Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tracting In The Rain

Thanks for the letter.

The sicknesses are going around here too. I haven't been hit yet, but we have had a lot of missionaries in our zone go down. Hope the car is well. And tell Kellie that she might not ever get to drive the car if I decide to claim it when I get back. Let us all remember that it was my car, who gave it to Quinton when I left (with intentions on getting it back after my mission), who swapped it out for a newer car, which is still mine since he owes me a car at equal or greater value (which is the case) - so I will claim it. Sorry Kellie. : )

Here is my week:

27 December 2010 - Got up early today and went to visit Elder Giles & Elder Campbell. Played ultimate frisbee as a zone. Got transfer news and everyone is mostly staying. Only 3 of 23 missionaries are getting transferred. President Beck says he doesn't want too many changes so we can have a fast start to the new year. Last year in this zone we had 1 baptism - in the whole zone - which is ridiculous. Bro. Eagar drove us down to the bus depot in central Phoenix & I got my backpack and my camera was still there which is a miracle. I'm burning CD's - have around 50 or so now. Ate dinner with Maria and had some good visits to some PM families. Called the three missionaries that are getting transferred and wished them the best.

28 December 2010 - Discussed baptisms for the dead with Maria - going to the temple tonight. Went to transfer meeting. I love going to those. Elder Geren (my son) was made a Zone Leader which made me so proud. I have 2 sons and one is a zone leader and the other is a district leader. Got to chat with Elder Stuart Coburn which was good - he's almost done - but good to see him. Also saw Elder Farnsworth - I just love seeing him. They split an area in out district. We also had to diliver a mini-fridge to some sisters and Bro. Eagar took us out to In-N-Out for dinner. Also tracted into a 1/2 Navajo and 1/2 Black guy named Anthony. Really confused about life. Set up an appointment so we'll see. I like him though.

29 Dec 2010 - Big storm came through, so it rained all day. Tracted in the rain which was really fun, but really cold too. Suit Coat and pants get soaked. But I love it. It's actually fun when on the outside your cold and tired - because you know that 80% of the missionaries are inside because their wimps and your out living the dream. We went out at about 5pm tracting again and were going down a street and Elder Hall was like, "Maybe we're not suppose to be tracting." and I was like, well we have nothing else to do (since we had just made visits for past 2 hours) and told him that we can tract or go inside. So he wasn't too happy about it, but I was like - Step up. So we ran into a guy who let us in and we taught him the first lesson - doubt anything will come from it, but he gave us an umbrella and so we have to go return it so we'll see. The harder it gets, the funner it is too. It's nice to come home at 9 all wet and change, plan, and then get into warm bed knowing you didn't wimp out.

30 Dec 2010 - Bro. Eagar bought us pizza for lunch. District Meeting was really good - this district has a lot of fun which is what it's all about. Went and met with Monique for about an hour and a half. She is pretty blunt and open, so I'm bold right back to her about how she needs to be baptized, come to church, etc. Our coordinations were fine. Worked on stake reports today. Snowed for like 30 seconds - I caught a tiny on my camera. Pretty crazy.

31 December 2010 - Interviewed Jessica Heath for baptism which is always fun. Today was really cold - in low 40's for most part. Went to Dave's and helped him take down his Christmas tree and had some cocoa. Had to be in by 6 today to keep us safe. Elder Hall made dinner - homemade mac and cheese. Watched Legacy. Relaxed.

1 Jan 2011 - Today was by appointment only - no contacting or tracting. Went to Anthony's place and he was home (tract backs usually never work out). Talked for an hour and kinda got through the plan of salvation. He is an engineer, very analytical, tons of questions. Invited him to church - he really liked it though. Bro. Eagar took us out to Bajio's - really good. We had a zone meeting today to kick off the new year and it went really well. We talked about what we want to accomplish and how to do it. I gave a talk on Unity since half our companionships don't like their companions. Threw down on that. Watched the John Tanner DVD - about consecration. Really good. Had everyone make plans for the new year and turn them into district leaders to follow up so we can have a fast start. Took a nap. Had dinner with Alberto and the Tieman family which was fun. Finished stake reports.

2 Jan 2011 - Church was good. Anthony showed up to church and really liked it which was cool. I am going to baptize him. He's a really cool guy. I think I like him a lot because he is really smart/analytical. I've worked a lot with kids, and teenagers, and so this is good. We had our stake meeting with the Glendale North Stake Presidency and President Beck. We did a good job at presenting the issues and showing where we have been improving. After, President Beck said it was the best meeting he has had with this stake presidency which was really good to hear. We had a dinner with Thomas and the Roque family which was fun. Also had a cottage meeting. Took numbers.

Life is great. I enjoy where I'm at now. I can help have an influence on a lot of things enjoy it a lot.


Elder Perkins

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