Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rain...A Tender Mercy of the Lord

Thanks for sending the CD we will love it.

The Joseph Smith movie in the visitors center is excellent - we try to take our investigators to see it - very powerful.

Questions Answered: At the MTC I always played basketball in the MTC and here in the field - we can play with the sisters, just can't guard them too intensely - a lot of contact is not good.

Our investigators are doing great. We have 4 scheduled (one each week) so far with the building and our goal for this week is to schedule the other 6 and set 2 more baptism dates. We are very busy - this area is taking off now and we are doing our best to keep up with it. It's taken 5 months to get things going, but it's phenomenal now. Phenomenal is my new favorite word.

26 July - Played bball with Zone. Then we went to Desert Book and bought those CD's I think I told yall about - Truman G Madsen. I've learned a lot this past week from those. Met with 2 investigators - good times.

27 July - Had a District Meeting which went well. Things seem to be in place for us to break records in all of the 5 key indicators for August (baptisms/confirmations, people with a baptism date, investigators who attend sacrament meeting, lessons with a member present, and new investigators).
I've been sick all day but it got really bad tonight - just toughed it out.

So cool story - So we have been teaching a boy named Fabian - he's 12 and just a phenomenal kid. I love him. So he is going to be baptized on Aug 7 and things are great. We went to have a lesson and he left his skateboard outside the house. We had a great lesson and when we came outside it was gone. Then everyone just gets that hurt stomach feeling and its just no bueno. He loves to skateboard and had saved up really long to get this one. So we started looking around and it was gone, so I just said, "well Fabian, the Lord will bless you for doing what's right." Then we said our goodbye's and right as we were about to leave, some neighborhood kid came up and said, " Hey Fabian, are you looking for your board" He said "ya." Then he said that he saw some guy run up and steal it and start to run away. As the guy crossed the street, a car came and honked at him, he dropped the board, and this neighborhood kid picked it up and gave it back to Fabian. So i just said, "see Fabian, the lord always blesses the righteous." It was really cool.
Mosiah 2:24 - Lord blesses us immediately with things. He does not save up rewards for us. It is not true when people say, "More blessings for us in Heaven." The lord blesses us now - immediately.

28 July - Had Zone conference. Fun to meet up with missionaries. Also spoke with one of our bishops about the work for a while.

29 July - Gave a tour of the chapel to a referral we got. Went great and set up appt to begin lessons. Then we began exchanges with the zone leaders to help train me, etc. There was a storm so we got some rain - tender mercy of the Lord in Phoenix. For dinner I had dad's toast, gravy, turkey recipe and threw down some mashed potatoes on top of it all. Very tasty for all ages. Fabian passed his baptism interview.

30 July - had a tire problem with bike - back rim is bent, so I had to loosen the brakes so it can spin. so I have no rear brakes at the moment.

31 July - Helped a less-active move. Help paint another house. Tracted for 4 hours.

1 Aug - Can't believe its August. Church was great. Some guy showed up randomly - had checked out and looked up meeting times. He rocks and set up a teaching appt. Had a lesson in between wards. Had a "cottage meeting" at stake presidents home - little meeting for investigators and RC - way great. Took weekly numbers from everyone - told them we are doing great, but kind of grilled the district in some aspects of the work- but we can be doing a little better. Still on track to break all key indicator records for this district though, but we can be doing better. President Hinckley said, "try a little harder to do a little better." We can always improve.

Things are great. Loving everything. Great times. Nothing better I could be doing.
Having a fun time - Elder Geren has to keep me in line sometimes- ha. Hope all is well. Take care cause I care.


Elder Tyler Perkins

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