Wednesday, August 25, 2010

MTC Changes

Policy changes are as follows.

In the MTC they have been teaching new missionaries how to teach (like how to teach the restoration, plan of salvation, tithing, etc). But effective May 2011 they will be changing everything and the MTC will teach new missionaries how to be missionaries (how to get investigators to pray, read, and come to church, how to receive personal revelation, how to recognize, and rely on the holy ghost, how to begin lessons, how to invite, etc). And there are 8 points of this new curriculum.

Now, every mission in the world has to be fluent in this new curriculum by May 2011 so that these new missionaries will mesh perfectly in. So we have many trainings to do till then to get everyone up to par.

We did get transfer news today and I am staying in my area and Elder Geren is leaving. We have been together for 4.5 months. He's a great Elder.

16 August 2010 - instead of playing sports as a district, we took a week off to rest. So i got some serious nappage time which was amazing. Shopped at the outlet malls - Anthem is like a copy of Castle Rock except newer here. We shopped - got some fish fillets. Sent a package home with some stuff for family and b-day present for Quinton - a watch. Got haircuts - I'm looking quite dapper now as they say. Had lesson with Pete. Got a letter from Carson Telford - funny kid - I need to write him back soon.

17 August 2010 - had a district meeting this morning where I taught on the 2nd principle of the new simplified MTC curriculum - the role of the Holy Ghost in converstion. It went decent I guess. They had a change in our mission - we used to have a goal of tracting for 10 hours a week, and how instead of that they have a goal of contacting (making eye contact, teach doctrine, bear testimony, give invitation) with 140 people a week - so it is up to each how to get them. Because everyone in Anthem is fairly well off - there is barely anyone outside - so we still tract - not much street contacting. Had some pasta for dinner, had lesson with keys - recent converts. Lesson with Alvarez family. Fabian Alvarez was baptized a couple weeks ago & now we are teaching his mom. She understands English but likes to speak Spanish, so we bring someone along who can help with translation - I can follow about half if I know the topic. It's really fun. They gave us some cake after.

18 August 2010 - had a zone meeting to start day. Followed by some tracting. Gave a blessing to a member. Went to an appointment and they had a wonderful steak dinner for us - a huge t-bone - I don't think I have ever had a t-bone steak. There are two parts - the tenderloin and the sirloin. Both sides have there positives - I was very excited. Then Elder geren left to another appointment and I stayed to teach that family - who gave us the t-bone steak. The dad of the family wants us to baptize his two sons in 2 weeks - crazy - gotta fly and see if the kids can keep up and if they are willing.

19 August 2010 - Elder Geren was still sick today. So after weekly planning we stayed inside for a couple hours. Then went to visit the Ogburns - up the biggest hill in anthem - almost killed Elder Geren - tough kid. Went to carrols for dinner - had some friends over. Then taught Morgan Shaw and then the Alvarez family. I really wich i would of payed attention more in spanish classes and kept up the piano - tell Conner to learn that piano. Sometimes we start off lessons with a hymn that I can play if they have a piano in there home - love to do that - I make Elder Geren give a solo or sometimes the family joins in if they know the hymn. Good times. He loves it (really doesn't) ha - but he doesn't have a choice since I like to do it - piano is fun.

20 August 2010 - had a footlong really spicy buffalo chicken sandwhich from Subway for lunch today. Lot of tracting and contacting. Had lesson with Davis family. had lesson with Pete - I love that man - trully and inspiring story for all ages and people. He had a lot on his mind and we did our best to clear it up. Gotta teach people and not lessons. I love this area.

21 August 2010 - Quinton's birthday. Helped someone move this morning - getting ripped because of all the moving - not really. Then took the fastest shower ever - like ever. Then went to a lunch appointment with Relief Society President and her non-member brother who we used to teach till he moved out of our area. Had Morgan Shaws baptism -awesome. I got to play the piano for her baptism which was sweet. then we had a come unto christ fireside (kinda like an open house thing) - expecting like 100 nonmembers to come - only 9 came - we gave tours of the building, a couple talks - fun stuff.

22 August 2010 - I got to confirm Morgan Shaw a member of the church and give her the gift of the Holy Ghost in sacrament meeting today. It was awesome - probably the smoothest blessing i've given - just flowed off the tongue - the Spirit will help ya when you need it - just a great experience. I love the wards i'm serving - we have been going out to appointments with our bishops, wml's, rs pres, eq pres - just all the auxilary leaders - it's been fun. The people in our wards are great - I know mostly all of them by name which is great. We have 4 baptisms next weekend - so a lot to prepare for this weekend.

Take care - hope all is well.

Much love,

Elder Perkins

Monday, August 16, 2010

Slushies and Blessings

I hear that Despicable Me is a very funny movie. I love you too Morgan.

I never knew Conner was even getting into playing football - that's exciting. Let me know the details of how things go. You assume I don't know who Trace Adkins is, ha - of course I know.

