Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Thanksgiving and Black Friday Shopping??

Yall's letters make me laugh. Funny stuff. Glad Thanksgiving was good. We hit up Best Buy at 2am and got a new camera for Elder Hall, then I got a couple nice sweaters at Kohls which opened at 3am. So I was really tired the next day. Glad to hear about Conner's mad skills at bball. Ok, so we really didn't go black friday shopping. Gotcha. So here is my Thanksgiving week:

22 Nov 2010 - Every Monday morning, the zone leaders talk with President Beck. We call him at exactly 8:45. We had a good chat and he said that he was almost as phenomenal as me. It was a good conversation - fun being so involved. We did some service and helped someone plant trees. Had lunch and then had an hour to e-mail home. Our P-day got switched to Thanksgiving. But they wanted us to e-mail today. Had dinner with the Lundgren family - great family - for his job he buys cat litter for Petsmart.

23 Nov 2010 - This morning we had our montly breakfast with the Stake President. Discussed missionary work in the stake. After I went on exchanges up to Anthem with Elder Evans who took my spot in Anthem. Elder Bird who was my last companion was made the new district leader. Both of my sons (Elders I have trained) are district leaders now. And will probably both become zone leaders some day - I have a rich posterity. It was a little wierd being back in Anthem. We had correlation too - so I was able to put input in on everyone even though I'm gone now. Had a lesson with the Jacksons after and he's moving a bit forward. Exchanged back.

24 Nov 2010 - Today was weekly planning and then our Return and Reporting District Meeting. We fell short of our Nov goals in our area & are looking to smash it in December. I played the piano which I like to do. I really like our district - good missionaries (we are at 6 elders & 6 sisters). We had a great lesson with Jim Flood. Then ate at the Wilde's house and finished our weekly planning. We have a lot to plan for.

25 Nov 2010 - Thanksgiving. We played basketball with our district this morning. Then went to the Stake President's home & I had a medium plate of food (bonding with him a lot - he's very missionary oriented). Then came back to Bro. Eagar's home (member we live with). His family was here and I had a large plate of food which filled me up nicely. Then I layed down for an hour, sent Taylor back a letter, relaxed. Then went to the Clough's and had another large plate of food - so stuffed now. Then came home and watched "Mountain of the Lord" Then we exchanged with the Assistants. So now I'm with Elder Tripp - I took his spot here - we have been unofficial companions for about 3 weeks because of all the exchanges we've been on (we've been in the same district for about 10 months). So I know him really well. Stayed up late talking. Great Elder.

26 Nov 2010 - Elder Tripp & I went over some things for the zone and how I can help and my role. Then we went and met with one of our three district leaders & worked with him for a bit. Got Panda Express. Since it was black friday - ton's of people in the strip malls. So we tried to contact, but got kicked out by the security guards. Had dinner with Maria and set a baptism date with her for Dec. 17th. Then we reviewed our exchange and swapped back with Elder Hall. Love my sweaters my family sent me. Love Christmas music too.

27 Nov 2010 - I don't like how I write my number two's. they look like the letter "z" rather then the number 2. We contacted a lot today & broke the zone record for contacts in a day with 68. (and a contact isn't just saying hi. It's teaching doctrine, bearing testimony, & inviting to act).

28 Nov 2010 - I had my first stake coordination meeting. It was with the zone leaders, stake president, mission president, and high councilman over missionary work. It is awesome working with the leaders so closely and giving opinions and ideas. We swung by Maria's and she gave us some spaghetti - really good - I'm not too big a fan of it, but her's was good. Then went to the Roques. Fun family - remind me of my family back home. I think they added my family back home as Facebook friends which is wierd.

Life is great. Living the dream. Take Care and Merry Christmas.

Elder Perkins

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