Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ring Pops and Cops!

Sounds like fun times back home. Stake Conference sounded good. The past 3 Ensigns (Jan-March) President Monson has spoken on missionary service - you can tell it is on his mind - and is manifested in what the Seventys are going about preaching.

I have heard much of the popular teen "Justin Bieber" and his seemingly perfect hair. Never say Never!

Answers to Questions: 1) The Elder who went AWOL was just biking around. We found him - the wild goose chase lasted about 30 minutes - fun times. 2) When Elders hate each other, we sit them down and tell them to deal with it and then leave and let them figure it out - can't run from problems. Sometimes ET's (Emergency Transfers) occur in only the extreme situations. I love being a Zone Leader and dealing with this stuff - good times ha.

To search on mormon.org, all you have to do is do a search with 18-24yrs old, males, and key words "Phoenix Arizona" to find me really fast - and other missionaries here. I can picture me living in Colorado - wouldn't be bad at all (as long as I keep a winter house down here).

Also have a dentist cleaning tomorrow at 8am. About time, I know.

White Handbook Moment: if you live in an apartment with more than one room, always sleep in the same room as your companion, but not in the same bed. Arise and retire at the same time as your companion. Do not stay up late or get up early to be alone.

Got my 2 new suits today and bought some new gym shorts. My suits are quite nice - I'll send picture home next week of them. Attached some new pictures I got from another's camera. Carving Pumpkins in October and then one of the Mesa Temple when we went down to see the lights.

14 Feb, 2011 - Bought 2 new suits. Had a deal for buy one get one free. So two suit coats for $300 a piece. So I got them for $150 a piece which isn't too bad. Bought 2 new slacks at Ross for summer tracting. My suits now are pretty bad. We played bball at 5am today - early - but felt good.

15 Feb 2011 - We had our 6am breakfast with President Weathersby's - the moved the WML to come to the one in March - so nothing too intense this time. Went to visit an investigator and the gave us some pizza. Met an almost golden investigator who believes everything in our church, except the fact that Joseph Smith died with a gun in his hand and wasn't a true martyr like all the past prophets of God (I told him dang right he went down fighting - just kidding, i didn't). So we have an appt next Tues - we'll see.

16 Feb 2011 - had specialized training today (which means we had a Zone Conference from 9-12, then lunch, then break off into individual zone meetings). So Elder Hall and I had a good 2 hours to do what we willed. Elder Hall spoke on living the daily schedule (up at 6:30, excercise, studies, work, planning, etc). Then right when I get up to speak, President Beck walked in to observe - of course. i spoke on how we can hold more baptism dates by focusing on the baptism interview and the baptism interview questions using doctrine from PMG. It went pretty good. Later in the day, the Assistants called and said they heard a lot of good feedback from our zone meeting and want me to present my talk again at the next mission leadership training for Zone Leaders, District Leaders, Trainers - so that was cool (will be my 3rd leadership training talk - so should be fine now that I'm getting used to it). Had dinner at the Carlos families. Stopped by the Toledo's and gave them some ring-pops. I got 2 new name tags. Last week I gave mine to a little boy to wear and he was too cute to take it away, but he snapped it in half. So I've been wearing Elder Hall's for the past week. I love being a missionary. It rocks! This is definately the greatest part of my life so far! Find, Teach, & Baptize! Get it Done!

17 Feb 2011 - Someone called the cops on us while tracting. They came and talked to us for a bit and then let us get back to tracting. Fun times. Had another lesson with Austin Squire - He's 13 and him and his 8 yr old sister commited to baptism in March.

18 Feb 2011 - had a lesson with the Toledo's - went really well. Alexis will be baptized in March. Also stopped by a LA with a 9yr old unbaptized son - stressing so we helped her sweep, mop, and dusted her house (was with a priest so we could go in). Then went to check on an investigator who had a really sick child (in ER last 2 nights) and had a really low battery on phone. So she gave us her debit card and we went to Wal-mart and bought her a charger.

19 Feb 2011 - We did a lot of tracting today. It rained most the morning till about 3-4pm - I wore my rain coat that I haven't used since my days on the rez. This morning, we got up and scouted a trail for a district hike in a couple on Mondays. My suit smells so bad when it gets wet - glad I will be able to pick my new one up on Monday! We got a flat tire and so we changed it - Bro Eagar took it into his garage thing and helped us out. He also made us biscuits and gravy for breakfast.

20 Feb 2011 - Church was pretty decent. Found out that 2 missionaries went shopping on a non-p-day and one wasn't wearing a tie or his name tag - some Elders are just ridiculous - So we are their District Leader and I am goin to sit down with them on Thursday and get on them. It's like - are you really that stupid - come one. Ha - i just don't get some people. Had lunch with the Casebiers and Dinner with the Bales. Fun times. We hit 140 contacts again this week.

I'm living the dream. Take care and much love.

Elder Perkins

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