Monday, September 5, 2011

Endure to the End-owment

That is great to hear about Quinton's patriarchal blessing - very good to hear about him turning his papers in - that will be very good.
The mission presidents 16 yr old son, Braden, made sure to tell me Georgia got beat up by Boise State I believe - just pathetic. At least I won't be into this season at all since I'll still be out here.

My week:
29 Aug 2011 - Drove a missionary home to the airport. Sad stuff. But with all that has been going on - I learned that is no dis-honorable releases now. Everything is just a release, but they tag onto it. (example - release for disobedience, release for medical, release of own desire,etc.) Short P-day - didn't even really have one. Got everything ready for Zone Leader Council tomorrow. Then went out on splits with another companionship to pass off an investigator from the spanish to english missionaries. I love hard-working, humble, obedient, friendly, kind missionaries. Good times.

30 Aug 2011 - Got to mission home and set up for zone leader council. The US Postal Service will no longer be forwarding mail due to financial cut-backs - so we are in the process of changing our mailing policy - parents will be able to send packages and mail directly to the missionaries houses. We are moving this week, so I will get you my new address next week. You can still send stuff to the mission office, but it will wait here until the next major meeting until they give it to the missionary (luckily I'm here in the office 3-4 times a week so I can get it anytime I want). But anyway, so we had to move like 30 packages and over 100+ letters from the mission office to the mission home and sort them by zone to give to the zone leaders to distribute out. I had to give a 5 min talk on teaching by the Spirit - I still prepare for talks now, but I don't write down anything anymore. I just get up there with my scriptures and just talk and will open to a scripture or two if I feel I need to. Right after, Elder Farnsworth and I began an exchange. We taught Taylor and then went to a family and taught them and had dinner with them. Then coordination. His zone is having a really tough time, so I tried giving him new ideas of things to do and how to get the missionaries going. If only missionaries would wake up on time and just stay outside their home between 10am-9pm (except for lunch and dinner of course) - even if they just walked around aimlessly, I would take it. So him, Elder Geren, me and ElderFalconer all stayed over at our little house. It was fun being with all them. Elder Geren rocks - I trained him - he's grown a lot and it's cool.

31 Aug 2011 - Dropped off the Silverado at the car shop again - airbag problems again. Had leadership training today from 10-4pm. It was really good. Elder Falconer and I had to discuss effective studies and how to have effective zone and district meetings. We had someone from LDS Family Services come in and talk to all the leaders on how to help those with mental illnesses (Depression, Anxiety Disorders, OCD, etc). It was really good - we have many situations with that a lot. He basically said, our role as leaders isn't to fix, but to listen and be a friend (encourage) and then refer them to someone who can diagnose and help. Really good. President instructed on the key indicators and obedience and trust - pulled up the cell phone reports and made it clear some cell phone patterns need to stop. We cleaned up afterwards and made some visits.

1 Sept 2011 - Went to the temple with transfer planning in mind. I love the temple. I want to be one of the old temple workers someday that seem to not be doing anything other then just smiling at people as they walk down the hallway. Seems like a good life. The temple was great - still all goes over my head, but its very peaceful. President and Sister Taylor are the best, they rock. After the temple, they took us to a Venezuelan restaurant (where he served his mission) and treated us to our very first arepas. Like a roll, with cheese, meat, beans in the middle, and deep fried. Very good. We then went back to the mission office and made some more changes on the transfer board. Had coordination, made some visits, etc.

2 Sept 2011 - Had a meeting with all the trainers and trainees. I got to take all 22 of the trainees (1st and 2nd transfer) and go into the high council room and talk with them for about 45 min - really good. We discussed first, "Things I wish my trainer knew or would do" President took notes and then shared them with the trainers at the end. My role was basically to facilitate the discussion and give advice/counsel when they talked about troubles they've been having so far (not learning fast enough, hard to teach, trouble with companions (usually a majority)). I feel like maybe I'll be a counselor of some sort. It was good, then we cleaned up and it was 1:10, then walked into my district meeting and gave a talk on unity and obedience. Just always busy - I love it. I love speaking and talking - I'm probably not the most effective, but I enjoy trying to help others. Worked in West wing a bit today - tracted - then had a lesson with Leticia. She is solid - she talked to us about all her blessings since she's been baptized - It's great when your converts see how they can continue to move forward and what's ahead. Endure to the End-owment.

3 Sept 2011 - We moved our mission storage. We have 3 units (20x10) and moving them to another storage unit. Called and got a flatbed trailer from a member and made a couple trips. Then we treated ourselves and went to Old Country Buffet - delicious - I ate a lot. I'll do what Dad does and describe my meal....I started off sampling many things (fish, chicken, meat, mac/cheese, salads, onion rings, etc. I decided that I enjoyed the orange chicken and the mac/cheese and the onion rings - so I got some more of those. Drank cherry coke and then got a small cherry slushie. After sitting for about 10 min - I got some a small salad and after that had a bowl of vanilla/chocolate swirl ice cream - good meal. In the office till 4 getting transfer stuff all situated. Went to a spanish baptism at 4 - Elder Falconer had to give a talk. Then we went to Jenny's baptism - it was great. Elder Brase and I worked with her and got her moving and then we had a lesson with her and the YSA Sisters and transitioned her off (but first we set a baptism date and did a baptism calendar with her). She progressed well and was baptized - shared a great testimony. It was just a great service - I knew some of the members there - Deer Valley Stake - which I've been around my whole mission.

4 Sept 2011 - Church was fine. Visited la familia Tayas after. In office from 4-7 finishing up transfer stuff. Went to Taylor's from 7-8pm and they off course gave us some dinner and cookies. Reviewed transfers with them and think we're all good.

This week with transfers is very crazy - we will be moving and things will change for us as well. Have an exchange in Cottonwood as well - sounds like life is great back home - really good to hear.

Love yall lots.

E. Perkins

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