading Jesus the Christ again - I read it before my mission in 3 weeks just flying threw it - really didn't learn too much, so now I'm going a lot slower - learning a lot.

20 October 2010 - Had a great zone conference today. Taught about receiving revelation through prayer - listened to Elder Bednar's talk "Pray Always" - I remember dad telling me about that talk - especially the part that our morning prayers should link with our evening prayers. got to see Elder Geren which was fun. It's fun to see friends and catch up real quick. He is a district leader and training someone from the MTC now. Which makes me a grandpa - I have a grandson - he's so cute.

21 October 2010 - went to church to do our weekly planning before district meeting. Elder Bird and I had a really good companionship inventory - He was saying how I push him a little too hard and expect a little too much out of him. I see where he's coming from, but I doubt I'll let up - It'll be good for him in the end. But we ended on great terms. We did a musical number in District Meeting - I worked on my arrangement of "If You Could Hie to Kolob" and it was pretty good and Elder Bird sang - got good compliments - what was funny was we had an assistant to president show up and some of the office staff which wasn't expected - the senior couple really liked it. I got to decide what we did this time for the meeting so I complimented on our strenghts and lovingly grilled us about how we can do a little better - more member involvement. Then we practiced teaching and testifying of the Book of Mormon in 1-minute contacting situations. It was pretty good. Then I went on exchanges with Elder Giles to his area. We went on splits that night - so I went out with a priest in his area and we went to see one of his investigators - Al. We answered questions for about an hour and then I gave the baptism invitation. That made him really mad and he started to get worked up and to raise his voice - so the priest I was with jumped in and said, "No no no Al - we are not talking about your baptism date, we are talking about a day you can go and see a baptism." He began to calm down and was saying that we better not pin him down and force him to do this and blah blah blah. So then I looked at the priest like - what in the world are you doing - and turned back to Al and said, "No Al, that is when the Lord would have you be baptized." Then he erupted again and yelled and pointed his finger in my face, and walked out of the room. I was never scarred, but thought we might loose him as an investigator - took us 40 minutes to calm him down but left with a solid commitment to come to church and be baptized when he knows its true - no date though, ugh. It was funny. We are here to find, teach, and baptize (even though it's really just to teach and baptize - the ward holds the keys to finding).

22 October 2010 - Had a good lesson with Elder Giles. We exchanged back and did some contacting. Then had dinner with a family we recently found - had some great goulash, but didn't care too much for the lemon-mareine pie though. Excited for them. Then we started another exchange & I am with one of the zone leaders, Elder Hall, in his area.

23 October 2010 - Brother Eager, the member the zone leaders live with, made us biscuits and gravy (sausage gravy that is) for breakfast. Mighty fine I might say. Did some contacting and then had a lesson with Mark Ediger (used to live in our area and then moved down to their area - seems like everytime I'm down here we teach him though - I know him better then they do anyways so it works out. Great lesson and I invited him to be baptized on November 13th and he accepted and asked if I would baptize him - that would be a pretty good birthday present. I really wanna be in the water and baptize someone on my birthday. But I gotta hit the gym now because he is 6'6 like 300 some pounds and I'm 5'9 and weigh in now at 155. I might need some help. Then we had lunch and exchanged back. Met with Yvonne Ogburn which was good - she keeps saying we are part of her family now. She's nervous about going to RS activities cause she's still so new but she'll get there.

24 October 2010 - Primary Programs today. We got to speak to the Jr & Sr. Primary in their classes today which was awesome. They did a spotlight on a 9 yr old girl with Down Syndrome - more severe then Morgan - can't really talk - but great at sign language. Reminded me of Morgan. Her name is Riley - really cute. Both programs were really good. Had a lesson with Madison Shaw - set baptism date for January 15th - so far out ah. I got a call from the assistant who came to our district meeting this week asking if i could give a 20 minute talk about how to hold an effective district meeting in our leadership conference this Wednesday in front off all the district leaders, zone leaders, assistants, mission president - so I'm really excited but nervous too - they are a pretty sharp bunch. The leaders in this mission are top notch - just phenomenal people. So I worked on that a little tonight. We'll see how it goes.

