Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Pictures from President and Sister Becks Website

Our wonderful assistants Elders Perkins and Brase as they circle the
airport (6 miles worth) waiting for the arrival of our new missionaries.
It is quite the system them have as they drop off each missionary at
their different terminals, gather their expense cards
and then rush in to greet the incoming missionaries.
By the time the transfer is over, they are ready for a long.......nap
which they never get.......n

It was Monday, a P-day and also Memorial Day. We have forgotten
the meaning of celebrating holidays. In the mission there is no such thing
as a holiday. There is too much work to be done, no time for slacking off.
But, today was an exception as we joined the Surprise Zone for a softball
game. It was too hard to sit back and just watch, after all I played softball
growing up and the juices were flowing. So, I joined in the fun. I must
admit I have lost a lot of my skills and wasn't very happy with myself,
but we had sooo much fun. The Zone Leaders brought some watermelon
to eat. Elder Cava, from Tonga, had never played before and learned the
game fast as he knocked them out there. It was a great day!

Zone Leaders and Assistants to the President

Elder Peck wrote the last verse of the mission fight song and the assistants
sang it for everyone. I'll post the song later.
Our President is awesome
He owes it to his Wife
They teach us by example
How to navigate through life.
They'll leave the mission stronger
Than they found it when they came,
If we don't succeed.
they're not the ones to blame.
Arizona, thirsty land
We'll serve the Living Water while we can.

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