Tuesday, February 22, 2011

"No One Out Works Elder Perkins"

Learning of the week: In a business, you learn who supports you, who has valuable skills, who is an asset, etc. Everyone who cannot help or further your cause, you fire them or help them off the bus. But the gospel is not like that. In the church, you can never help people off of the bus.

10 Jan 2011 - Played bball and soccer for a couple hours. Took a nap. Phone call with President Beck went really well. Began exchanges with Elder Mendenhal, so he is here in my area with me - one of our District Leaders.

11 Jan 2012 - Elder Mendenhall is a DL. Contacted quite a bit. Lesson with Thomas on Joseph Smith and Charles Anthon. Lesson with Brooke Toledo - having baptism this Saturday. Then we went on splits with Pinnacle Vista ward and wrapped up exchange and swapped back. We have situation we're dealing with regarding an investigator who is threatening to bring a knife to church and "take care of some people" - so I've been on the phone with President Beck like 4 times today, the missionaries, etc. Pretty crazy stuff.

12 Jan 2012 - Did a morning drop in on two Elders and of course they were not dressed for studies. We told them to get dressed and we'd begin companionship study at 9. We helped 2 Elders move today and then went to the last half of Elder Bird's district meeting and then helped 2 more Elders move. Brooke passed her baptism interview - had dinner with Alberto which was good.

13 Jan 2012 - Weekly planning - we are creating a zone vision and the current name is: The Kolob Project: Krushing Our Limits, Obliterating Barriers. We are dropping all of our investigators who are not progressing - only have about 4 now and are focusing on contacting more. Played a game with Brooke and her family tonight for the lesson. So Anthony called us back. He was mad because we gave his number to someone in our Bishopric to call and invite him to lunch - not happy that we were giving out his number, but we got an appointment to talk about it. Showed up and he pulled a gun on us! Well that's not true. We actually had a really good lesson with him and he committed to meet with us weekly. Fun to teach because he's a fireball and goes off sometimes and it's fun.

14 Jan 2012 - Went on exchange with Elder Cannon - really cool because he bought me Quiznos for lunch - Yummy. At his district meeting we were able to teach the first lesson in 8 and a half minutes (including an opening and closing prayer). Goal is to be under 10 min and we crushed it - even had prayers. The point is to stick to doctrine and not the fluff that doesn't matter. Exchanged back.

15 Jan 2012 - Had Brooke Toledo's baptism - had lots of non-member family there which was great. Elder Hall baptized her so Elder Bird and I reunited to teach the baptism invitation and it was phenomenal. Under 10 minutes, we each quoted about 8 scriptures - threw down doctrine and testimony and then I ended it by saying, "Now, ponder on feelings, Holy Ghost......Now think of this question if you have not been baptized yet, Will you follow the example of Jesus Christ by being baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of God?" Then paused and someone jumped up and said, I'm ready! Well maybe I wish that would of happened. But we did pretty good. I had a baptism interview with Jose - really solid man. Got McDonald's 2 big macs for $3. So last week we got 143 contacts and some sisters got 145 contacts. And everyone else in district is around ranges in 30-70. So last district meeting Elder Bird told everyone, "Congratulations to the sisters on contacting the most this week. But now that Elder Perkins has lost, he will make sure it never happens again - no one out works Elder Perkins."

16 Jan 2012 - Today we had Brooke's confirmation which I got to do which was really cool. I met Sis. Shumway who is Aunt Karen's (Brad and Karen) sister. So that was pretty cool. The Bishop's wife makes us a sack lunch and puts it in the fridge at the church which is nice. Watched the Joseph Smith movie with Thomas tonight. Ended this week with 142 contacts - first time we've gotten 140+ in back to back weeks.


Elder Perkins

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