Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snowman and Popcorn Popping


Sorry- wasn't able to email this week. So I will read your emails next Monday and reply then. Here's what's new for me:

We have found a lot more investigators- the area is slowly picking up speed. Since this area has been closed, we started with no investigators and it is cool to see that things are picking up.

Met Dale, a Vietnam Veteren who recently had a stroke so its very hard for him to read and write. He's a member so we go over there to read the Book of Mormon with him. Great guy!

I got a letter from Sister Baker which was fun to read. I'll write back to her today too. She sent me a sign that says "Be the kind of Missionary your mother thinks you are."

Splittin lotta woods!

Deep Fried Chicken- used pancake batter- came out very good!

Had our interview with President Beck on Friday, we get interviewed once a transfer, every 6 weeks to see how things are going, set goals, etc.. Went well.

I went on a 24 hour overnight exchange with District Leader. It was cool to see differences of missionaries. We got to teach a lot- good times. I was able to extend my first baptismal commitment which went well.

So, a girl sent our District Leader's companion a box of treats/stuffed animal for Valentines Day. She put a heavy dose of perfume on the stuffed toy in the box. So when I was there, the DL offered me a brownie that came in the box- I took a bite and as I was chewing I noticed a different flavor- he asked me what it tasted like, "...like girl..." I replied.
I swallowed it but it tasted so bad. Like spraying perfume in my mouth. I was sick all night from an upset stomach- good times!

There are a lot of good Elders out here. We have a lot of good times while still working tough.

Church was good, my hymns went well. They didn't have gospel doctrine, primary, youth teachers at church so they skipped Sunday School and went straight to Priesthood and Relief Society. So Elder Nielsen and I got to go teach the Primary. Was way fun, played Snowman and Popcorn Popping, drew and colored- it was cool. I really enjoyed it. We had 5 primary kids.
We only had 10 members when we began church and then had up to 35 when the sacrament was passed.

I hope you enjoy my drawing from Primary, hang it on the fridge for me.

I know like 5 Navajo words now- tough language. We find out this Sunday if we stay or are being transferred.

I am having a blast!

I hope all is well.

Oh, there is so much deeper doctrine out there its so cool. I'm so wanting to dive into those books/research, it's hard keeping focus on the basic, which is what I need to be doing. There is so much out there to learn- but it's all good!

Have fun!


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