Tuesday, July 27, 2010

So I repented...

Fun to read Sterlings e-mail.

So Justin is going to Montana. I've met probably 5 ppl who served there and I know like 5 missionaries from there (1 was my MTC companion) it sounds like a really good place - he will tear it up.

I started my mission like at 155 - so I'm up like 7-9 pounds - leg muscle ha. I sent some pictures home last Tuesday - so hopefully it wasn't lost in the mail. You should get it today. Just load them on the computer and send the card back - I'll delete them when I get it.

Don't really need anything now. I went to Deseret book today and bought some journal paper (was going to ask for some, but since I was there I got some). I also bought Two Lecture series by Truman G Madsen - Joseph Smith the prophet or something for like 25 bucks a piece - each has like 8 CD's. I love doctrine and lectures. So you'll see those on my card from home pop up. Did you ever work on my CD with Carrie Underwood singing How Great Thou Art?
19 July - took a 2 hour nap - loved it.

20 July - Today began our 4 day leadership conference. They are introducing a new simplified curriculum in the MTC starting next May - so our mission needs to not only be fully trained on it, but be applying it and doing a good job on it. So they are introducing the whole curriculum this week and each month will be a specific focus on a piece of it. So it will be an exciting year trying to learn it and teach it to those in my stewardship. So we go there for about 6 hours of the day (10-4pm). Had correlation and went on splits.
My ward mission leader took me up to go give a baptismal interview and a blessing to a sister missionary, but they never showed - so we just talked about stuff for an hour which was fun. So when I got back, Elder Geren was like, "what is going on?" He had the cell phone the whole time and there was like 20 calls from the sister I was suppose to give a blessing to. The sisters were late and they called and let me know they were furious that I didn't wait for them. But they were late. So we made arrangements so they can get it first thing in the morning.
Had a lesson with Sandra and Fabian (Fabian is an investigator we're teaching - he's 12). gave Sandra a blessing after. Fabian is pumped for his baptism.

21 July - gave 2 blessings this morning. Had day 2 of training meeting. Got pizza for dinner and lesson with Yvonne.

22 July - leadership meeting most the day. We are taught doctrine and then we role play basically. President Beck sat in on one of our role playings and told me I need to listen a little more instead of just firing off my doctrinal pistols. So I repented - I listen a lot better now. It rained for a solid hour when we got back and I was drenched completely. Soaking wet. Taught Fabian again. He's a stud.

23 July - So today in our leadership meeting President Beck told the story of the Anthem area in front of all the leaders of the mission. Short version is that about 1-1.5 years ago there was nothing going on in Anthem. The missionaries told President he needed to close the area, it couldn't be done unless we had a car, the members didn't do anything, wards wouldn't help, and that it was dead and they were wasting their time. Then he turned to me and said, "Elder Perkins, has anything changed in your area - members are the same, still on bikes, same people, etc." I said - still the same. And he said, "So Elder Perkins, how many people have commited to a firm baptism date" And I said 10. And he basically made the point that when you have hard working elders who are committed - there is no such thing as a dead area. The Lord is blessing this area a lot. We've roled played all week with other elders, and I mostly practiced with zone leaders - and they rock. We have a lot of superb elders here - a bit intimidating, but it was fun. I've learned so much doctrine and teaching skills this week its been amazing. So much fun. So now I'm fully trained on the new MTC simplified curriculum and now have to teach others and apply it.

24 July - helped someone move, tracted.

25 July - had another baptism interview with Louise - 87 years old and she passed. she had never before prayed out loud with other people before, so the family before told me good luck making her pray and the sister missionaries teaching her told me not to fail her if I couldn't get her to pray. But she prayed - the first prayer was great. Fabian and Sandra finally came to church - so if he comes again he can finally be baptized - he will be the first person I've completely taught and baptized - so pumped. Were with a family of 11 tonight - 9 kids - fun times. We're teaching one of the daughters fiance who was recently baptized. Fun stuff.
So that's the week. Let me know if you got any questions. Have a good one. The work is going great - things rock, all is well. Got a district meeting tomorrow- district is doing great. Our big focus is getting these 10 individuals into the font this month.

Good times. Take care.

Elder Tyler Perkins

Monday, July 26, 2010

Crusty Ties

I did get my box and it was great. Thank you very much.

The ties were very very nice ties - I liked them a lot. We usually exchange maybe a tie or two with a companion and sign the back so we know where we got ties and where they've been. We have posterity ties too, so I signed a tie and gave it to Elder Geren and if he ever trains (becomes a father) he will sign it and pass it down to his son - making me a grandpa. I like all ties. I just hope they stay in tact long. Cause with all the sweat - they are dreanched all day long and they dry all night and some get all crusty. So some ties ruin faster then others.

