Monday, February 22, 2010

Good Times!


Today is President's Day so we will email tomorrow, Chapter House is closed. It's been a crazy week! We got some big time news at our zone conference on Saturday. They are creating a new mission, the New Mexico, Farmington Mission on July 1, 2010. They have already called a Mission President and it was just made public on Saturday morning so you can read about it online. In order to create it, they will be pulling zones away from other missions (Provo, Mesa, Phoenix, etc.) It will be a four corners mission- including Navajo Reservations.

So...if I am still here on that date, I will be incorporated into the New Mexico, Farmington Mission. We have 3 transfers til them so I could be transferred down to Phoenix and stay in this mission. They say they will lose about half the geographic size and only around 20% of missionaries (most are in Phoenix). So we are supposed to just continue on until then- we don't even know most the details.

Because of all this bad weather recently, we've pulled a couple people out of the mud, chopped woods (Navajo's always say woods, never wood), and give other service.

We tracted into a lady who told us some crazy philosophies- that people on earth suck energy from each other and once we start sucking energy from God we'll all rise to heaven, blah blah blah and we then met a Quaker.

We meet a LOT of drunk Navajo's. We only have 1 store here (a Conoco gas station) where a lot of them hang out. So we go and talk with them on occasion. They just hang outside the store asking for money. We have made a lot of friends- they like us, HA! We give them pass along cards and tell them to put it into their pockets so when they wake up in the morning and can actually think, they might call in.

On Friday we went to the Chinle (the big town here- 30 min away) and helped clean up after the basketball game (High School). We showed up and they have an ARENA!!
This is a little 3A school- maybe 6 or 700 students and they have a basketball stadium that holds 7,000+!!!

DC's gym can only hold like 1800-2000. You see, they don't have movie theaters, bowling alleys, restaurants, arcades, etc. here. The only form of entertainment they have is high school basketball. This thing was huge!! They even have an instant reply screen over half court (4 sided box thing)- it was impressive. I would definitely pay to just watch games there. We got there with 10 minutes left in the game--SO GOOD to see a sport game for just a bit! That is definitely been the hardest thing for me- no National Championship, no Super Bowl, no NBA All Star game, no Daytona 500, no Olympics, NOTHING! But...its all good.

We gave talks on Sunday in Church. We've have some investigators which is exciting. We still need to find people to teach- lots of searching and tracting. It's been so much fun- Elder Nielsen is way cool!

Lots of good times.

Our car battery died and we got another flat so we will be walking probably this week.

Everything is good so far- having a good time so far!

It's been phenomenal!

Oh, we ate dinner on Wednesday for first time at a members home! Just an older couple--Fun Times!

This place will get going soon.


Elder Tyler Perkins

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