Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cool Story

Hello Family,

Maybe you'll get this driving back on mom's iPhone, who knows.

Thanks for all the quick notes, they were really nice to read. Quinton - your words of wisdom made me laugh. I am going to send you some DVD's about missionary work - where should I send them, Grandpa's? Tell Kellie I trust her lip locking action of love - especially at an EFY. Sounds like she is doing great - we have a talented family. Conner - 100 degrees is child's play - you hear me, child's play ha. We call it a blessing when its in the low 100's. Morgan - I love you. Sorry about your eye - hopefully it gets better.

Mi Padre y mi madre - estoy feliz que funeral de Gene went well. I will ask the Taylors about their blog. I am actually sitting in their home right now typing on their fancy mac computer. President Taylor is in the next room doing his Monday morning zone leader calls. Sister Taylor and Brayden took my companion for a doctors appointment. More about my new companion in just a second.

Here's my last week.

25 July 2011 - Had a meeting with the new trainers - they will get their trainee on wed morning (we went back to the 2 day transfer process where the trainees will stay over night at the mission home). I gave a talk on effective leadership principles. I love giving talks. Then E. Brase packed, etc. Dropped him off at the mission home and I was put with the 2 Spanish AP's until transfers. We did e-mails and shopping. Went back to the mission home for dinner with the departing missionaries and their testimony meeting.

26 July 2011 - Breakfast at mission home. Loaded up 10 missionaries in the van/trailer and drove them down to the airport. Walked in with them to make sure they all got check in in and situated. Then said my last goodbye to some elders: Brase, Tripp, etc. Waited for an hour and picked up the new missionaries. I love then new miss - always so excited and the drive back I just answer their questions and get them pumped up. Love it. Drive to the mission office and they have a quick orientation while I work on some computer stuff in the back. Load them up and drive to mission home. Give a brief powerpoint slideshow and then we leave to office. Work on supplies / office work and drop it off at transfer bldg for tomorrow. Picked up bikes from our home - we assemble them when they come in - we fit 9 bikes in our Silverado. Went back for dinner with the new missionaries. By that time, President has interviewed all the new missionaries and gives us a suggested trainer / trainee assignments. I suggested one change and he agreed. Went back to office and finalized the transfers.

27 July 2011 - Transfers! So, today was just crazy. Picked up new missionaries and took them to meet their trainers. President Taylor read off the assignments and we have a quick orientation on the new 12 week training program from about 9:30-11. I had to lead a discussion on that. Then transfer meeting began. President Taylor got to work on this transfer. We split and created 2 new zones, about 7 or 8 new districts, went to a SR/JR companion instead of Co-seniors, went from 4 assistants to just 2 assistants. And I didn't make the cut. So I got released to go train again. Just kidding - I stayed. My companion went home and then he released one of the Spanish AP's to go open a new zone. So now it is me and my new companion, Elder Falconer - a Spanish missionary. We cover West Wing ward still and now I cover the Monte Vista ward as well - which is all Spanish ha. So this will be fun. Lesson tonight with Jenny and Deer Valley YSA Sisters - passed her off. We set a baptism date and made a calendar for her.

28 July 2011 - Meeting with President from 11-1 on the next Zone leader council. Went to a bit of our district meeting. Worked a bit on our 6 week calender. We have to do 11 exchanges with the zone leaders, plus some extra exchanges with certain missionaries. Met President again at 3 at his home and walked through calender events through rest of year. Lesson with Taylor Piersante and her mother. Went so good. They were baptized 6 years ago and have been less active for the last 4 yrs. Then we had a lesson with la familia Urrea. Es muy bien. Elder Falconer translates for me.

29 July 2011 - Did a half day exchange exchange with some missionaries the zone leaders requested we go out with. Really good to be on a bike for half-day. Then we worked in West Wing. Then had a lesson with la familia Tayas. It was good lesson. me encanto (I think that means love) Mexicans.

30 July 2011 - Had breakfast with our Bishop. In language study today - I learned how to say a prayer in Spanish - very basic. In office today today till 4. Had a lesson with la familia Pacheco. I got to say the dinner prayer in Spanish - I forgot only one word. This is what I said, see if dad can translate. "Nuestro Padre Celestial, te agradecemos por la familia Pacheco, y por la comida, y por su hijo, Jesu Cristo. Te pedimos que now bandigas con el espiritu santo. En el nombre de Jesu Cristo, Amen."
So here's a cool thing. My Spanish ward covers all of the deer valley stake - which I've covered for 15 months of my mission - and now I cover it again.
Cool Story - Last night planning I had a name come to my mind - Mario Ruiz. His kids were baptized over a year ago and I remember he couldn't speak much English. He lived in an area that was in my district and I had been there twice on exchanges. So I said, lets go visit him - since he was never baptized. Remind you I haven't been to his house in over 10 months - probably close to 14 months. I somehow found his exact house in the trailer park -Spirit brings all things to remembrance. Knocked on his door and Elder Falconer talked to him for 10 minutes. We got back in the car and he was shocked. Turns out Mario has read the Book of Mormon a couple times and has a ton of questions. Wants to know how to repent and follow Christ, and wanted to know the soonest we could come teach him. It was great - but the Elders before never knew that since they don't speak Spanish. It was great!

31 July 2011 - Coleman and the Carpio family came to West Wing ward which was great. Then we went to the Monte Vista Ward - it was in all Spanish and I loved it. We started sacrament with about 35 people. At the beginning of sacrament it jumped to 60. and right before it was over, Elder Falconer leaned over and said, "watch the Monte vista branch become the Monte vista ward...." Then a flood of people came pouring in and we were up to over 120 people. It was hilarious. One of the talks was on the importance of getting to church on time. Great stuff. Taught Coleman after church. Then spent rest of day in home while Elder Falconer did his prep for his procedure tomorrow. Did some deep cleaning and got some much needed rest. It's very tiring. I'm so tired.

Have a great week. I love the Mexican people. This will be a crazy transfer - covering a Spanish ward, only 2 AP's.
We'll see.
Love y'all,

Elder Perkins

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