Glad the family reunion went well.

From last weeks e-mails: This I-pad thing sounds pretty cool. I still have no idea what one looks like or what it does, but a lotta ppl are talking about it. I receive Conner's e-mails, i just have barely any time. So I really do appreciate them, tell him he rocks.

My money is doing very well, we spend thrifty here. Ya, we've only ate about 5 times with members so it looks like well get fed about 25% of times which isn't too bad. I'm eating so healthy you'd be so pleased - wheat bread, yogurt, etc. Ya the World Cup seemed pretty good - the members fill us in. Good for Spain. Sounds like dad is staying busy while everyone is gone. Busy is good. How is Grandpa Perkins doing?

Here is my past couple weeks:

July 5 - played bball with Elders quorum president for a couple hours, then played bball with district for a couple hours, got haircurts, and then went to check on a referral who says she wants to start getting back into church - was never baptized when used to attend awhile ago. Began exchanges so I am now with one of my zone leaders, Elder Hall.

July 6 - Elder Geren and I are having tons of teaching opportunities - the Lord is placing people into our paths. We began teaching a 12 yr old boy named Fabian and his older sister, Sandra (already a member). It was fun.

July 7 - got a call at 8 am saying I'd be giving a talk at our 10am zone meeting. So i threw something together on how to be more urgent in the work.

July 8 - Weekly planning - went on tracting splits with some priests in our ward which was fun. Began teaching one of the Bishop's family friends who they have known for 21 years! Great lesson though. Had some visits and got McDonalds for dinner. Things are going great for us. The Lord Rocks!

July 9 - did tracting splits again. I went with an elder who is leaving on his mission in 2 weeks and basically ran him into the ground hard core. He had to leave early cause he was too tired - showed me just how hard Elder Geren and I push it here. Went out with our Bishop on some visits - working close to leaders is key.

July 10 - I weigh in at 162 with shoes on now. Brought another priest to a lesson (we get them as involved as we can) with another investigator and her less-active husband. It was funny because Elder Geren was talking about Joseph Smith's story and right when he got to the first vision account, the baby started crying so she got up to go check on it, so I jumped in and stalled the husband for like 5 minutes till she walked in and right when she sat down, I passed it back off to him and things went on. We are getting pretty good at working with each other when we teach. We went to a baptismal service and we forgot to bring our suit coats because we had lessons and were so busy and our Mission President happened to show up. So he got on us a bit but then was excited to hear about the work in our area that's going on. Met with an investigator and gave her a blessing.

July 11 - We are told every week by the members that we are the best they've had here - which is cool to hear. Church is fun.

July 12 - our whole zone met to play basketball today and the zone leaders came in with transfer news. Elder Geren and I will be staying here for another 6 weeks which is exciting. had a lesson with bishops friend again - really good.

July 13 - Transfer day - I had to go to a leadership training at 2 and it went well. It's fun knowing I'm apart of the leaders and can help out - they're are some phenominal Elders out there though, it's a bit intimidating sometimes. We have many new mission policies and changes about to happen. We have new curriculums and have to be in them by full force by next may. Next week we have training meetings everyday for 6 hours a day for all the leaders to learn and then implement. It's an excellent opportunity for growth - a lot to do though - it'll be fun - I'm pumped. got 3 new members of our district.

July 14 - had a district meeting to get to know the new people. And I talked for like 40 minutes on how we need to do better at extending baptism commitments. We have a fun district and i'm excited for this transfer. It is getting hot!! really really hot outside. Had a couple lessons.

July 15 - lesson. got up to 115 degrees today - it's hot to go tracting in. Had lesson with Bishops friend again. Then had correlation. Missionary work is really fun - having a blast.

July 16 - made some visits this morning and one was up in the country club of Anthem (which we cannot prosylyte in). So we tried to just sneak by like we usually do, but this time the security officers ran after us. He questioned where we were going - he was some goofy old man trying to act tough, pshh. After like a 5 min hold up he let us through and said he would arrest us if we handed out anything. pshh, like to see him try. Gave the sister missionaries a blessing, one was feeling a little homesick. A wind storm hit and we couldn't bike cause all the dust that kicked up - couldn't see. It knocked out the power for a couple hours. Elder Geren and I have fun teaching. We had an area in our district which wasn't producing much, but we were able to get a baptism date in it - yes. district is becoming bolder.

