Monday, August 16, 2010

Slushies and Blessings

I hear that Despicable Me is a very funny movie. I love you too Morgan.

I never knew Conner was even getting into playing football - that's exciting. Let me know the details of how things go. You assume I don't know who Trace Adkins is, ha - of course I know.

Here's the past week (let me know if you like my week reviews - just do them now out of habit I guess:

9 August 2010 - one of our investigators, Pete, told us to go visit one of his friends, so we did - visit went ok - referrals from investigators are the best. Played ultimate Frisbee and volleyball with our district in Anthem park. Got sun burned on my feet and neck - usually covered by proselytizing clothes. Shopped, emailed. Played some pool, took a nap. Then had lesson with Morgan Shaw which was great.
Oh I got a 44 ounce slushy for 79 cents at Circle K, and a free hot dog. Also bought some peach ice cream at Wal-mart to try out. Mission is fun times.

10 August 2010 - Tracted for 4 hours. Had a Mcdonalds high quality chicken sandwich (like not the $1 ones, but like a 4.50 sandwich one) and large french fries for lunch - I splurged and bought a large combo - very delicious. Then we had Taco Bell for dinner with some members.

Our Ward Mission Leader is phenomenal, Brother Dave White - he told us he wants his kids to be like us when they grow up - he does good things for us. We took him to a lesson. Then had a lesson with Pete - have I told y'all about Pete yet? Golden man - so great. He committed to being baptized and is hungering for the gospel - loves to learn - great times. I'm just happy doing the work.

11 August 2010 - had long zone meeting, because assistants to Pres, and President and Sister Beck were there. They gave presentations about the new policies in our mission. We have a lot of changes to go through for the next year. Did I tell y'all about those yet? But its not the change that's difficult, its the transition is what he says. I had to give a talk about how inviting souls to baptism is how we fulfill our missionary purpose - not really nervous anymore speaking in front of people - unless it was like an apostle or something.

12 August 2010 - began exchanges so I'm down in Phoenix with Elder Farnsworth. We taught a man from Cyprus, then went on splits. So me and a 19 yr old ward missionary went to visit 2 people, but they were not home, and since I didn't know the area, we went to QT and got some slushies, and then waited at the church for an hour - poor planning leads to wasted time. Then we went to another family and committed them to baptism. Elder Farnsworth is a funny elder.

13 August 2010 - watched "The Testaments" this morning - good movie about Indian family in Americas when Christ comes to visit people there. Came back up to Anthem. Had dinner and lesson with Pete. Then we went on splits and I went to see the Ogburn family - many tough times, but they want to get involved in gospel - re-set some baptism dates for them. I went on splits with our Bishop - it was really fun - he's a great man.

14 August 2010 - had Alexis Soncrant's baptism today. Went really good I love baptisms. Then they took us to Olive Garden and she gave us a thank you card. I ordered the baked ziti - very delicious. It was a tough decision between that and the chicken alfredo. Great people. Then we went back to the church for an 8 yr old baptism - they wanted us to stand in for confirmation. Then went to our zone leaders baptism because we had to give the missionary invitation - fun stuff. Then I had a baptismal interview. Baptisms rock - spirit is always great there.

15 August 2010 - our wards are impressed with all the work the Lord is blessing us with. We got to teach gospel principles which is fun - I just love speaking and teaching. Went over to the Taylor's home for dinner and a lesson. The Lord is blessing us a lot this week. Next Monday we get transfer news - I'd like to stay, but I've been here for 6 months so chances are I might leave - but I like change so we'll see. Everything is good. Learning a lot.

Take care.

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