Tuesday, February 22, 2011

And Then They Cut Our Ties

Happy Birthday Mom (even though it was a couple days ago) - Hope you had a good day. Thanks for all the hard work you do and the great example you set for me and everyone around you. I love you and hope you are having a great week.

That is crazy to hear about Quinton. That is very exciting. I can't wait to watch the best two years when I get home cause I'll catch a lot more of the subtle missionary jokes. So the family finally got a big screen tv. That will be nice. It might be awhile till I can watch it. I think I am leaning towards going straight from the field to Provo and just getting right back into school. Glad Morgan, Kellie, and Conner are doing well.

My week:

17 Jan 2011 - We need to set more baptism dates in this zone. Played dodgeball for a couple hours. Went to Deseret Book, Wal-mart, took a nap, cleanded the truck, played pool and had dinner with Maria, contacted, worked on a stake report for our breakfast with stake tomorrow morning.

18 Jan 2011 - Breakfast at 6:00am is early. I never eat anything really because I'm not hungry. We had our discussion on missionary work in the stake with President Weathersby, President Merrill, and Bishop Potter, and the missionaries. Elder Hall and I are suppose to lead the discussion and have the missionaries report back on the progress of investigators and their wards. But I'm pretty sure I really led the whole discussion - but I like to lead so it is all good. Then at 8am we switched and went on exchanges with Elder Pryor in my area. He is is just amazing on the piano - best I've ever heard. He did musical firesides before his mission and would just travel and play the piano for an hour at a stake fireside all around. Had district meeting and I gave a talk and then I helped out in another talk and acted out the part of Ammon with King Lamoni.

19 Jan 2011 - Had district leader council and talked abou the zone vision we created. We call it " The Kolob Project: Krushing Our Limits, Obliterating Barriers". Had a zone conference all about receiving revelation and following the Lord's will. Elder Geren and others were there - fun to catch up. Bro. Eagar made us meatloaf for dinner.

20 Jan 2011 - Weekly planning went well. Bro. Eagar took us out to Panda Express for lunch - delicious. We also went to a coordination tonight and we currently have one investigator in that ward and so our progress record was almost blank except for like 2 names and we gave it to our Bishop and WML and they were joking that it (the report) was only part way filled out, and how slim it looked and how we need to get out and find some people. That made me upset so I said...Well, this week we had 0 member dinners and 0 member referrals in this ward and then asked if they had an updated "5 focus names list" and our WML was like, well we actually haven't been doing that recently and was like, we need to get back into the habit of each auxilary working with people. And so I asked if we could get an updated list for next week and basically I am going to just each week ask if anyone did anything. But we'll get them going.

21 Jan 2011 - We did a lot of tracting today. We've gotten 140+ contacts each of the last 2 weeks and we are promised if we get it every week, then we will begin to baptize weekly. And it hasn't been done by anywhere in our zone. Elder Hall and I usually always lead in contacting. Met with the Toledo family - 9 yr old baptized last week - now teaching her 13 yr old sister. Began exchanges with Elder Bird which is fun.

22 Jan 2011 - Bro. Eagar cooked us another great breakfast. We spent most of the day talking about his district meetings and how to improve them and make them easier on himself - He is like me when I was a new District Leader - took all of my personal studies planning those meetings and never spent really anytime studying anything else. So we are teaching him how to delegate, make it easier on himself - so he's not so stressed out all the time. Elder Bird had an interview today so I got to just sit for an hour and do nothing - felt wierd - usually I'm the one doing the interview. Bro. Eagar took us out to Carls Jr for dinner. Swapped back. I like Elder Bird - hard working, gets things done, has fun.

23 Jan 2011 - Got to go into Primary today and they gave us ties to wear and if the kids sang good then they got to come and clip off a piece of our ties until they were gone. Fun times. We also had dinner and lesson with Thomas and his family. he is so close. Then we had a "Come Unto Christ" fireside the stake puts on about once a quarter. Members can only come if they bring a non-member. It's purpose is to introduce non-members to the church. So It's about 40 min. long - has opening remarks by stake presidency member, Elder Hall and I teach the first lesson, and closing remarks by stake president, with like 3 musical numbers throughout. So really good. Then everyone goes into the gym where their are different boothes/tables set up with info on scouting, young women, emergency prepardness, geneology, relief society, etc. for people to learn more about stuff. last night we had about 100+ people and 15-20 non-members. Then came back and took numbers. Long day.

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