Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Follow Those Promptings

Glad you liked the pictures.

That's great to hear about Quinton. Tracting was easy on the Rez cause there isn't really anti-mormon stuff there. But here in Phoenix it's crazy, so my first week here was pretty nerve racking for me. But then you realize how to discuss with people rather then bash and things usually are great - we are to find those who are prepared, not those who want to just argue. But now I actually love tracting. It's fun, cause you never know whats going to happen at each door. We have to do 10 hours of tracting every week.

On Pday's we usually have some sport activity we do - on a district or zone level. We'll play basketball, ultimate frisbee, soccer, etc - just to relax and have a good time. We go grocery shopping at Walmart usually cause it's the cheapest for stuff.

I'll write a letter home about this week, can't remember everything off the top of my head. Today we just got back from playing some game called rocketball with our district - it's like a mix between soccer and basketball and ultimate.

Highlights of the week - went on splits with AP's, exchanges with Elder Trussel (way cool kid, only been out about a month, reminds me of Quinton, really good at basketball - fun stuff) - had interviews with President Beck - told me to keep preparing for when I'll receive and increase to my stewardship. I love Wheaties Fuel - built by champions for champions.

Cool story for ya.

So on my 24 hour exchange with Elder Trussel, I had to call the shots since it was my area we were in. So we went to an appointment and on our way back I felt like stopping and getting a quick drink. Which is usually wierd cause I'd rather just keep working or something, but it was a hot day and I was thirsty so I asked Trussel if he wanted to stop and get a drink at McDonald's - it was on the way back home and we had about 10 minutes to kill before heading to our next appointment.

So we were heading for that and then i felt like going into Taco Bell (which is right next to it) instead (who picks Taco bell over Mcdonalds for drinks? not I).

So we went there and asked for 2 large drinks and the cashier gave them to us for free (way nice for her - blessings for her). So that was cool, but we made some small talk with a Navajo man inside the store with his son who were buying something. So Elder trussel and I walked out and started getting on our bikes and the Navajo man came out and told us his name was Larry - he had previously taken the lessons with some Elders awhile ago and never had the chance to go to church. He lives out of our area so we got his information and contacted the sisters in our district who cover where he lives. Well he came to church this past Sunday and set up an appointment with the sisters to begin the lessons again - hopefully things turn out for him and he and his son can be baptized.

But that Sunday I had a good lesson in Elders Quorum about the Spirit. We usually get in an internal argument with ourselves asking whether or not a thought we have is just from us or if it was from the spirit; should i follow it or was it just me thinking something - I was told that if you are worthy to have a temple recommend then those first good impressions/thoughts are from God. So follow those promptings - even if it is to suddenly get a drink from Taco Bell cause you never know what can happen.

Elder Perkins

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