Tuesday, July 27, 2010

So I repented...

Fun to read Sterlings e-mail.

So Justin is going to Montana. I've met probably 5 ppl who served there and I know like 5 missionaries from there (1 was my MTC companion) it sounds like a really good place - he will tear it up.

I started my mission like at 155 - so I'm up like 7-9 pounds - leg muscle ha. I sent some pictures home last Tuesday - so hopefully it wasn't lost in the mail. You should get it today. Just load them on the computer and send the card back - I'll delete them when I get it.

Don't really need anything now. I went to Deseret book today and bought some journal paper (was going to ask for some, but since I was there I got some). I also bought Two Lecture series by Truman G Madsen - Joseph Smith the prophet or something for like 25 bucks a piece - each has like 8 CD's. I love doctrine and lectures. So you'll see those on my card from home pop up. Did you ever work on my CD with Carrie Underwood singing How Great Thou Art?
19 July - took a 2 hour nap - loved it.

20 July - Today began our 4 day leadership conference. They are introducing a new simplified curriculum in the MTC starting next May - so our mission needs to not only be fully trained on it, but be applying it and doing a good job on it. So they are introducing the whole curriculum this week and each month will be a specific focus on a piece of it. So it will be an exciting year trying to learn it and teach it to those in my stewardship. So we go there for about 6 hours of the day (10-4pm). Had correlation and went on splits.
My ward mission leader took me up to go give a baptismal interview and a blessing to a sister missionary, but they never showed - so we just talked about stuff for an hour which was fun. So when I got back, Elder Geren was like, "what is going on?" He had the cell phone the whole time and there was like 20 calls from the sister I was suppose to give a blessing to. The sisters were late and they called and let me know they were furious that I didn't wait for them. But they were late. So we made arrangements so they can get it first thing in the morning.
Had a lesson with Sandra and Fabian (Fabian is an investigator we're teaching - he's 12). gave Sandra a blessing after. Fabian is pumped for his baptism.

21 July - gave 2 blessings this morning. Had day 2 of training meeting. Got pizza for dinner and lesson with Yvonne.

22 July - leadership meeting most the day. We are taught doctrine and then we role play basically. President Beck sat in on one of our role playings and told me I need to listen a little more instead of just firing off my doctrinal pistols. So I repented - I listen a lot better now. It rained for a solid hour when we got back and I was drenched completely. Soaking wet. Taught Fabian again. He's a stud.

23 July - So today in our leadership meeting President Beck told the story of the Anthem area in front of all the leaders of the mission. Short version is that about 1-1.5 years ago there was nothing going on in Anthem. The missionaries told President he needed to close the area, it couldn't be done unless we had a car, the members didn't do anything, wards wouldn't help, and that it was dead and they were wasting their time. Then he turned to me and said, "Elder Perkins, has anything changed in your area - members are the same, still on bikes, same people, etc." I said - still the same. And he said, "So Elder Perkins, how many people have commited to a firm baptism date" And I said 10. And he basically made the point that when you have hard working elders who are committed - there is no such thing as a dead area. The Lord is blessing this area a lot. We've roled played all week with other elders, and I mostly practiced with zone leaders - and they rock. We have a lot of superb elders here - a bit intimidating, but it was fun. I've learned so much doctrine and teaching skills this week its been amazing. So much fun. So now I'm fully trained on the new MTC simplified curriculum and now have to teach others and apply it.

24 July - helped someone move, tracted.

25 July - had another baptism interview with Louise - 87 years old and she passed. she had never before prayed out loud with other people before, so the family before told me good luck making her pray and the sister missionaries teaching her told me not to fail her if I couldn't get her to pray. But she prayed - the first prayer was great. Fabian and Sandra finally came to church - so if he comes again he can finally be baptized - he will be the first person I've completely taught and baptized - so pumped. Were with a family of 11 tonight - 9 kids - fun times. We're teaching one of the daughters fiance who was recently baptized. Fun stuff.
So that's the week. Let me know if you got any questions. Have a good one. The work is going great - things rock, all is well. Got a district meeting tomorrow- district is doing great. Our big focus is getting these 10 individuals into the font this month.

Good times. Take care.

Elder Tyler Perkins

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