Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Just Scrap The Ants Off and Eat It

Well sounds like lots of great and fun times. Hawaii sounds like a really fun place. Our WML - great guy - he went to BYU Hawaii for a year and really liked it and has some good stories.

I don't need new shoes yet - maybe later though.

18 October 2010 - Everyone in Anthem is getting ready for Halloween. Some less-active lady called and asked us to give her grandmother a blessing which was good. My bike has a flat tire, but we had a spare bike that I used - it is dangerous and crazy. On the way home it basically broke for good, so we threw it in the dumpster when we got back to our apartment. Then got slushies & walked to wal-mart. I spent $35 bucks on bike repair stuff. Fixed my bike and made some visits. Made some fruit smoothies tonight - really good. Elder Bird and I are working on a musical number for district meeting.

19 October 2010 - Helped someone move in this morning. They got us some jack-n-the-box for lunch, but we set it aside to finish the work- after we went to eat and found that ants had gotten into it, and my tacos were all soggy, but they weren't that bad - hopefully I don't get sick since ants were on them - just scrapped them off. Started reading Jesus the Christ again - I read it before my mission in 3 weeks just flying threw it - really didn't learn too much, so now I'm going a lot slower - learning a lot.

20 October 2010 - Had a great zone conference today. Taught about receiving revelation through prayer - listened to Elder Bednar's talk "Pray Always" - I remember dad telling me about that talk - especially the part that our morning prayers should link with our evening prayers. got to see Elder Geren which was fun. It's fun to see friends and catch up real quick. He is a district leader and training someone from the MTC now. Which makes me a grandpa - I have a grandson - he's so cute.

21 October 2010 - went to church to do our weekly planning before district meeting. Elder Bird and I had a really good companionship inventory - He was saying how I push him a little too hard and expect a little too much out of him. I see where he's coming from, but I doubt I'll let up - It'll be good for him in the end. But we ended on great terms. We did a musical number in District Meeting - I worked on my arrangement of "If You Could Hie to Kolob" and it was pretty good and Elder Bird sang - got good compliments - what was funny was we had an assistant to president show up and some of the office staff which wasn't expected - the senior couple really liked it. I got to decide what we did this time for the meeting so I complimented on our strenghts and lovingly grilled us about how we can do a little better - more member involvement. Then we practiced teaching and testifying of the Book of Mormon in 1-minute contacting situations. It was pretty good. Then I went on exchanges with Elder Giles to his area. We went on splits that night - so I went out with a priest in his area and we went to see one of his investigators - Al. We answered questions for about an hour and then I gave the baptism invitation. That made him really mad and he started to get worked up and to raise his voice - so the priest I was with jumped in and said, "No no no Al - we are not talking about your baptism date, we are talking about a day you can go and see a baptism." He began to calm down and was saying that we better not pin him down and force him to do this and blah blah blah. So then I looked at the priest like - what in the world are you doing - and turned back to Al and said, "No Al, that is when the Lord would have you be baptized." Then he erupted again and yelled and pointed his finger in my face, and walked out of the room. I was never scarred, but thought we might loose him as an investigator - took us 40 minutes to calm him down but left with a solid commitment to come to church and be baptized when he knows its true - no date though, ugh. It was funny. We are here to find, teach, and baptize (even though it's really just to teach and baptize - the ward holds the keys to finding).

22 October 2010 - Had a good lesson with Elder Giles. We exchanged back and did some contacting. Then had dinner with a family we recently found - had some great goulash, but didn't care too much for the lemon-mareine pie though. Excited for them. Then we started another exchange & I am with one of the zone leaders, Elder Hall, in his area.

23 October 2010 - Brother Eager, the member the zone leaders live with, made us biscuits and gravy (sausage gravy that is) for breakfast. Mighty fine I might say. Did some contacting and then had a lesson with Mark Ediger (used to live in our area and then moved down to their area - seems like everytime I'm down here we teach him though - I know him better then they do anyways so it works out. Great lesson and I invited him to be baptized on November 13th and he accepted and asked if I would baptize him - that would be a pretty good birthday present. I really wanna be in the water and baptize someone on my birthday. But I gotta hit the gym now because he is 6'6 like 300 some pounds and I'm 5'9 and weigh in now at 155. I might need some help. Then we had lunch and exchanged back. Met with Yvonne Ogburn which was good - she keeps saying we are part of her family now. She's nervous about going to RS activities cause she's still so new but she'll get there.

24 October 2010 - Primary Programs today. We got to speak to the Jr & Sr. Primary in their classes today which was awesome. They did a spotlight on a 9 yr old girl with Down Syndrome - more severe then Morgan - can't really talk - but great at sign language. Reminded me of Morgan. Her name is Riley - really cute. Both programs were really good. Had a lesson with Madison Shaw - set baptism date for January 15th - so far out ah. I got a call from the assistant who came to our district meeting this week asking if i could give a 20 minute talk about how to hold an effective district meeting in our leadership conference this Wednesday in front off all the district leaders, zone leaders, assistants, mission president - so I'm really excited but nervous too - they are a pretty sharp bunch. The leaders in this mission are top notch - just phenomenal people. So I worked on that a little tonight. We'll see how it goes.

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