Monday, May 9, 2011


I'm getting Transferred!!!! Got news today - will be leaving tomorrow at 1 for my new area. Maybe I'll get released and can go to an area and train some new missionary and flip the area and baptize everyone!

Mom's Questions -

1) Teaching with President was really neat. It was a different experience. He knows so much doctrine, scriptures, etc. that he basically speaks in scripture. So to us it sounds like he is overloading him, but he really isn't. To the investigator it seems natural because President won't say any refrences, or whatever, but just speaks it. He uses a lot of doctrine. But he is focused on a goal - he comes into the lesson with a goal (usually always to set a baptism date) - and everything he teaches ties back into that goal. Got to have a plan.
2) I've tried using my glasses more. Not this past week, but the week before I used them almost every day. I usually use them in meetings so I can clearly see the speakers. But while tracting and around the house I don't. But I'm trying to get in the habit.
3)Nothing you can really do for me other then stand ready at any time for a call - probably will be in the afternoon of evening. Prepare everyone with at least a 5 minute return and report on the last 6 months.
MEETINGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5/7 days this week.
25 April 2011 - Played bball with select groups of Elders to play a little harder, but not too hard that it gets competitive and we get mad - you just can't really get into bball when you have to play with sisters and other elders. Had a short lesson with the Bailey's.

26 April 2011 - Went to the church early to try and find a musical number we can do for leadership training tomorrow. We had zone leader council today from 10-3pm. It was really good. The two big lessons I took away was 1)Invite everyone, on daily basis to be baptized (that's the way they preached it in the Scriptures - "Repent and be Baptized". 2)Lovingly make up the difference when wards are not up to par - no whining. President Beck has about 2 months left and said he will sprint to the finish which will be good. We are also going to start something new in the mission - the moment we set a baptism date, we pull out calenders and chart the critical steps to baptism with them and then review their progress in each lesson - Dallas, TX Mission does this and they secure 90-100% of the baptism dates they set - our mission is about 60%. We tried a calender approach in our zone about 3 months ago and it failed because it was poorly presented by us and no follow-up - really just a nice thought, but not implemented. But this is exaclty what the mission needs and it is new and improved and great. Interviewed Adam & Ashley Corrington for baptism and they passed - I really like baptism interviews with kids - they just rock and get it. You understand why the Savior loved children so much - they are just happy, and willing to follow Christ.

27 April 2011 - Had district leader council with our 3 district leaders - got them pumped on the mission monthly focus of extending and securing baptismal dates. We had a leadership training from 10-3 today - brought in all the district leaders. It was almost the same training as yesterday - really trying to get the leaders on board with this so that they will implement and hold accountable missionaries for it so it doesn't fall flat - the leaders own the culture of the mission. Played hymn 220 for our musical number and 3 other elders sang - pretty good. Was on the phone for an hour tonight with one of our High Councilman over missionary work - couple struggles between missionaries and their bishops/ward mission leaders. It'll be ok.

28 April 2011 - Pretty good distict meeting. You could tell during it that 2 sisters were really struggling throughout it. So after, Elder Bird and I sat down with Sisters Moody and Zollinger. We worked through their concerns and had a really good discussion - I don't like seeing other people down or sad. So we really tried to cheer them up and later got some really nice feedback from them. We had a great lesson with Delaney. We confirmed her baptism date and then made a calender that we've been trained on and charted out her path to baptism (church every week, lessons twice a week, interview date, watch a baptism, meet the bishop, etc.). She's so golden, I wish I could keep teaching her, but we have to pass her off to the YSA.

29 April 2011 - So this morning we had a specialized training over the same things as the past 3 days - On how we really live our purpose by inviting souls to baptism and then skills training all on the baptism calender. After, Elder Bird and came to my area on exchanges - I really enjoy being with Elder Bird. We had a great lesson with Alex on the Plan of Salvation - hoping then turn out good - not comfortable with baptism or church yet, so we'll see. So we went tracting and Elder Bird took the first door and left them a card - decent door approach. I took the next 2 doors and challenged them both to be baptized. Then Elder Bird took the next one and invited them to be baptized and after said - I wasn't going to go another door without challenging someone to baptism. It was funny. Invited like 9 or so people to be baptized while tracting - fun stuff. Had a lesson with Alberto and the Tiemans - they fed us dinner too.

30 April 2011 - Had dinner with the Wilde's and shared a scripture - cool to hear that she said that she often gets so much guidance from our little scripture thoughts (something I take for granted a lot).

1 May 2011 - Tracting today was fun - there was one house with like 7-9 drunk people outside in theire garage having a party and I walked up and two walked onto the driveway to meet us and I basically challenged them to follow Christ and be baptized. They said no and started walking back in and another guy in the garage shouted something at us and I took a couple steps forward and said to them, "Will you all follow the Christ's invitation to be baptized into His church" or something like that, and they laughed and told us to get off their property - so we left. But it was awesome. It's cool when you get past your fears and you just go out and invite all to follow Christ and be baptized. Had a drunk man we tracted into like 5-6 weeks ago walk into church. We took him into sacrament and then he came to a fireside we had that night - I invited him to be baptized like each time - but he is Bosnian and doesn't understand much - but we have a lesson with him tomorrow at 1:30 that hopefully turns out good.

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