Monday, September 5, 2011

From the Arizona phoenix missions blog:



I have known since the start of our mission that our "Assistants to the President" or "APs" as they are affectionately known, are AMAZING. But this week I had a "revelation"...

I think it is widely supposed that being an AP is a cushy job. It is not any more cushy than that of being a mission president. In other words, it is a whole lot of work! These men keep the Taylors up to speed, supported and organized in so many ways. They sacrifice time that they would love to be out teaching more to help President Taylor and myself. They are the example of how to live a divine companionship.

Elder Tyler Perkins and Elder Robert Falconer, our faithful friends.

We enjoyed our trip to the Mesa temple before transfers. Isn't it beautiful!
Here is a "revelation" I received after we came out from the temple. Elder Perkins and President Taylor were both on the phone cheerfully taking care of all the problems and questions that had come up from our missionaries while we were inside...and guess who had more calls to return? Yes, it was Elder Perkins. The Assistants run interference for President and it is much appreciated. They are an example of a "Nelson/Holland Companionship" where being Jr. or Sr. companion is not the focus...the focus is on more perfectly serving the Lord and each other.
We are grateful for their obedience, service and friendship!


  1. Elder Perkins,
    We have on the Arizona Phoenix Mission calendar that you will be getting married in November of 2012. Have you met this wonderful sister yet? Remember, it is only with our approval.
    Elder and Sister Williams

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