Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Hello Family, another good and exciting week for me.

Some quick highlights:

* I broke my first axe handle choppin woods

* I'm getting better at splittin woods

* Fed a baby lamb with a bottle

* Held down a sheep so her lamb could milk

* Deep fried french fries!

* Splurged and got 2 Whopper Jr's at the Burger King lounge AND got ice cream at the
A&W in town

* Cleaned up after Chinle Basketball game

* Talked with Becky again (She has Downs Syndrome who is a member) and is on the cheer squad.

We found out a cool story today. We went to the Zone Leaders trailor for PDay and hung out. The Sister couple (Sr's- they don't let young sister missionaries on the Rez) said that one time they took that ward to do Baptisms for the Dead. They said that when Becky came out of the font she turned back and said, "Thank You Dad." (Her dad was doing it) in perfect language as if I or you said it. She then changed and went to do confirmations so her parents walked her in- because they ask for her name- and Becky again said her name perfectly clear- so they call her the miracle child!

After the game she came up and was talking with us doing the fake crying (that Morgan does too) because her team lost. So we talked with her and gave her high 5's. She reminded me a lot of Morgan.

Church was good- played hymns and taught Youth Sunday School.

Found out this ward had 4 Bishops last year. We do what we can do help which is fun. We went to Priesthood because only one youth boy was there.

We got some investigators- hopefully things turn out good.

Good thing I can partly play piano- comes in handy A LOT here.

Quote for the week for me:

"It is only those who do not know how to work that do not love it. To those who do, it is better than play."

By John Mason Brown (not sure who he is)

I hope all is well!


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