Tuesday, February 22, 2011

So I Put On A Smile

February 7- Won't be able to type a letter this week. I'll put double next week. I got news I will be staying with Elder Hall here. That will put him at 10.5 months here.

We had lots of changes in our zone. Only 3 or the 11 companionships will be in same situation. 6 missionaries will get transfered and 2 will have different wards. It was a much needed change. Many struggling. Many stories that will stay in the journal and then I will seal that part of my journal for many many future generations.

We had a little zone meeting this last wednesday and I remember sitting up in front of everyone and looking at them and it was like all I could see was their struggles and problems. Everyone just going through a really tough time and it made me feel kind of sad. And as I was thinking this I also had the thought, "Well these missionaries who are struggling don't want to look up at their leaders and see them all sad too." So I put a smile on and got everyone pumped and led with enthusiam. I have a lot of respect for Bishoprics and Stake Presidencies who sit up on the stand and always seem happy and cheerful when they have to deal with so much.

But we are excited for the next couple months. Stake/Ward Relations have really changed for the good. Lots of good things happening and now with a fresh batch of missionaries this will be good.

They say that the biggest determinate in how successful an area is...is not the members, the investigators, the community....it is the missionaires. They make the biggest difference.

This will be a good transfer. I'll work on suits and dentist check in.

Love yall,

Elder Perkins

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