Monday, September 5, 2011

Quintons Burn and Preparing for BYU Provo in January

That's horrible about the burns!! I can't imagine. Will he always have scars there or what will the aftermath be - can he still walk, nerve damage, etc.

Since registration isn't till October that will give me some time to think. I think I can get permission to go online and do some looking previous, then I will put some plans together and have yall get on at midnight and sign me up for some. I will ask around what my friends are planning on taking, so hopefully I can have some friends in a few of my classes when I start.

I am happy and healthy. This week has been so crazy. It is going into the sealed portion of my journal which is never to be read by my children ever! Just kidding, but it has been very...eventful. We've had to do 2 emergency moves with Elders getting kicked out of their houses, emergency trips to Prescott and a trailor of hay caught on fire causing a massive traffic - out till way late. Getting up at 3am to go to the airport. We've made 2 trips to the airport this week. A couple emergency interviews with other elders. Missionaries in the hospital. Just crazy stuff. But all has been well. The craziness just makes us laugh and think, "What's Next?" So I will put more detail next week.

Spent all my time on those coming home options. It doesn't really bother me thinking about it yet - probably because it still seems so far distant. I'm happy as ever, we are doing great in our areas, lots of work. The spanish people are awesome. I had to read a paragraph from the gospel principles book at a baptism. Fun stuff. I'm loving it here.

Have a great week.

Elder Perkins

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