Here's the past week (let me know if you like my week reviews - just do them now out of habit I guess:

9 August 2010 - one of our investigators, Pete, told us to go visit one of his friends, so we did - visit went ok - referrals from investigators are the best. Played ultimate Frisbee and volleyball with our district in Anthem park. Got sun burned on my feet and neck - usually covered by proselytizing clothes. Shopped, emailed. Played some pool, took a nap. Then had lesson with Morgan Shaw which was great.
Oh I got a 44 ounce slushy for 79 cents at Circle K, and a free hot dog. Also bought some peach ice cream at Wal-mart to try out. Mission is fun times.

10 August 2010 - Tracted for 4 hours. Had a Mcdonalds high quality chicken sandwich (like not the $1 ones, but like a 4.50 sandwich one) and large french fries for lunch - I splurged and bought a large combo - very delicious. Then we had Taco Bell for dinner with some members.

Our Ward Mission Leader is phenomenal, Brother Dave White - he told us he wants his kids to be like us when they grow up - he does good things for us. We took him to a lesson. Then had a lesson with Pete - have I told y'all about Pete yet? Golden man - so great. He committed to being baptized and is hungering for the gospel - loves to learn - great times. I'm just happy doing the work.

11 August 2010 - had long zone meeting, because assistants to Pres, and President and Sister Beck were there. They gave presentations about the new policies in our mission. We have a lot of changes to go through for the next year. Did I tell y'all about those yet? But its not the change that's difficult, its the transition is what he says. I had to give a talk about how inviting souls to baptism is how we fulfill our missionary purpose - not really nervous anymore speaking in front of people - unless it was like an apostle or something.

12 August 2010 - began exchanges so I'm down in Phoenix with Elder Farnsworth. We taught a man from Cyprus, then went on splits. So me and a 19 yr old ward missionary went to visit 2 people, but they were not home, and since I didn't know the area, we went to QT and got some slushies, and then waited at the church for an hour - poor planning leads to wasted time. Then we went to another family and committed them to baptism. Elder Farnsworth is a funny elder.

13 August 2010 - watched "The Testaments" this morning - good movie about Indian family in Americas when Christ comes to visit people there. Came back up to Anthem. Had dinner and lesson with Pete. Then we went on splits and I went to see the Ogburn family - many tough times, but they want to get involved in gospel - re-set some baptism dates for them. I went on splits with our Bishop - it was really fun - he's a great man.

14 August 2010 - had Alexis Soncrant's baptism today. Went really good I love baptisms. Then they took us to Olive Garden and she gave us a thank you card. I ordered the baked ziti - very delicious. It was a tough decision between that and the chicken alfredo. Great people. Then we went back to the church for an 8 yr old baptism - they wanted us to stand in for confirmation. Then went to our zone leaders baptism because we had to give the missionary invitation - fun stuff. Then I had a baptismal interview. Baptisms rock - spirit is always great there.

15 August 2010 - our wards are impressed with all the work the Lord is blessing us with. We got to teach gospel principles which is fun - I just love speaking and teaching. Went over to the Taylor's home for dinner and a lesson. The Lord is blessing us a lot this week. Next Monday we get transfer news - I'd like to stay, but I've been here for 6 months so chances are I might leave - but I like change so we'll see. Everything is good. Learning a lot.

Take care.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Biking Has Built Up My Legs

Hello family.

Thank you for the package. The EFY CD 2010 is pretty good.

Here are the notes of the past week:

2 August 2010 - played bball for 3 hours. Had a lesson with Alexis - being baptized on 14th.

3 August 2010 - started off day with lesson, tracted for 3 hours. Got to go to Louis' baptism - she is 89 and she asked me if i could be a witness which was fun. went out to a Hawaiin bbq for dinner.

4 August 2010 - baked brownies and gave them to a member who is helping us out with rides a lot.
Had district meeting and I spoke on section 58 of Doctrine and Covenants and zone leaders talked on progress records.
Had dinner with Potters and Alvarez family ( Fabian Alvarez is being baptized on Saturday). It was fun - his mom speaks mostly Spanish so I used my gift of tongues and spoke Spanish most the night - had a fun time. Nah, the mom is pretty shy speaking English so I was trying to make her feel more comfortable.
Then we exchanged, so Elder Giles came up with me. He's been out 3 weeks in mission. Taught Morgan Shaw - being baptized on 21.

5 Aug. 2010 - Elder Giles and I worked hard. Taught some lessons, make visits. Went to Hack n the Box and threw down 8 tacos for only 3.50 - I had a get 2 free tacos coupon. I love those tacos. Got slushies too (only 79 cents for 32 ounces). Exchanged back and went to see Pete - phenominal man. He showed up to church this last Sunday on his own. Had excellent lesson with him.

6 Aug 2010 - got a package from family - tender mercy of lord. We got rain for about ten minutes - tender mercy of lord. Then back in the 100's - love it. Had dinner with an FBI agent - which was cool hearing his stories. Taught morgan again and Fabian.

