Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Best Day In Mission- Phenomenal

Hello my family.

Glad to hear of all the success in the Castle Rock Ward. 15 is a lot of baptisms. I went to a baptism in the Gavilan Peak ward because they asked if I could do the opening prayer since I helped teach them. And that put us up to 11 baptisms in that ward (really 13 because 2 of them were 8 year olds). And that was a big jump since last year they had 0 baptisms. The Lord rocks.

Georgia hopefully can beat South Florida - we'll see. I was going to ask whose name I had - scared yall might skip me this year. So I have Morgan huh, tell her to get ready cause I am going to get her something so good that she will always keep it.

I was going to ask if instead of me buying some new suits. The two I came out with are fine, but we have a rule where if the temperature gets below 65 then we have to wear a suit coat. So I need a cheap suit coat for those days to tract in and etc. So I was hoping yall could just mail out one of the suits I already had and once it gets here I can have it dry cleaned and ironed - just stuff it in a box. Will that work?

Living with a member is great. It's Brother Eagar - he is 63 years old. Great guy. We are basically like his sons - he cooks for us sometimes. We do our studies at his kitchen table, eat here and all. So It's great. This is a 3 bedroom house. He's turned one room into his office - he works at home most the day. He has a big tv and stereo system - so we watch church movies and listen to music every now and then over it. He doesn't let us do ANYTHING for him. Fun stuff.

I moved about 10 miles south of Anthem - so very very close. Only 1 area in between us. So still same district and all. Still pretty far from Stuart mission wise. Elder Bird had a good first district meeting - and everyone says that you can tell I trained him. He will answer the phone and when people ask how he's doing he says, "good, i mean, um.....spectacular." Because everytime I answer the phone I always say I'm doing phenominal, never good - it's boring and everyone says it. That is my word here on the mission - phenomenal. The assistants to president love it and so they start always saying it and trying to spread it. President has said it a couple times now. Phenomenal.

White handbook moment (under Missionary Leadership - Example): Missionary leaders set an example in the way they carry out their missionary work. They work diligently in their proselyting area in addition to fulfilling their leadership responsibilities. A leader's proselyting area should be a model for other missionaries. They can learn from it and see it as a pattern for their own work. Leaders must teach through example how to plan, how to find and teach investigatros, and how to work with local Church leaders and members. Leaders should also recognize that they can learn much form the missionaries they serve.

My camera has broken. I need yall to send me Kellie's camera that she has. I have no picture taking abilities and will need them for Christmas if yall want pictures. Thanks.

My week:
29 November 2010 - Relaxing P-day. went to some Goodwills and then hit Ross. I bought a Donald Trump tie. I get to play a musical number in zone leader council tomorrow so I practiced a bit today - probably will do my arrangement of Kolob since it's the only one I can do that sounds cool. I can jump and grab the bball rim now and hang onto it - pretty sweet. Washed our car. Watched a little movie about Thomas Monson. Got to meet and teach Alberto (12 yr old) - set a baptism date for Dec 10th.

30 Nov 2010 - This morning we had Zone Leader council - where all the zone leaders in the mission gather - probably 14 english and 4 spanish. They said we will now have 200 missionaries in our mission by the end of December. We learned a lot about the role of a zone leader, answered questions. Told us to challange current approaches and make changes. Had lunch - then I played the piano for a musical number. Talked some more about changes we need to make. Then came back with Elder Juchau - He's in Prescott and is staying the day down here with us. Taught Maria - she's ready for her baptism. Tracted with Elder Jucharu - really like him. Dinner with Wilde's family. Fun night with an extra missionary.

1 December - Probably best day in mission so far. Haven't really evaluated yet, but it was pretty much awesome. We had our all day Christmas Zone Conference. We started off actually with a district leader council at 8am. So Elder Hall and I met with our 3 district leaders and talked to them. THen at 10am we began our zone conference. It went till about 2 - we had like 5 musical numbers which were just great, talks by President and Sister Beck, lunch, watched a Christmas slideshow with pictures of the year. Really fun. Lots of friends there to catch up with and talk to. It's fun cause now I know all the leaders and most the missionaries and so things are great. Just really spiritual and learned a lot. Then at 2 we piled into our cars and drove down to the Mesa Temple. We went throught an endowment session as a mission which was just great. It was so cool to see all the elders and sisters in white in the temple with Mission President - just great. Then we walked around the Mesa Temple with our district and took pictures - they do Christmas lights and decorate it really amazingly. Really fun - got to bond with district and it was great. I haven't gone through temple since January so it was great.

2 Dec 2010 - Lesson with Maria Donely. Lesson with Jim Flood - he loves meeting with us - great guy. Fun to teach. Also lesson with Alberto. He's going back to Mexico on the 12th so we'll see what happens.

3 Dec 2010 - Did some service and helped build a kids playhouse. Hit all 3 district meetings in our zone. I had to give a talk about why the principle of love is so important in missionary work (D&C 12:8). It was good - I talked about Morgan to all the missionaries about how she is such a great example of someone who loves unconditionally. I love to speak - so it was fun. Maria passed her baptism interview. Visited Mark who is my project - I've worked with him for about 6 months - have set 3 baptism dates with him and I just cannot get him into the water - I'll get him though. Just in a rut and can't get out. Went to one of our ward's Christmas Party - not too big a fan of baked ziti. Sat with a family and Kari. Kari has Down Syndrome and is the sister of the wife in the family. Kari is 26 and is exaclty like Morgan. She waved at me and I smiled and waved back and she got embarresed and hid her head in her sisters arm. And was giggling talking to the missionaries. Just like Morgan - it was so fun. Kari lives with her mom, but the sister takes her every now and then and she spends the night and it was fun. Then went to the baptism of Nicolas and Kaley Adelman. It was so good because their dad got to baptize them with the new change in church policy - which was so cool. So after right before we left - Bro. White was like, "See ya Tyler". and I was like, "What? who told you that." And he said Elder Bird told him because he wants to name his next kid after me - probably just kidding - funny guy. Then I switched with Elder Mendenhall who is one of our district leaders and started exchange with him.

4 Dec - I love giving talks and training people. Spent all day with Elder Mendenhall - young district leader too and reminds me of me when I was there. He was a little nervous about how his area is suppose to be the model for his district. So we went in and set the new single day contacting record in his area with 51, found 4 new investigators (weekly average is 2.5 in zone), and set a baptism date for Jan 8. Reminds me of probably my favorite missionary quote, "We Find, We Teach, We Baptize, that is what we do." We did all three. Told him to take risks, think outside of box, and change his district. Good exchange.
I was told that the animal I would be is a puppy - lots of energy, "puppy" face - probably meaning I look young, lots of energy and always happy - and probably because I'm adorable. : )
My hymn is "Onward Christian Soldiers" - because its upbeat and motivating. and my profession I should be is a counselor at a troubled youth facility. Finished our stake reports for meetings tomorrow. Wed of this past week was phenominal.

5 Dec - Had church today. Also had a ward council training which are always fun. President Beck came to this one again. It is fun working with a ward for how to improve missionary work and yet being so gentle and loving and kind, but grilling them at the same time. Then we had our stake coordination meeting with President Beck and Glendale North Stake President, President Sorensen. It was very good - went well - I really love working with leaders of church and seeing how things run and work and how to lead. Great stuff.

Yall Rock. Thanks.


Elder Perkins

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