July 17 - Tracting splits with Priests. Then we took 2 investigators to a baptism in another area and it was crazy. It was kinda rocky from the start and then when they went in to do the baptism, there was only a foot of water - they had left the drain unplugged so it was draining the whole time. The Elders didn't know what to do, it was the ward mission leaders first baptism, the Bishop wasn't doing anything so i got up and had to tell them to start filling it up again - then led everyone in singing hymns for like 20 minutes while it filled up to try to keep the spirit there so everyone wouldn't just talk. Then it went on. Crazy day.

July 18 - had to get up at 4:30 - so tired. Went to Anthem ward from 8-11, got a ride home, biked to a lesson, taught her, got a ride to church, and had Gavilan Peak Ward from 2-5. We got some more shout outs which was cool. Got to talk in Relief Society about the office of an Elder. Then got a ride to our next dinner/lesson. Had like 5 girls around 7-10 yrs old crushing on Elder Geren and I - funny stuff. Then got dropped of there to another lesson. Then got home, took everyones weekly numbers, got in bed at 10:50. Long day.

So the work here is going great. We have 10 baptisms lined up for August - the most this place has seen in a really really long time. And if we can keep the dates we have, our district will break our zone recond for the month of August. The Lord is blessing this place and Elder Geren and I are lucky enough to be here at the right time. Hopefully all goes well.

Take care,

Elder Tyler Perkins

Monday, July 12, 2010

Amazingly Refreshing!

Very funny picture, Morgan is very funny.

Memory of Grandpa and Grandma - I remember Grandma always coming up to visit us in Colorado (with all her soda) and we would always sit and talk, drive around town (to Sonic ha), shopping, etc. It was always good just to visit and chat. I love listening to them tell stories about their childhood and I hope I can become like them when I grow older. I don't really remember Grandpa all that well, but from what I've heard I'd be very lucky if I could accomplish what he was able to do.

We don't really have any rules for the heat other then drink a quart before you leave the apartment, wear sunscreen, and drink a lot of water. I've been well, just very very busy.

June 22 - Had baptismal interview with a 10 yr old girl - went way good. Still preparing thought for district meeting tomorrow, very tired & pumped for tomorrow

June 23 - Great district meeting. Heard great talks from Sis Jones & Elder Farnsworth. After, we all blitzed an area (where all missionaries in district go tract that area for an hour). I'm worn out after our meetings.

June 24 - Weekly planned and then tracted the rest of the day, then we did an echange so I am with Elder Trussel in his area.

June 25 - Fun day with Elder Trussel. Had Arby's for lunch. Helped someone move.

June 26 - Tracted a lot - it's getting hotter.

June 27 - Had church and we are bringing investigators now which is cool. Our stake presidency, mission president, and zone leaders had a meeting today and they decided we will no longer be eating dinner with members unless they have a non-member there - so we will have to get creative for dinner ideas cause we'll be eating more on our own now. More tuna casserole for me, yummy. But our stake presidency had high remarks for Elder Geren and I which was cool to hear.

June 28 - got to take like an hour and a half nap on p-day - fantastic, amazingly refreshing. Had a little pizza party with some investigators who are moving - which is sad - family of 4.

June 29 - Had district meeting. Just basically said that we are not implementing - so we talked about how we can apply and act. Helped our investigator family pack and load up.

June 30 - Had interviews with President Beck. We have worked hard - very hard, and people tell us all the time we are the best. We have had 3 baptisms YTD for our area (2 wards) - we have 4 planned baptisms now and 2 very close, which will double our YTD in the next 2 months.

July 1 - Talked with our bishop - he said he put a request to our stake presidency to keep us here for a long time - so now I'm sure Elder Geren and I will be here awhile together (at least another 3 months my guess - cause when bishops love you, then stuff gets done).

July 2 - It's getting hot. Got up to 116 degrees today and we tracted for about 4 hours in it - its HOT!!! We knocked on a door, and they opened it and we said, "we are sharing a message about how Christ has called a prophet to bless our lives for us today" - or something like that and he said "I believe in Satan" and slammed the door. It was wierd but funny. Gotta have fun.

July 3 - Tracted, lessons, the usual.

July 4 - church all day - made announcements that we won't be eating with members anymore unless they have non-member friend - hopefully ward can provide. Had to be in by 6, but we had a like a new member / investigator meeting at stake presidency home which was nice.

July 5 - played bball from 6-8 am - fun stuff. played bball/frisbee with district from 10:30-12:30. now e-mailing. I'm pooped. I'm so tired every day, but the work is good. I love being a missionary. Life is good. take care

Elder Perkins