Sunday, February 14, 2010

He's like his father...brief and to the point!

The weather has been pretty cold so far. Stays only in the 40's for the highs. So I usually wear that heavy coat we got at costco and dad's jacket he didn't want for x-mas. Tell Morgan I'm glad she had a good birthday. I'll be back when she turns 23!

Oh we're good for dinners. We get about 3 a week from members and can handle other small things.

Have they put a plaque up for me? I want my scripture I think to be Alma 29:9 if they do. I'll write a letter with all the details of this past week.

Tell Michael that he will love the MTC. It's way cool and fun. It's good cause you kinda wanna leave after the third week so it works out nice. Let me know who his 2 classroom teachers are. And let me know his e-mail once he sets it up. Let him know that its way fun and he's gonna love the mission.

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