Monday, April 26, 2010

I'm so Pumped

Howdy. Well, here is my past week,

Monday, April 12- Got to go fishing which was a lot of fun, haven't been fishing in forever.

Tuesday- Pulled weeds for one of our investigators. Got a letter from Carson Telford. Our Ward Mission Leaders here are really great, both of them in our wards do a good job.

Wednesday- Had dinner with the Yellowhairs- Navajos's. We had Navajo tacos which are so good, I love frybread! We showed up to one of our new investigators house and there was a pastor there but he was cool and liked how I had more energy then him- he left and we got to teach the wife.

Thursday- General Authority, Paul V Johnson, First Quorum of the Seventy came and spoke to all the Elders and Sisters in the Valley. Our ride dropped us off and as we were walking to the front door of the chapel, President and Sister Beck pulled up with Elder and Sister Johnson. So we chatted as they were getting out of their car and President Beck was like, "Elder Perkins, how are you? Your smile is becoming legendary around the mission!"
It was cool to hear!

So Elder Otto and I held the door open for them and I got to say Hi for a bit and then we went into the meeting. He gave some great instruction. We broke for lunch and I got to speak with Stuart Coburn (my cousin) for a bit- still a funny and great Elder. Lunch was good and then we all went back and sat down. Then they got up and announced they had chosen 4 missionaries to get up and bear their testimonies of the Book of Mormon...and one of them was ME. It was fun. Then Elder Johnson spoke again.
Taylor wrote me a letter too.

Friday- I was sick. Woke up at 6am, threw up twice before 8am. Everytime I sipped on water I threw it up. We went to an appointment at 10am and I about died without water- so we got back to apartment and I felt so thirsty and sick so I tried drinking water and just threw it up- so I was in bed the rest of the day. Lost 4 pounds.

Saturday- Had Matt's baptism.

Sunday- Got transfer news that I'm staying and Elder Otto is leaving. We had Stake Conference- I just love the feeling of being a missionary- Everyone basically loves you.

Monday- Went shopping, emailed, played ultimate frsbee with our zone. Got news that I will be training someone fresh out of the MTC here in Anthem. So I finish my training tomorrow evening and the I start training. Pressures on- I gotta take this area over now- I'm so pumped.

This experience will force me to grow up and learn really fast cause I'll have to take the lead when we teach, tract, etc. Crazy cool times.

My next email should be interesting.

Take care, Much love, Hope all is well.


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