Monday, July 11, 2011

Phoenix Dust Storm 2011

The dust storm was fun when it came through. It was so dusty you couldn't see and it was hard to drive in. there was a lite layer of dust everywhere - interesting stuff.

Tell Conner I appreciated his e-mail - means a lot to me. He will do great things in his life. When I was about 17 I probably hit where he is at now.

My past week:
5 July 2011 - Went with the Spanish AP's to drop off a car - we cannot drive by ourselves anymore (we would do it about once a week to move cars around, etc). So we have to go with the Spanish AP's to move cars around now. Ran into the office and had to help the some of the senior couples with their computers - had to program some formats for them. Tracted, visits, coordination.

6 July 2011 - Took the 6 Elders in our house to play bball to help them get up and stay awake. Went to district meeting and I had to give a talk on teach for understanding. Then took off right after that so we could make it to the Deer Valley interviews. That is like my home zone because I was there for like 14-15 months. President Taylor has everyone go around and say 3 things about themselves, has their companion, DL, and ZL all then say 1 thing about that missionary. it was fun. Sister Taylor has story time which is fun. They have a 16 yr old that is the man - Braden - really good kid. Halfway in, we had to make a Target run to pick up some items. Tracted, then went to a PM family - lesson was good. Subway for dinner. Huge dust storms.

7 July 2011 - Played bball this morning. Weekly planning, then went to the Glendale interviews. It was good. lesson with CRollins, they took us out to dinner at Paradise Bakery. Then had a great lesson with the Carpio family - they are great and so sincere.

me and my 2 sons, Elder Geren and Elder Bird - both zone leaders and are legit.

8 July 2011 - So we went to our zone's interviews this morning. In my interview President asked how I was holding up and if I feel overwhelmed. We are doing quite a number of big changes and we have a big role to play in counseling with him and he wanted to know if I was overwhelmed. Told him that I am just loving it and am having a blast. He asked me to program his cell phone and his laptop to link to microsoft outlook with all the missionaries contact info - so I did that today for him. We tracted, dropped off Presidents stuff (they gave us a sandwhich - they counsel with us a lot and ask us about people, areas, situations, etc) - its been really fun. Then began an exchange with E. Turner in his area.

9 July 2011 - So I got to teach a family from Iraq, who barely speaks English - we had to use a translator and that was really fun. Also found someone tracting from Castle Rock, Co - first time so far my mission and he said that he was getting prepared by missionaires to be baptized over there, but then they moved and are looking at getting back into the church. So that was great. Then Elder Brase came to swap us back and they had 4 large pizzas they got for free from a member who manages the local Dominoes Pizza.

10 July 2011 - Got a call this morning from Sis. Jensen saying that Stephanie wants to be baptized. Hallelujah! We met up with the Spanish Ap's to get organized about our transfer meeting that will be this next Thursday to make sure we are all prepared since we will be making a lot of changes. Should be fun. Discussed logistics and repercussions and how we will make it smooth. Then we got to teach a mission prep class that the stake here puts on. It was really fun to teach all them - got about 30 minutes.

Fun stuff.

Missions rock.
I'll try to send some pics here, hopefully they go through.

Living the dream, can't get any better.

Much love,

Elder Perkins

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