Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Golfing, Texting, Transfers and a Birthday

Hello my family, it is I, Tyler Perkins. Sorry I didn't really e-mail last week - very busy. So here are my last 2 weeks.

8 Nov 2010 - WE went golfing this morning with the Zone Leaders (Elders Tripp and Hall). It was fun - played 9 holes - got second of 4. I like golfing. Then we met up with the other district members and tye-dyed some shirts. It was fun to relax a bit - it was the sisters idea. Then e-mailed home and went shopping. Only spent $5. Planning on just using up what I already have in case I get transferred. Got haircuts - we walked in the same time a member did and he paid for us - sweet. Elder Bird got a 0 on the side - kinda looks like a military haircut. Had dinner and a lesson with the Jackson's. They made some salsa - wasn't as good as dad's though.

9 Nov 2010 - Contacted a lot, lesson with Courtney. Had correlation with Bro. White and after we drove to wal-mart, bought some cookies, wrapped them, and delivered them. Cookies are the secret to getting into homes. So we got texting for our mission approved which has been really wierd because I haven't texted in like a year. But it is very nice, because people actually respond. Made some spaghetti for dinner.

10 Nov 2010 - Started off with a good district meeting today. I got a package today from family back home and letters from the Howard Family - very fun. Lot's of great stuff in package - I probably should of waited till B-day, but I didn't. The card was really funny. We went to a priest's quorum activity tonight and taught them the atonement, and had them practice it back on us, and we evaluated. Then we went to help someone move.

11 Nov 2010 - Tonight we had a training meeting for all the Bishops and WML's on how to run an effective correlation meeting. So the missionaries in the district role played with President Morris (in mission presidency) a meeting. President Beck was there and the two of them answered questions and it was really good. We had to clean today because inspections are tomorrow. Then I came down here to the Zone Leaders area - on exchanges with Elder Tripp. We have been in the same district for 9 months now & have gone on exchanges enough times that we have been companions for almost 3 weeks which is half a transfer - so we have been companions in a way.

12 Nov 2010 - Well Elder Tripp and I stayed up till like 12:30 last night - big mistake. We talked a lot about transfers and what we think will happen - which is in like 4 days. Elder Tripp is probably going to be the next AP. Today we taught Mark Ediger again. I like being with Elder Tripp. At dinner, this family gave us some fried chimichangas. Traded some ties - my collection is getting pretty nice. Getting rid of darker ones for more colorful ones. Back with Elder Bird now.

13 Nov 2010 - Can't believe I'm 20 now. Read my patriarchal blessing this morning for my birthday. Helped someone move for like 4 hours. Came home and took a nap for lunch break. Nicolas Adelman passed his baptism interview today. Baked a birthday cake - yummy. Elder Bird made me a smoothie. Got a letter from Taylor & one of her roommates. Can't believe I'm 20.

14 Nov 2010 - Today we had stake conference and it was a broadcast from SLC. The Presiding Bishop, Bishop Burton, Quinton L. Cook, and President Monson all spoke to I think the state of Arizona. Right after I had a great baptism interview with a 10 yr old. Went tracting and had a real birthday dinner with the Potter's. He's our high councilman over missionary work. Great family - made us some Meatloaf, mached potatoes, salad, pie, and ice cream. Then we biked across Anthem to teach the Shaw's. I like being a district leader - took numbers tonight.

15 Nov 2010 - We had a zone activity this morning with everyone to announce transfer news. The sister missionaries made me a birthday card and had everyone in the district sign it - one side has a big georgia g on it. Then the other sisters made me some brownines with some good walnuts in it. And then they announced the news and I am getting transfered. It's been 9 months in Anthem. So we took pictures and played some frisbee. Then the Elders went to a member's home and he bought us pizza and wings. Started to pack. Oh, President Beck called and told me I'd be a new Zone Leader & Elder Bird would be taking my spot as district leaders, so I have 1 day to train him on everything. We gave a blessing tonight. Almost done packing. Called the district one last time. Who knows where I'll be going.

16 Nov 2010 - Transfers! Finished packing and Pete gave us a ride down - pretty bummed I am getting transfered. We got there at 2 for leadership meetings. They are creating 2 new zones and 5 new districts - the mission is growing very fast. They went through the list of new leadership and areas and it turns out I will be the zone leader in the Deer Valley/Glendale North Zone. Which is the same zone and even the same district I am in now. So Elder Hall will be my new companion, who I've been in the same district with for 6 months and have gone on exchanges with a lot - so I know him well. I took Elder Tripp's spot - and I was right - he went AP. We have 3 districts in our zone and 24 missionaries - one of the biggest zones in mission. After transferes was crazy becvause we had to do so many things - drive people around, deliver beds. I love the craziness though. This is going to be very fun. I'm excited and pumped.

17 Nov 2010 - So we live with a member, Bro. Eagar who is the best. He does a lot for us. This morning Elder Hall began training me up on all the zone leader stuff. It's nice because I already know half the zone because I was a district leader over them. I live 10 miles south of Anthem - so I'll be in this little area most my mission which is funny. Went to Elder Bird's first district meeting. Being kept very busy now - love it. Finished unpacking.

18 Nov 2010 - Today we had weekly planning & had a lot to do - many changes in our zone. Took us about 6 hours - we have to plan for a lot of meetings, exchanges, planned rest of November out, planned trainings to do, etc. Had a church tour tonight and had 2 correlations. It's funny because I know most the bishops, wml's, down here because I've been here so much on exchanges - also know almost all their investigators too. The mission sent a letter to my parents and sent me a copy of it telling them about my new assignment as a zone leader.

19 Nov 2010 - Attended the other 2 district meetings. All 3 of our district leaders are brand new and so we get to mold and train them which is fun. Doesn't even feel like I'm a zone leader yet, just doing new stuff.

20 Nov 2010 - This morning we held a district leader council. Elder Hall and I met with the 3 new district leaders and went over their roles/responsibilities/answered questions, etc. It was good. Then we went to a baptism after which was fun. Got to see Elder Henrie who was the other district leader in the zone last transfer who got called to be a zone leader too. Fun to catch up with him real quick - great guy. Brother Eagar made us some great breakfast burritos too. I had a baptism interview which was great.

21 Nov 2010 - So Elder Hall reminds me of Stephen Fuller - very very similar. It's been fun. Today we had 3 ward council trainings with President Morris which went very well. We didn't even get to go to my 2 new wards, love the business though. Came home and Bro. Eagar had made us stew. I'm going to get so fat with all this food, and now I'm not on a bike anyone. So I started a weight chart. I'm at 156 right now. Had a lesson with the Roque family - way good - reminds me of my family. They asked me about my family and then went and looked them up on facebook and might of added them - fun stuff.

The vests work perfectly - no piano here which stinks, but I'll still get to mess around every now and then. Good to hear everyone is doing well - thanks for all the updates.

White Handbook moment - Security - Stay away from unsafe areas. Travel after dark only in lighted areas. Vary the routes you travel. Walk quickly and with purpose. Do not fill your carrying case with too many items or with materials that are heavy of bulky, whih could create the impression you have items of value. Do not resist if you meet thieves. Carry a little cash with you so you have something you could give to thieves.

Love, Elder Perkins

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