Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dad Taught Me This...

I tell ya, missing college football is going to be tough.

I just get really sick to my stomach. I didn't even think about it till Sunday when someone mentioned that BYU won. Just the excitement, the statistics, the rivalries, the rankings, the Heisman, how will Georgia do with new defensive staff, and star wide receiver - and then there is all the other teams. It will def be what I miss the most.

But you forget it once you start working and realize that we have 5 more people being baptized this month, district meetings, mission meetings, teaching, correlations, auxiliaries, etc - so much you don't even remember.

Excited for the Tennessee game y'all get to go to - have fun. Lots of good notes - thanks for the details - I like them.

30 August 2010 - took 3 hr nap - just phenomenal. Lesson with Yvonne Ogburn. Went to Pete's. E-mailin Jeff Cotten. It's weird that I am really starting to love the investigators - I didn't think I would ever get really attached to them.

31 August 2010 - had district meeting. I like teaching and bringing up new ideas/insights - it's fun to study. We got to have the release-time seminary students practice teaching us the First Vision so they can be good missionaries at school. Lesson with Alvarez family - I love them. Saw a couple havalina (javalina, not sure spelling) - like wild pigs. Elder Bird is a funny companion - he's a farm boy from Idaho who works hard.

1 Sept - leadership training meeting all day. How to be effective district leader & solve special challenges. Got slushie with zone leaders. Dinner and lesson with Alvarez family at Potters home.

2 Sept - had another leadership meeting all day on how to be catalyst of spirit. hap baptismal interview.

3 Sept - had 3 wonderful lessons with new investigators - hopefully they continue to progress. went to Del taco and some members came and bought our meal - blessings for them. So much is going on here - blessed to be serving in Anthem today.

4 Sept - always get the biggest moving truck you can find when you move. Always - I think dad taught me this. We've done a lot of moving and always go big. We were biking and felt like stopping at an older couples home and found out the husband had passed away night before - good timing by spirit - nice visit.

5 September - Yvonne and Shalayne finally came to church! so happy. Went to a Bday party dinner for one of our investigators. Lesson with Alvarez family.

Great week - work moves forward.

Lots of love.

Elder Perkins

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