Tuesday, February 22, 2011

From Sister Shumway to Tylers Family

From Sister Sarah Shumway - Jan 30, 2011:

Elder Perkins (Brad & Karen's nephew on the Perkins side) is serving a mission in Arizona and is in my ward. Today
the Elders spoke in Sacrament Meeting, so I took notes from Elder Perkins' talk - I thought his family would enjoy hearing a
first-hand account of how their Son/Nephew/Cousin is doing on his mission.

In a word - fabulous! He's a solid missionary with strong testimony and carries the Spirit when he speaks.

His talk began by quoting John 14:26 - 27. His talk was on Personal Revelation through the Holy Ghost. He spoke about
how we can use personal revelation to accomplish any task as we seek personal revelation; and then by applying the
answer after we recieve it.

He walked us through the story of Enos, how he was taught by his father and how he related to that. He talked about the
importance of church attendance and how his family influence helped him with that as he grew.

Elder Perkins continued on the story of Enos and how Enos received inspiration as he we thinking about the things that he
had heard... as he was pondering.

He talked about how sometimes we read the scriptures and pray without taking the time to ponder over what we have
read. He spoke of the scriptures as being just a small percentage of all the many revelations that were given, so how
important they were to consider. He talked about being grateful for what has been given to us and consider that each
scripture was provided for a specific and important purpose.

Elder Perkins then spoke about our right to receive personal revelation when we ask for it as members of the church with
the gift of the Holy Ghost. Then he asked the question, "How do we get those answers?"

He then quoted Elder Boyd K Packer, who spoke of impressions and feelings that come to our hearts and minds....

Then he referred us to D&C 9:8 when the scriptures talk about "...causing that your bosom shall burn within you" He said,
"We usually stop there, but the verse goes on to say, ..."therefore, you shall feel that it is right."

Elder Perkins then spoke about how we need to stop and listen to our feelings, sometime we just feel that something is
right, and that this is the answer to our prayers.

He then quoted Elder Packer again, who said, ...."you will know after you decide".

Elder Perkins talked about after we have prayed and pondered that we should make a decision and then go forward, and we
would know that it was right - it would be confirmed to our hearts. He shared that he had decided to serve a mission early
in his life because that was what he was taught to do. Then, when he was mission age and he prayed about a mission, he
received his strong confirmation.

He bore his testimony and said, "...my joy is to be on a mission and share my testimony with others...."


It was a great talk - what a great missionary and what a great spirit he carried.

Karen - could you post this to the Perkins site so his family can enjoy his talk...maybe not quite as much as I did....but so
they can know how much he is touching the people in his mission; members and non-members.


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