Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Playing Santa and A Merry Christmas

Hello. Good to speak to yall as well.

Big news is transfers and I am staying here with my companion Elder Hall. So another 6 weeks which is good. Don't know if I'm quite ready to grab the reins yet, but another 6 weeks and I know I'll be fine. Here is last week:

The week of exchanges! Had 3 long ones this week.

20 Dec. 2010 - Did a little Christmas shopping. Bought Bro. Eagar a Christmas ornament, a puzzle, crossword book, some tupawear (as a joke because he can never find the right lids to his containers - it is just like grandpa's house with all his containers). Bought Elder Bird a bouncy ball and got Elder Hall a reaction ball. Played basketball for about 2 hours which was fun - I can touch the rim now. Got a haircut by Sister Bale. She used clippers on my whole head - usually get it scissor cut - but it looks nice. Halfway through she jumped back and started to apologize because she missed my bang line or something but you can't tell when I do my hair so it was funny. I told her that as long as it's shorter, I'll be fine. Wrapped some presents, laundry and off again. Went caroling with our ward to some less-active and investigator families. Our stake president lives in our ward and has a huge trailor - he is a rancher and the trailor holds around 50+ people. Then we had to work on a report for our early morning breakfast tomorrow with the Stake Presidency and the missionaries to fill them in on the work - the Bishops will be there tomorrow too so we are planning on getting them in shape too.

21 Dec. 2010 - Had breakfast this morning. Stake Presidency, President Beck, 11 Missionaries, and 10 Bishops. So last night I proposed we added something to the report. Knowing that the Bishops were there we put something basically meaning that only 3 of the 10 wards are effectively doing missionary work based off what Elder L. Tom Perry taught a couple years ago. And we only made copies for the Stake Presidency and Missionaries like usual. But when we got there he wanted us to give a copy to all the Bishops and so we told him that they probably wouldn't like what we put on there about their wards. So we did that and then they turned the time over to Elder Hall and I to lead the discussion which we did. Elder Hall doesn't like to offend anyone, so he usually lays off. But I went right in. Example, a Bishop said they hold their coordination before church on Sunday and was trying to defend it (it should be held mid-week, preferably on Thursday). So I said, "So yall are planning an hour before church how to get investigators to church for that Sunday....Do you find that effective?" And then I would lean over to President Beck and say, "And that is why that ward had 2 baptism dates fall through." And he would lean over to the Stake President and say that to him. We'll work out the kinks eventually.
Anyway - right after that we began an exchange with Elder Tanner.

22 December 2010 - Did a double swap this morning. I left Elder Tanner and went with Elder Berry. Went to his district meeting. I got to play the piano which is always fun. The members they live with have an 18 year old son who goes on his mission in February so we took him out with us all day mostly. Elder Berry is a "Rez" missionary. Went to subway. Swapped back with Elder Hall.

23 Dec 2010 - Had weekly planning. Put some charts together for next stake meeting. Around 4 we swapped and now I'm with Elder Giles in his area. This will be a fun exchange.

24 Dec 2010 - Merry Christmas Eve. Planned on getting 50 contacts in his area by 4 today. So his area is a bike/bus area. So we got on a bus in the morning and took it up to the huge shopping center. Some lady on the bus gave us 10 dollars which was nice - gotta love the Christmas spirit. So we contacted all around the shopping center (since tons of people there) and we were at 18 and I told him if we get 2 more we would go to paradise bakery for lunch - great food. So we talked to 2 people and then went in for lunch and those 2 people came into the store and paid for our lunch which was cool. Rode the bus down and I left my backpack on the bus with a Book of Mormon in it and a Camera (but I got both back luckily - not sure how no one stole it). Exchanged back and Elder Hall and I went to dinner at the Clough's and they had prime rib - not sure if I've ever had that before, but it was really good. Gave me a bag of Skittles. Then went to the Bale's home and did the nativity with them. I was a sheppard. They gave us a stocking full of little presents. Then the best part was we got to play Santa. Because the mail doesn't go tomorrow, the mission can't forward any packages, so we went and picked up mail for missionaries in our zone and got to deliver them today. So I got a cool elf hat and we had fun. We stopped by the Sisters place at like 9 and they were in their PJ's which was a little different - usually all dressed up - it was like they were 12 year olds at a slumber party all giggly for Christmas. Fun stuff. But made lots of fun visits to missionaries. Bro. Eagar let us open one of his presents and I got a new pillow that was really nice (about 2 weeks ago he made us make a list of things we want and I put a new pillow). Great Christmas Eve.

25 Dec. 2010 - MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! We woke up and did a little studying - read some of my patriarchal blessing. Feel really blessed and full of gratitude - life is perfect - all is well. Bro. Eagar went and bought us some gourmet pasties and hot chocolate so we had that for breakfast and then got to open presents. I believe this Christmas I got more presents then ever before. Probably 25-30 presents. Here is a list of some things: 5 ties, 6 pairs of black socks, 3 pairs of white socks, lots of candy (I mean lots), red and black dri-fit Nike t-shirt, gym shorts, a Block of wood with "Elder Perkins" carved into it from Bro. Eagar (probably one of my favorite gifts - really cool), new scriptures from Bro. Eagar, a harmonica, lots of little toys and games, piano solo hymn book, shampoo, deodorant, soap, toothbrush and paste, pajama pants, dr. pepper, new pen, subway gift card, McDonald's gift cards, pair of slippers, new pillow, mini stapler, church DVD's, a CD case holder, and some more too. I know, that's a lot of stuff!. Also got to call home which was really fun. Visited some familes too. Came back and watched "Joseph Smith, Prophet of the Restoration." Had dinner with Bro. Eagar and then just relaxed.

Great week for me. Living the dream.


Elder Perkins

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