Tuesday, February 22, 2011

It's Been A Year!

Can't really believe it's been a year. As of today I have exactly one year left. My release date is scheduled for Jan 10, 2012. Seems like it's been really fast, but feels like forever since the MTC and Rez days.

3 January 2011 - Went to LDS Bookstoore and bought an oil vial - lost mine. Watched the new Joseph Smith Movie. Took a little name. E-mailed Pete. Went to the church and played a little bball and piano. Contacted - got some good prospects. Picked up stuff from Sisters. Bro Eagar made us some really good chili. Can play 2 songs on the harmonica.

4 Jan 2011 - Had Zone Leader Council this morning. It was really good. Big discussion was on getting a fast start to 2011. Last year's record is this year's base. It's fun being with the leadership - really sharp and great Elders. Then we came back with Elder Geren. He stays down here because there is another Leadership training all day tomorrow. It was really fun being with my son. He's a zone leader too now - makes me so proud watching my children grow. It's fun being with upbeat happy people. Gotta enjoy the mission.

5 Jan 2011 - We had a district leader council at 10am. We met with our district leaders and discussed what needs to happen and how to accomplish it. Leadership training went from 11-4pm today. Covered a lot: Fast Start in 2011, making plans to accomplish goals, being humble, teaching the first lesson in 10 minutes, accountability, how to secure baptism dates, how to correct misbehaviour, and the new mormon.org policy - it is going to be a big role for us - church is putting on aggressive media campaign. We need to familiarize ourselves with it so we can tell others about it - including members to create profiles so we can refer people we meet to them. Had dinner with Dave at the Clough's home. Told him to pick his own baptism date and we'll help him get to it. I'm tired

6 Jan 2011 - Planned out January. Contacted. Began exchanges with Assistants - so I'm now with Elder Pickett in my area - I like him a lot.

7 Jan 2011 - Good to be with a pumped up missionary who knows what he's doing. Had some really good lessons throughout the day. District Meeting went really good today. For our practice teaching I was put with Elder Campbell and we had to teach Sister Briggs and Sister Moody the first lesson in 10 minutes. It was probably the best that we have ever done. Right after, Elder Campbell said, "Wow, that was actually fun." Because we destroyed it. And that's what it's all about. When the Spirit is there and takes control of the lesson - missionary work becomes fun. Met with Chris Carlos (investigated on and off for 12 years). He wants to read the Book of Mormon so we are going to help him with that. Had exchange wrap-up with Elder Pickett. Exchanged back,

8 Jan 2011 - Well today is exactly half-way through my mission. English missions are 2 years and 4 days with transfer cycles (Jan 6, 2010 - Jan 10, 2012). Life is great. I love it out here. Glad I still have another year.

9 Jan 2011 - Toledo's came to church today, so I went up to the mom and told her we need to have one more lesson for Brooke (9 yrs old) and then we can baptize her and set a date for this next saturday (Jan 15). So we are on target for that. Also met with Thomas right after church and set a date for him for Feb 5. Gave a blessing tonight. This was a really good week for us. Set 2 baptism dates and got over 140 contacts in a week with 2 leadership conferences.

Love yall,

Elder Perkins

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