Monday, July 18, 2011

I Love the Temple

President and Sister Beck and New Arizona Phoenix Mission President and Sister Taylor and Son, Braden

11 July 2011 - Had a badminton tournament in our zone (28 missionaries). Elder Brase and I took first place and were awarded a small trophy. Cleaned. Went out with Bishop to have FHE with a family and then went to Stephanie's lesson with him. She accepted baptism and is thinking about a date. She moves out in less then 2 weeks, so we'll see.

12 July 2011 - Went up to Prescott for interviews, then Cottonwood, drove with the Taylors all around. It's an hour and a half to Prescott and then an hour to Cottonwood. After I stayed there on exchanges with Elder Geren - good to catch up - been about 11 months since I was with him.

13 July 2011 - We had a lesson with Stephanie again. She accepted a date for the 21st - great lesson.

14 July 2011 - Did transfer planning from 10-5pm. Elder Brase and I have a big role since President Taylor doesn't know too many of the missionaries. So he asks us tons of questions and plus we are implementing lots of new things since this will be his first full transfer. Very intense. Had a horrible lesson with a family who got hung up on a scripture about Christ causing cities to burn (3 Nephi 9) and told us the Christ they believe in isn't that way, blah blah blah.

15 July 2011 - Went to the temple with President and Sister Taylor. Very good. I love the temple. Had dinner with a member - gave us pizza and had a quick thought.

16 July 2011 - In office for a bit. Got to work in our area a good bit.

17 July 2011 - Church was good. President Taylor is in our ward and after Sunday School grabbed us and we ran to the hospital and had to deal with some missionaries there and work some things out. Got to do some more work in our area.

It has been fun being with President Taylor a lot. He counsels with us A LOT and all I have to say is that it has got to be VERY TOUGH being a Mission President - especially a brand new one. He has to deal with so many issues and I feel for him. But he is just the best. I am amazed at how he composes himself and handles very tough circumstances so smoothly. When I would probably go off on someone, he just lovingly reproves and moves on. He's so great - I'm learning a lot.

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