Monday, May 9, 2011

April 17- Missionary Work Makes Me Smile

I sent camera to Nikon to get evaluation to see if they can fix it. Will let you know when i hear back.

11 April 2011 - Taught Galen again - it's been awhile. He is confused on a lot of points and just wants clarity. He hasn't been reading and praying as much as he should so that was our discussion points today. He has a 2 yr old daughter. We had a zone activity after for P-day. Put 2 of the sisters in charge and they did a great job - did an Olympic thing which was really cool. Had Chick-fil-a after with Elder Bird and Elder Cecil. Taught the Toledo's. Such a cool family. Had a lesson with one of our new investigators named Ronnie who we tracted into about 2 months ago and finally got in -tract backs are tough. Had a really good lesson on the restoration and brought s. Christensen who is a convert too and did a great job - they hit it off nicely. Also trying to get in with a really nice family, the Berry's.

12 April 2011 - went to Elder Beeston's area - went to get on our bikes and my bikes tire had exploded - they filled it completely full of air the other day when it was really cold - heated up and air expanded and it most of blown. Tracted almost all day. Elder Beeston has been out about 7 months and is pretty solid. I got a bloody nose on Elder Mendenhall's tie he really liked that I stole for the day. Luckily - saliva gets blood out surprisingly well. So i spat on the tie and got it out. If you are really looking up close, you can see a yellowish glow to a certain area, but you really can't tell. So now he was Elder Perkins blood and spit soaked into his tie. Then, I stepped on a thorn bush and it went straight through my shoe and nailed my foot. That hurt and I had to take all the inside out to get the blasted thorn out. Got to drive today - i like driving a little. Went to their newly called WML's house today and I trained him on the member work whell. I went on splits with one of their priests which is weird since neither of us know the area and we just made some random visits and have to explain that they will probably never see either of us again - but it helps because we can be as direct as we want because we'll never see them again.

13 April 2011 - had a district leader council this morning before zone meeting. Discussed their challenges and then I talked to them about the magnitude of their calling and how to magnify it. Zone conference was really good - all on getting investigators to church. President Merrill came and spoke - really good. Bro. Gladden (less-active) took us out to dinner tonight - went to a place called sauce - in between a Fazzolis and an Olive Garden - i got a mini pizza and it was pretty good I thought. Swung by the Baily's - mom is less active and non-member kids (15 and 10) don't like missionaries. But the mom says I click with the kids well & this time they sat in for our scripture and prayer which is a good start.

14 April 2011 - We've doubled the amount of exchanges for the next 2 weeks. We will hit all but one companionship in the zone in the next 2 weeks - so will be very busy. Met up with the sisters to do a church tour to pass off one of our investigators to the YSA ward. Bro. Eagar took us to red robin for lunch which was great and then we began an exchange. Elder Berry, who only has two weeks left is here with me.

15 April 2011 - had a lesson with Galen. invited to the Easter pageant Elder Bird had a good district meeting - i got to share my thoughts on following up & importance of it. Were tracting a street and had prayed to find someone. No such luck and as we were walking back to the car I felt to go down another street and hit a house with the garage door open. So we went over and talked with a guy for about 20 minutes, placed a Book of Mormon, and got his number - hopefully he reads so he can get his answer.

16 April 2011 - in low 90's today. i think it got up to 93 or so. Got a little red on face and arms - tracted like 7 hours. I love tough work. Bro. Eagar made us biscuits and sausage gravy for breakfast. Met some crazy man today who is crazy and he talked to us for like an hour.

17 April 2011 - went on exchanges to another ward with Elder Kennington and Elder Barton. Elder Barton is a 6 week missionary who lives here in Peoria, Arizona. He has some disabilites which won't allow him to serve a full 2 year mission. His parents drop him off at the missionaires place at 7am and then pick him up every night at 9pm. He sleeps at his house, but works with the elders all day - he is a really great man. I had a blast working with him - really strong testimony - simple and powerful - just the way i like em.

President Beck called and wants to go and teach a lesson with Elder Hall and I this next week, so that should be fun. I've practiced teaching with him at zone leader council, but never taught a real lesson with him. We have 4 exchanges this next week. very busy.

Missionary work makes me smile. It's fun asking less actives what is keeping them from coming to church and they have no good excuse, or inviting someone you've been talking to for 2 minutes to follow Christ and be baptized, or working with a missionary who is struggling, or bearing your testimony to some anti who wants to burn your churches down, or playing soccer with your district on p-day, or making a roast beef and turkey swiss melt for lunch, or sweating a lot as you bike up a steep hill in hopes to find someone tracting that needs the gospel, or find a 20 year old who had a pre-mature baby just pass away and see how happy she gets when you testify that she will see her baby again and they Will be together forever, or teach a ward mission leader how he can succeed in his calling, or discussing with a stake presidency member how we can help the bishops catch the vision they see, or moving gravel for an investigator....all in the same week.

Life just honestly can't get much better then this - you are always happy and cheerful as a missionary. Tough times may come, but true success is when you go from failure to failure without loosing enthusiasm. I love it. Hope it never ends.

Elder Perkins

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