I Love Tater Tots


4 October 2010 - Transfer news, I will be staying in Anthem another 6 weeks with Elder Bird. But I like it here, so it's fine. I bought some new shirts (3) - they are so white compared to my other ones. We walked into a gas station tonight and some man bought us drinks which was awesome. It rained today which was so nice - we love biking in the rain. It hits hard for brief waves. Georgia Bulldogs are pathetic - glad I don't have to watch them.

5 Oct 2010 - It rained a lot today. We got totally soaked - it even hailed a bit. My shoes got trashed and the insides are falling apart - worn down, but when they dried they were decent again. Had a lesson with Pete and then he took us out to dinner - got us burritos (Pete is awesome - he was baptized last week in August I think, he has received the priesthood and helps bless each week - doing phenomenal - loves church and learning).

6 Oct 2010 - Had a really good district meeting today. We have 2 new district members - 1 straight from the MTC. We now have Elders: Tripp, Hall, Campbell, Giles, Bird and Sisters: Pehrson, Briggs, Moody, Zollinger. I like the district a lot. Then we went out with a priest for a bit. Got a drink at McDonald's and talked with a lady there for a bit which was excellent. Then Stacy Spencer passed her baptism interview. Oh a we had a member (baptized both his sons a bit ago) come and drop off a lot of food since he is moving which was nice.

7 Oct 2010 - Had a lesson with 2 hard-core Catholic ladies - they were slamming us, took a lot of cheap shots, but we handled it nicely. Stacy Spencer asked if I could baptize her which was great - really excited - didn't expect that at all.

8 Oct 2010 - I have felt exhausted all this week - so tired - not sure why. We went out with our Bishop to teach Regina again. She says she will be baptized after she is done teaching at the Catholic Church in January - but we'll see about that - I don't have that long I don't think.

9 Oct 2010 - Some priests took us ot for a bit to hit some appointments which was fun. They got us some Sonic drinks - sweet. Then we had Stacey Spenser's baptism which was phenomenal. I got to baptize her which was phenomenal. They had some family drive & fly in. Her husband, Ryan, - who has been less-active most his life was just crying the whole time which was not expected. Just couldn't stop - great to see them continue to progress. They have a 3 yr old who was in a little tux - funny.

10 Oct 2010 - Another crazy Sunday which was awesome - so much more interesting then just sitting through church. Elder Hall (zone leader) came up and me and him had 2 ward council trainings which both went really well. Love interacting with the leaders. Stacey Spencer was confirmed and both her children (3 yrs & 4 months) were given baby blessings. One year until the temple. Regina finally came to church! After a class, we gave Sandra Alvarez Sr. a blessing. After church we went out with our Bishop for about 2 hours making visits and giving blessings. Weekly reporting night - on the phone almost all night.

11 Oct 2010 - Excellent P-day - I shinned my shoes, played pool with ZL's and sisters. Then went to the park & played volleyball and ultimate frisbee. So as I was paying for my groceries today, a member came up and asked the cashier if I had payed already - he canceled my card and the member (Bro. Hunsaker) payed for my groceries - he's the best. We cooked some spaghetti for my first time in mission - made way too much. I'm not too big into spaghetti anyways. Did some tracting and got a sonic drink - banana cream pie for me.

12 Oct 2010 - Had a meeting with President Beck for all the trainees who came into the mission on Aug. 24 with their trainers. It was about being obedient and not getting discouraged. I love tater-tots. Went on splits with WML - fun times.

13 Oct 2010 - Today was the first district meeting I can think of where I didn't give a formal talk - I assigned them all out this time. We had dinner with a member and her boyfriend who is looking into the church.

14 Oct 2010 - Went on Splits with Elders Quorum President to see the Spensers - doing great. Then went to correlation. I don't like whiners - just do the job. I took a 30 minute nap at lunch.

15 Oct 2010 - Had lessons tonight with a few families. Got a flat tire.

16 Oct 2010 - Contacted/Tracted for 8 hours today - my feet are tired.

17 Oct 2010 - Decent Sunday - had a fireside tonight for members to bring their friends too - had about 100 members and 10 non-members.

Things are going great - we are having a blast out here. I sent the picture card home about 2 weeks ago - should have it by now I'd think.

Love yall.

Elder Perkins