Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Piano Lessons Are Worth It!


This area is pretty big. It covers up north to Rock Point, out east to Round Rock, and out west to Rough Rock. The people here are so spread out. We might go out tracting for a couple hours and only hit a few homes because they live far apart.

This last week we just tried to get situated with our area book and the area, so we drove around and tracted some places and tried to meet some people. We shared a couple spiritual thoughts and this coming week we have some actual appointments.

They have a ward here, but it is very small. They had about 35 people at church this Sunday (6 youth, 7 primary kids, 7 Mel Priesthood holder, 3 Aaronic). Classes are really small. I got to play 4 hymns in sacrament meeting (#'s: 3, 177, 3, 96). Elder Nielsen and I taught the youth class. We both gave talks in sacrament meeting and set up the sacrament table, and I gave the closing prayer in sacrament meeting.

We have a large number of less active members that we will be looking for to bring back to church. It's tough to go find people and find new investigators because everyone is so dispersed. But I'm excited to get to work and help out the ward here.

It's funny cause there are no addresses here. In the directory they will say like...3.2 miles north of Conoco, first left, blue house w/ white fence....first right past church, red brick home, etc. So it's tough to find people.

It is going to be hard to do e-mails here. So please write letters to the mission home and then I will e-mail or write letters back.

Thanks for the bedding yall sent, its very warm. Thanks for all the support. Hope all is well. I'm having a blast. Elder Nielsen is way cool and it's been really fun. I'm excited to keep working.

I've already been told that we are Lucifer's angels here to corrupt people and another guy cussed us out today at the store. Makes us laugh.

Love yall, I'll write next week.

Elder Tyler Perkins

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