Monday, July 12, 2010

Amazingly Refreshing!

Very funny picture, Morgan is very funny.

Memory of Grandpa and Grandma - I remember Grandma always coming up to visit us in Colorado (with all her soda) and we would always sit and talk, drive around town (to Sonic ha), shopping, etc. It was always good just to visit and chat. I love listening to them tell stories about their childhood and I hope I can become like them when I grow older. I don't really remember Grandpa all that well, but from what I've heard I'd be very lucky if I could accomplish what he was able to do.

We don't really have any rules for the heat other then drink a quart before you leave the apartment, wear sunscreen, and drink a lot of water. I've been well, just very very busy.

June 22 - Had baptismal interview with a 10 yr old girl - went way good. Still preparing thought for district meeting tomorrow, very tired & pumped for tomorrow

June 23 - Great district meeting. Heard great talks from Sis Jones & Elder Farnsworth. After, we all blitzed an area (where all missionaries in district go tract that area for an hour). I'm worn out after our meetings.

June 24 - Weekly planned and then tracted the rest of the day, then we did an echange so I am with Elder Trussel in his area.

June 25 - Fun day with Elder Trussel. Had Arby's for lunch. Helped someone move.

June 26 - Tracted a lot - it's getting hotter.

June 27 - Had church and we are bringing investigators now which is cool. Our stake presidency, mission president, and zone leaders had a meeting today and they decided we will no longer be eating dinner with members unless they have a non-member there - so we will have to get creative for dinner ideas cause we'll be eating more on our own now. More tuna casserole for me, yummy. But our stake presidency had high remarks for Elder Geren and I which was cool to hear.

June 28 - got to take like an hour and a half nap on p-day - fantastic, amazingly refreshing. Had a little pizza party with some investigators who are moving - which is sad - family of 4.

June 29 - Had district meeting. Just basically said that we are not implementing - so we talked about how we can apply and act. Helped our investigator family pack and load up.

June 30 - Had interviews with President Beck. We have worked hard - very hard, and people tell us all the time we are the best. We have had 3 baptisms YTD for our area (2 wards) - we have 4 planned baptisms now and 2 very close, which will double our YTD in the next 2 months.

July 1 - Talked with our bishop - he said he put a request to our stake presidency to keep us here for a long time - so now I'm sure Elder Geren and I will be here awhile together (at least another 3 months my guess - cause when bishops love you, then stuff gets done).

July 2 - It's getting hot. Got up to 116 degrees today and we tracted for about 4 hours in it - its HOT!!! We knocked on a door, and they opened it and we said, "we are sharing a message about how Christ has called a prophet to bless our lives for us today" - or something like that and he said "I believe in Satan" and slammed the door. It was wierd but funny. Gotta have fun.

July 3 - Tracted, lessons, the usual.

July 4 - church all day - made announcements that we won't be eating with members anymore unless they have non-member friend - hopefully ward can provide. Had to be in by 6, but we had a like a new member / investigator meeting at stake presidency home which was nice.

July 5 - played bball from 6-8 am - fun stuff. played bball/frisbee with district from 10:30-12:30. now e-mailing. I'm pooped. I'm so tired every day, but the work is good. I love being a missionary. Life is good. take care

Elder Perkins

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