Monday, August 9, 2010

Biking Has Built Up My Legs

Hello family.

Thank you for the package. The EFY CD 2010 is pretty good.

Here are the notes of the past week:

2 August 2010 - played bball for 3 hours. Had a lesson with Alexis - being baptized on 14th.

3 August 2010 - started off day with lesson, tracted for 3 hours. Got to go to Louis' baptism - she is 89 and she asked me if i could be a witness which was fun. went out to a Hawaiin bbq for dinner.

4 August 2010 - baked brownies and gave them to a member who is helping us out with rides a lot.
Had district meeting and I spoke on section 58 of Doctrine and Covenants and zone leaders talked on progress records.
Had dinner with Potters and Alvarez family ( Fabian Alvarez is being baptized on Saturday). It was fun - his mom speaks mostly Spanish so I used my gift of tongues and spoke Spanish most the night - had a fun time. Nah, the mom is pretty shy speaking English so I was trying to make her feel more comfortable.
Then we exchanged, so Elder Giles came up with me. He's been out 3 weeks in mission. Taught Morgan Shaw - being baptized on 21.

5 Aug. 2010 - Elder Giles and I worked hard. Taught some lessons, make visits. Went to Hack n the Box and threw down 8 tacos for only 3.50 - I had a get 2 free tacos coupon. I love those tacos. Got slushies too (only 79 cents for 32 ounces). Exchanged back and went to see Pete - phenominal man. He showed up to church this last Sunday on his own. Had excellent lesson with him.

6 Aug 2010 - got a package from family - tender mercy of lord. We got rain for about ten minutes - tender mercy of lord. Then back in the 100's - love it. Had dinner with an FBI agent - which was cool hearing his stories. Taught morgan again and Fabian.

7 Aug 2010 - got a lot of rain this morning, then had Fabians baptism - phenominal. It was so awesome and we filled the program with power players. Fabian is the first baptism I've had where we taught him all the lessons - just a great service. He is awesome. Our mission president showed up to the baptism too and told Elder Geren and I that we did a great job with our presentation but we should of committed anyone who was not a member to be baptized which was cool - we'll do it from now on. Pretty bold. Our bishop got us lunch after. Then I interviewed 2 people for baptism. Then went out with our RS president to visit one of our investigators. She reminds me of mom. Fun times.

8 Aug 2010 - an hour before Fabians confimation, the man who was going to confirm him called and said he wouldn't be able to make it, so we had to call an audible and it worked out good. Had a lesson with Jacque Armstrong - being baptized on Aug 21. Its amazing to see the transformation this area had had since i've been here. At first it was tough finding people to teach, but now we have a huge teaching pool with many baptisms this month. Things are going great for Elder Geren and I. The gospel is phenominal.

I love you all. Thanks for everything. Letters were fun. Conner is really tall now - and I noticed him wearing my Georgia hat - looks good on him. Thanks for the Georgia info. I won't bother you with me thoughts. Today in wal-mart they had a tv with college football highlights from like last year or something and I saw it in passing and just got goose-bumps - it'll be tough. It is just so exciting - a new year - everyone begins undefeated - whats going to happen - ah - it'll be tough - we'll see how it lasts. Quinton is taller then Dad it looks like huh?

Take care, much love.

Oh I can touch the rim of a basketball goal - and get it pretty good, not just skimming it - biking has built up my legs - extra 3 inches on vertical.- hopefully I can dunk at the end of my mission.

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