Tuesday, June 15, 2010

"Don't go all Jesus on me."

Answers to Moms Questions:

1) We (Elder Geren and I) were biking kind of fast and his chain got stuck and so his tire stopped and he just fell to the side and crashed. It was funny. He's tough though - so we went to Walgreens to wash up in the bathroom there and then went tracting after.

2) I did not think I was going to be called district leader because I'm so young. The Zone Leaders were just messing around after my talk saying that they sealed the deal that I would be the next district leader - but everyone likes to say that to make you feel better. But leadership doesn't mean anything. Just more stewardship. As President Beck says, "I am nothing of myself, my mantle is everything."

3) I don't ever print off e-mails cause you have to bring your own paper to use - so I just read them cause I usually don't have too many - just from yall mostly.

4) Yall are the only ones that write me online. I'll get an occasional e-mail from Jeff or Joseph or someone. But mostly yall. Only the Telfords send me hand letters (Carson, Mady, Taylor).

Mark (our investigator) is doing great. His family is in the ward. But he is moving out of the area, but still in the district which is sad to see him go. But he wanted us to start teaching his son too. So he's committed to baptism, just won't set a date yet until after we had taught the son some of the gospel and they could discuss it together. So we're going back this Thursday to see how it went.

Give me Grandpa and Grandma's address so I can write em. That's funny - tell them I love em.
Yes, I can e-mail other missionaries.
Glad everyone is doing great.


June 7 - played bball as a zone - went shopping and played pool with sisters. Had dinner, taught a less active family.

June 8 - tracting is fun - I had my first baptismal interview with a 87 yr old woman. It took about an hour and a half. Great interview though.

June 9 - had my first district meeting. It went ok. then we all went out to Panda Express. Then I had to go and have another talk with the 87 yr old. Then we tracted. Then met with our Bishop and discussed members to visit to help the ward. Then had another baptism interview with a 13 yr old boy. Very busy day. Also had to take supply orders and work on district goals for the month of July

June 11 - Good lesson with Mark. Had weekly planning, tracting, dinner, splits, helped someone move. We had 3 people commited to baptism, and they are all moving out of our area this month, ugh. But its ok - just gotta work harder.

June 12 - Started teaching a 9 yr old girl. She's great. Had lunch with the family afterwards. Tracted 3.5 hrs today. went on splits with WML and we pulled up to a less-actives home and they had like 8 people outside all smoking and drinking. So we went up to them and one of the drunk guys ran up right into my face (like seriously our noses were like 2 inches away) and he started yelling at me saying stuff like "dont go all Jesus on me." So I was a little not sure what to do so I just stood there and stared back at him while he yelled at us. Then he asked if he could give me a hug. So we hugged for awhile and he sang the song "I kissed a girl and I liked it." Then we talked with them and he was just crazy. But the less active has a 12 yr old daughter that's going to start taking the lessons. So it was a fun night. Mission has a lot of funny experiences.

June 13 - Church was great. good dinner. On the phone for like an hour taking weekly numbers/ reporting numbers. So long day. I'm very tired at the end of my days. Being District Leader is a lot more work I gotta do. But the district is awesome.

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