Monday, July 25, 2011

So Busy

Wow, Bethany and Jason's little girl is so big - wow.
We did have some thunderstorms last night which was fun.
Thanks for the update on the reunion. Sounds like it was really fun and enjoyable.
I'm doing just fine on this end of things. I don't have my notes of what happened this past week, but here are a few highlights.
18 July 2011 - volleyball.
19 July 2011 -
20 July 2011 - Had transfer planning meeting from 10-3. Lots and lots of changes - can't tell you yet, but it will be interesting.
21 July 2011 - Had Stephanie's baptism which was really good. Spirit was really strong. Good way for Elder Brase to end his mission.
22 July 2011 - On exchanges with Elder Wilson from Parker, CO. He hung out with lots of my old friends, so we talked a lot. Great Elder. We had a meeting with all the new trainers and trainees who came in last transfer and since Elder Brase was gone on exchanges, I had to take the trainees and talk with them for an hour about how they've been doing so far, any challenges/difficulties, etc - It was really fun.
23 July 2011 - In the office working on transfers from 11-5pm. The Spanish AP's brought us orchata smoothies. Had Carl's Jr for lunch - I enjoy their burgers - expensive though.

24 July 2011 - Brayden, Sister Taylor, and President all spoke in sacrament meeting today. President Taylor had Elder Brase and I stand up and told everyone he trusts us with his life which was great and let everyone know it was Elder Brase last Sunday in the mission. Had lots of appts. Elder Brase had his exit interview.
This morning we had a meeting, and I dropped Elder Brase off at the mission home, we'll be back over there in about 30 minutes for dinner and then taking them to the airport tomorrow. I'm with the 2 Spanish AP's now and rolling with them till transfers (which is Wednesday now instead of Tuesday).
So busy today - have a good one.

Much love,

Elder Perkins

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