7 Aug 2010 - got a lot of rain this morning, then had Fabians baptism - phenominal. It was so awesome and we filled the program with power players. Fabian is the first baptism I've had where we taught him all the lessons - just a great service. He is awesome. Our mission president showed up to the baptism too and told Elder Geren and I that we did a great job with our presentation but we should of committed anyone who was not a member to be baptized which was cool - we'll do it from now on. Pretty bold. Our bishop got us lunch after. Then I interviewed 2 people for baptism. Then went out with our RS president to visit one of our investigators. She reminds me of mom. Fun times.

8 Aug 2010 - an hour before Fabians confimation, the man who was going to confirm him called and said he wouldn't be able to make it, so we had to call an audible and it worked out good. Had a lesson with Jacque Armstrong - being baptized on Aug 21. Its amazing to see the transformation this area had had since i've been here. At first it was tough finding people to teach, but now we have a huge teaching pool with many baptisms this month. Things are going great for Elder Geren and I. The gospel is phenominal.

I love you all. Thanks for everything. Letters were fun. Conner is really tall now - and I noticed him wearing my Georgia hat - looks good on him. Thanks for the Georgia info. I won't bother you with me thoughts. Today in wal-mart they had a tv with college football highlights from like last year or something and I saw it in passing and just got goose-bumps - it'll be tough. It is just so exciting - a new year - everyone begins undefeated - whats going to happen - ah - it'll be tough - we'll see how it lasts. Quinton is taller then Dad it looks like huh?

Take care, much love.

Oh I can touch the rim of a basketball goal - and get it pretty good, not just skimming it - biking has built up my legs - extra 3 inches on vertical.- hopefully I can dunk at the end of my mission.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rain...A Tender Mercy of the Lord

Thanks for sending the CD we will love it.

The Joseph Smith movie in the visitors center is excellent - we try to take our investigators to see it - very powerful.

Questions Answered: At the MTC I always played basketball in the MTC and here in the field - we can play with the sisters, just can't guard them too intensely - a lot of contact is not good.

Our investigators are doing great. We have 4 scheduled (one each week) so far with the building and our goal for this week is to schedule the other 6 and set 2 more baptism dates. We are very busy - this area is taking off now and we are doing our best to keep up with it. It's taken 5 months to get things going, but it's phenomenal now. Phenomenal is my new favorite word.

26 July - Played bball with Zone. Then we went to Desert Book and bought those CD's I think I told yall about - Truman G Madsen. I've learned a lot this past week from those. Met with 2 investigators - good times.

27 July - Had a District Meeting which went well. Things seem to be in place for us to break records in all of the 5 key indicators for August (baptisms/confirmations, people with a baptism date, investigators who attend sacrament meeting, lessons with a member present, and new investigators).
I've been sick all day but it got really bad tonight - just toughed it out.

So cool story - So we have been teaching a boy named Fabian - he's 12 and just a phenomenal kid. I love him. So he is going to be baptized on Aug 7 and things are great. We went to have a lesson and he left his skateboard outside the house. We had a great lesson and when we came outside it was gone. Then everyone just gets that hurt stomach feeling and its just no bueno. He loves to skateboard and had saved up really long to get this one. So we started looking around and it was gone, so I just said, "well Fabian, the Lord will bless you for doing what's right." Then we said our goodbye's and right as we were about to leave, some neighborhood kid came up and said, " Hey Fabian, are you looking for your board" He said "ya." Then he said that he saw some guy run up and steal it and start to run away. As the guy crossed the street, a car came and honked at him, he dropped the board, and this neighborhood kid picked it up and gave it back to Fabian. So i just said, "see Fabian, the lord always blesses the righteous." It was really cool.
Mosiah 2:24 - Lord blesses us immediately with things. He does not save up rewards for us. It is not true when people say, "More blessings for us in Heaven." The lord blesses us now - immediately.

28 July - Had Zone conference. Fun to meet up with missionaries. Also spoke with one of our bishops about the work for a while.

29 July - Gave a tour of the chapel to a referral we got. Went great and set up appt to begin lessons. Then we began exchanges with the zone leaders to help train me, etc. There was a storm so we got some rain - tender mercy of the Lord in Phoenix. For dinner I had dad's toast, gravy, turkey recipe and threw down some mashed potatoes on top of it all. Very tasty for all ages. Fabian passed his baptism interview.

30 July - had a tire problem with bike - back rim is bent, so I had to loosen the brakes so it can spin. so I have no rear brakes at the moment.

31 July - Helped a less-active move. Help paint another house. Tracted for 4 hours.

1 Aug - Can't believe its August. Church was great. Some guy showed up randomly - had checked out and looked up meeting times. He rocks and set up a teaching appt. Had a lesson in between wards. Had a "cottage meeting" at stake presidents home - little meeting for investigators and RC - way great. Took weekly numbers from everyone - told them we are doing great, but kind of grilled the district in some aspects of the work- but we can be doing a little better. Still on track to break all key indicator records for this district though, but we can be doing better. President Hinckley said, "try a little harder to do a little better." We can always improve.

Things are great. Loving everything. Great times. Nothing better I could be doing.
Having a fun time - Elder Geren has to keep me in line sometimes- ha. Hope all is well. Take care cause I care.


Elder Tyler Perkins