Monday, May 9, 2011

April 24- Happy Easter

Happy Easter,

18 April 2011 - Had a district activity today - played soccer with the deer valley district - fun stuff. Messed around on the piano trying to play a cool 'Kolob' arrangement by ear - only have the first little bit down. Went over to the Bailey's and they invited us to stay for dinner - had a mini piano recital too which was fun.

19 April 2011 - This morning we had our 6am breakfast at President Weathersby's. Then we had a lesson at 10am with Galen. President Beck wanted to come to our lesson so he taught with us. Went really well - set a baptism date. Then began an exchange with Elder Gibson - goes home in 3 months, had a good day. Then did a double swap at night and went down to Elder Trussell in his area.

20 April 2011 - I love Elder Trussell - we tore it up today. Cool story - so this morning we were thinking of what skills training to do in his district meeting since he hadn't planned one yet. Talked for about 5 min and decided to do one on how to deal with a partmember family in setting up lessons with them. So we did that in his district meeting. At 3:30 we had a window of heaven on Madrams Ln (we pray to know when and where we should be to find the elect). First door we knock on we meet a 15 yr old boy. Talk for a couple minutes and I invited him to be baptized at the door. He said yes and that his dad was a LA member. Came back later and met his mother (also a LA) - and got to apply our skills training and set up lessons to teach and baptize him. Elder Trussell is a good missionary - happy and a hard worker.

21 April 2011 - Bro. Eagar took us to Johnny Rockets today - a vintage restaurant with juke boxes, shakes and burgers. Pretty good. Set our goals for May and went to Elder Bird's district meeting. Contacted and found a Hindu man who let us in. I accidentally walked through his shrine room with statues and a worship mat and he didn't like that too much. Went over to Zach Lloyd's for dinner and a lesson with his 20 yr old niece. She is Christian and her dad has been LA forever and so she knows very little. We were teaching her the lesson when I locked in eye contact and quoted the first vision, then paused. She started getting a little teary eyed and I asked how she was feeling. It was basically perfect - she felt the Spirit so strong and loved it. I invited her to be baptized and she accepted - only thing is she lives outside our area so we'll have to transfer her, but it was great. The first vision account does it's job. She told them that she was impressed with our eye contact and that we were her age and had such a foundation and knowledge and testimony. Swapped, so Elder Zollweg is with me tonight and tomorrow.

22 April 2011 - Had a situation last night where a missionary called his district leader up and told him off. I don't like that stuff - so when I found out, I called them both and told them I wanted to meet with each of them today at 1:30. So we all met up and discussed it like men. I don't like mean people or people who take offense. So we talked and worked it all out. Why can't missionaries just be obedient and be good. Elder Zollweg had a good day today - we found another Hindu man - lots of them in our area - usually never listen to us. Had dinner with the Wilde's and Myria talked to me about pregnancies for about 15 min (in detail too) - so that was strange. I guess it'll help me when my wife goes through that stuff. Exchanges always tire me out and we've done a lot recently. Gotta be doing the ABC's throughout (Always Be Coaching).

23 April 2011 - Drove up and got an oil change today, went out to lunch with some Elders. Planning on going to the Mesa Easter Pageant again this year, but our investigator bailed so we decided to go tracting instead. I try to make 2 or so calls each night to zone members just to tell them their awesome and see how their day's are going.

24 April 2011 - Bro. Eagar got us some chocolate Easter bunnies- nice of him. Last night at 10pm or so a lady from CA called and said her LA sister who's in our ward is in the hospital and needs a blessing ASAP. So this morning, we drove out there and gave her and her non-member husband a blessing. Both shaken up pretty bad - she had a seizure and they think she might have a cancerous tumor and they have a 2.5 month old baby - so pretty scarred. But the blessings were really good. Really cool. Had a change in one of our Bishopric's. Church was good. Had a Children's Choir Fireside last night which was awesome. We set up displays for people to look at after - a big missionary push. Got to mop the floors after, been forever since I've mopped.

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