Monday, September 5, 2011

Baptisms and Good Friends - "He's the Man!"

Dear Family,

I write to yall now in the family history center of one of the chapels. We have lots of unique experiences in my role which is fun. We are with one zone leader and another missionary right now.

This week: Had zone conference 3 days this week. Instruction on Effective Studies and how they prepare us to teach. Moving from a "complete the study guide" mentality to a "what does our investigators need to hear" for our studies. Also instructed on obedience and trust. Elder Falconer and I had to take lead in the skill trainings this week - always fun to do.

Continue working with Leticia and Clove, they came to church this past Sunday. They will be baptized this coming Saturday at 5pm. Everything is in place and they are solid. Will be really good to see. They are moving along perfectly.

Also the Lewis family is coming along. Haven't been active in 5+ years and they have been having family prayer and scripture study every night this past week. Need them to still get to church though (had a family emergency yesterday). Their 17 yr old daughter Taylor who we also teach seperately (to focus on her more) is doing well as well. She loves the scriptures and she's come to church the past couple weeks - some good friends in the ward make all the difference.

Was on 2 exchanges this week. Elder Anderson came down from Prescott - he's the man. From California and hung out with Miley Cyrus fun fact. Also with Elder Freeman - really young zone leader - reminds me of myself. Was made a zone leader at like 8 months which is pretty young and he has lots of questions - little unsure of himself like me. Also has had lots of issues come up that he's had to step in on.

President Taylor and Sister Taylor are the best. We love them. He has had to deal with lots of issues and concerns recently. We've tried to help him and provide some "assistance" to him in the last few weeks. Probably will be sending a couple more elders home. Sad stuff. Gotta be good.

Elder Falconer is the man - we enjoy each other. Life is great - we'll baptize a couple this week and have another on Sept 10 which is good. Work is good, life is good, just happy.

Tell Quinton just to put his papers in. This is much better the BYU-Idaho is - by far.

So I knew yall would come up with a better plan. So Jan 3 sounds like it will be fine. Drive up to Utah Thursday and that'll work it seems like.

Thanks for all yall do. Appreciate the support. Tell everyone hi.

Much love,

Elder Perkins

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