Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Arriving in Phoenix and Many Farms Arizona

We flew in to Phoenix, 16 of us Elders and had a great lunch. We had orientation for most of the day and a testimony meeting after dinner. President Beck interviewed me. He is such a great man. He is very to the point, let's get it done, work hard, stay obedient--kinda reminds me of Dad a bit. He is very cool and nice to talk to.

Please tell Taylor, Brother Blatter and Uncle Charlie thanks for the support, I'll try to write back on P Day.

Jan 27- Got my trainer! Elder Nielson from Idaho. He is a great Elder! He's been out around 14 months and I think I am the fifth Elder he's trained. He has lived on a farm and has had jobs since he was 12--very hard working and obedient worker.

We got our assignment at noon to serve in Many Farms Arizona. We are reopening the area, so everything is basically starting fresh. It took us seven hours to drive to Many Farms. It is on the reservation.

We live in a trailor home on the church's land, basically the chapels parking lot. There is another trailor home for the Senior Missionaries here.

We met them, the Bishop and the Ward Mission Leader last night. It is a very tiny church building, most men have several callings. Our area is big, we cover one ward. Everyone here is either Navajo or Hopi.

We have our weekly planning here, 3 hours long, because we are starting from scratch since Elders haven't been here for a bit.

I'm pumped to go.

Elder Perkins

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