Sunday, May 2, 2010

He Fed Us

An Early Mother Day Present received in my Inbox tonight...

Elder Perkins fed us spiritually, we fed him physically.
The Stotts family

Eric Stott
(623) 261-7208

My reply to the Stott Family:

For the Wonderful Stott Family,

Thank you for this delightful Sunday surprise!! We are thankful that Elder Perkins was in your home this evening and I can tell by the smile on his face he was having a good time.

We love him dearly and pray for good people like you to help and support his efforts to share this gospel.

There must be a story about the biggest spoon ever!!

Blessings to all and thanks again for taking the time to share him with us tonight!

Darryl and Marti, Morgan, Quinton, Kellie and Conner Perkins

Brother Stott's reply back:

That was our ice cream spoon, so he decided to take it and use it as his eating spoon (since he didn’t want to eat with the plastic spoon).

By the way: he sings a mean ‘As Sisters In Zion’

We shared Family Home Evening with him and his new companion, and they sang that while we sang Armies of Helaman.

Eric Stott


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  1. Stott...Ashley Marshall married into the Stott family in Arizona. Spencer Stott- any relation?