Sunday, June 13, 2010

New District Leader Surprise

We had to e-mail on Thursday this week because the system was being repaired on Monday. So they told us to take our P-day on Monday but just take an hour on Thursday for email. I've heard that the 4th Shrek was pretty good (and Iron Man 2). The zone I am currently in is the richest zone in the mission - so attendance here drops a lot over summer because people are always traveling.

May 24 - got my haircut at Wal-mart. Bought Peyton Manning cereal (Wheaties Fuel - built by champions for champions). Got Katelyn Turner's wedding announcement. Played volleyball & frisbee with the sister missionaries. Took a nice hour nap - lovely.

May 25 - Elder Geren crashed on his bike so we rode to a Wal-greens so he could wash up in the bathroom and then went tracting ha - he's a tough kid. I hate writing hand written letters - it hurts my hands. Zone leaders called and asked me to give a talk tomorrow in zone meeting on hope.

May 26 - Gave a nice talk on hope. Zone leaders thought it was great and think I will be made next district leader - just want to finish training Elder Geren and take it nice and slow. Zone went to In & Out burger shop after which was fun.

May 27 - met a mountain man from Colorado (nice grizzly beard).

May 28 - Did a tour of a chapel with one of our investigators. Elder Geren has been sick so we stayed in half of the day. I've read a lot.

May 29 - Went to a baptism which was fun with another one of our investigators. Elder Geren is still stick. I've read half of Mark and Luke.

May 30 - Church is always great. Found out that Elder Geren and I will stay together for another 6 weeks and I will finish training him which is very good news. I like Anthem a lot. Also got a call from President Beck to be the next District Leader. Should be interesting since I've only been out like 3 transfers (4.5 months) and have not much experience. Our last DL had been out 23 months - and he rocked - big shoes to fill. We'll see how it goes.

May 31 - helped someone move this morning. Played bball with zone. Went shopping and played pool with sisters. I bought a little fan for $9 from Walmart and set it on my nightstand-table thing by my bed to blow on me at nights - it rocks. Had dinner with the McIlnay's. He used to teach seminary in Castle Rock at the stake center for the kids going to castle view. So he knew like Tyler Anderson, Dani, Sis Baker, and most everyone else which was cool. They wanted me to tell Sis Baker they said hi. Sis McIlnay said she was a YW pres when Sis baker was Stake YW Pres and was just awesome to her. So pass that onto her. It was a fun dinner.

June 1 - I eat a lot. For lunch I had a sandwich, a burrito, a frozen pizza, and a couple croissants. I'm always so hungry. went to Pizza Hut with members for dinner.

June 2 - Had to go to a leadership training meeting which was nice. Sat through the transfer meeting and thats always fun. Saw Stuart Coburn again, and most of my mtc district which was fun. So I was officially made the district leader now. they opened up a new area in the district and put another set of sister missionaries in it. So there are 10 people in the district (6 elders, 4 sisters). So things should be cool. Never would of guessed I'd be training at 3 months and district leader/training at 4.5 months, but what can you do other then work hard. I got a lot to study to prep myself. Should be an awesome experience. really looking forward to it.

Hope all is well. I'm having a blast and enjoying everything. Things are going great for us. Anthem is a great place. Take care.

Elder Perkins

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