Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Have a Great Week, Cause I will

Today for P-Day I went and bought new clothes - 2 new suits from Men's Wearhouse, and 2 new slacks from Ross - spent about $400 overall. We played bball at 5am with some guys from our ward. Probably going to sleep after this e-mail. We e-mail at Brother Eagars home - he works from home and has 2 extra laptops that we use. We get 1 hour of e-mail. I need to wash my bedding again - today will be the day.

Well President Beck's study guide was changed up awhile ago - and so I have done everything on the new study guide except read Jesus the Chirst. I'm at about 65% done with it, but we are currently reading the Book of Mormon in 60 days - so I'm working on that and use the rest of my studies for other things. So I will be able to have my personal study with him in a couple months.

Also if you search for Grandpa on LDS.org - an article comes up with him in it back when he was a stake president.

31 Jan 2011 - we got haircuts. spent $48 dollars at Wal-mart. Also shocked at how many kinds of headache medicine's there are. It has been now 6 years since our zone has had a record breaking baptism month. The next longest in our mission is like 1.5 years. So we need to baptize here ha.

1 Feb 2011 - Already February - crazy. Time is going too fast. Elder Hall and I have been jogging every morning - about a mile. We had zone leader council today. We reported back the 2nd lowest baptism efficiency of the 9 zones. We came into January with 14 set with dates and only baptized 6 in the zone - needs to be fixed. Really great meeting though. Really learning a lot. LA Family - Gladdens - took us to a steak place for dinner - very nice. Went out on splits with our WML who is the man. He was put in the Bishopric after his mission in a family ward. Then he was high priest group leader when he moved down here from like 26-29. Now is our WML. Fun times

2 Feb 2011 - Had district leader council - trying to push and move forward. Began exchanges with Elder Campbell. Lunch with Casebiers. Dinner with Carlos family. In 40's today, brrrr. Up till 11:30 with Elder Campbell talking about things.

3 Feb 2011 - Swapped back this morning. Had dinner with the Eisenhours - she has a 26 yr old sister, Keri, with Down Syndrome - really fun being there tonight - she does a lot of the same things as Morgan (gets shy around boys she likes, has a boyfriend at her school thing, assigns people movie characters, says people hit her, ha).

4 Feb 2011 - A missionary went awall from his companion. Went and had to hunt him down with the Assistants. Had some good lessons tonight.

5 Feb 2011 - Bro. Eagar made us burritos. I went on a three way exchange with Elder Zollweg and Elder Pryor. Talked a lot today - a lot. Hit a chinese buffet.

6 Feb 2011 - I went with a missionary to his wards today and Elder Hall covered ours. Had out Glendale North Stake Coordination Meeting. I feel it is most productive when we just throw the issue on the table and discuss it. So that's what we did - and it went great. He volunteered to have a fireside for all the ward missionaries to train them on how to do their callings and be finders. Went contacting - wasn't too successful since Super Bowl was on. Had a cottage meeting and it was really neat. Sandra Alvarez Sr. was asked to share her converstion story and it was awesome. Bore a powerful testimony about the Book of Mormon and the Church. She thanked her two angels - Elder Bird and myself for teaching her and her family. It was a great experience - one of those moments that make the mission what it is. I talked with her for about 20 min afterwards. Elder Geren and I re-activated her daughter and baptized her son, then Elder Bird and I worked on her and baptized her. Just a great family.

7 Feb 2011 - Well the Assistants confirmed that our zone had the most "issues" in it. Elder Hall and I are the only solid companionship - pretty funny. Got transfer news today. 8/11 companionships have some changes to them - really looking forward to it. 6 companionships will be changes and 2 sets lost their wards and got new ones. Had good lesson with Casebiers.

8 Feb 2011 - Created my mormon.org profile. And I had to write a talk this morning for our leadership training meeting. it started at 2 and I gave a talk on the role of a zone leader. Transfers then happened. Really excited for new missionaries here - we got a lot of good ones. Transfers is my favorite meeting. Began exchanges with Elder Labrum.

9 Feb 2011 - Had a district meeting today. This new district we have is really really good. Great missionaries here now. Tracted a lot today.

10 Feb 2011 - Bro Eagar took us to Taco Bell for lunch. We went and met a less active who had requested a blessing and is open for us meeting with him and his wife - non-member. Looking forward to that. He's been less-active for a long time and wants to get back now. He's 25. Also blessed his home - he thinks he has evil spirits in it. In Coordination I tried something new and when they asked us for a spiritual thought I gave it on how to run an effective coordination. Had a lesson with Austin Squire - he's 13 and both parents are less-active. We had a kneeling family prayer after and the mom was chocked up which was cool - hopefully they come back.

11 Feb 2011 - Lesson with the Blacks. Commited 5 of them to baptism - dad is still hesitant. They are open, but are still really hesitant about it all. If they just read the Book of Mormon, they will be fine. Began exchanges with Elder Bird, so I went up with him.

12 Feb 2011 - Back in Anthem. Elder Bird and I got a lot of hard work done today. Really fun. Got to help a family move out of a house that I had moved them into. It felt hot while moving though - probably only in 70's, maybe 80's. Elder Bird is doing great as a district leader. Good change of pace to be on a bike too.

13 Feb 2011 - Church. Thomas. Toledos. Numbers.

Have a great week cause I will.

Elder Perkins

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