Monday, May 16, 2011

Just Like Being Home

Nice to hear about the letter from President and the nice things the family is saying.

Lets just say these last 2 weeks have been so crazy and busy. We do so much running around it keeps my life crazy and fun. Lets see. In the past 2 weeks here are some things we have done:
  • Drove all around Phoenix
  • Gotten to drive by myself like 7-8 times - we follow each other to transport cars
  • Had to do an emergency transfer
  • Been in 6 hr plus meetings with President Beck
  • Trained a couple zone leaders
  • Planning specialized training meetings all this next week
  • Moving Elders from apartments into consecrated members housing
  • Decided who gains miles/looses car miles, where to put extra cars, etc.
  • Gone to a number of district meetings and evaluate who could be future leaders
  • In the office a lot doing paper work, etc.
  • Dinner with President and Sister Beck a couple times - always fun. Last night we went over to have like a thirty min. meeting with President and it was about 8:45pm as we were walking out the door when Sister Beck asked if we had had dinner yet. We said no, so she told us to get into the kitchen so she could make a quick meal. Thirty min later she had made, speghetti with garlic bread with mozzerela eggplant - funny stuff - she is so sweet and nice. After we ate that it was like 9:25 and we need to be in by 9:30, so we are washing our dishes off and President asked if we would like a shake, Sister Beck said, "oh they need to hurry home" and President just looked at the clock for about 3 seconds and said, "Oh they have time." So he made us a papaya shake which was great and then we went home. It was just like being at home. Fun times.
  • Teaching Elders the importance of cleanliness
  • Buying a huge travel jug from the local Quik Trip. It keeps your soda cooler, longer - and its a thirst buster, so it busts your thirst. We fill it up when we have long driving days (basically every day).
  • Editing documents on duties of future AP's and trainers in the mission
  • Taking a van test - so now I am certified to drive the 12 (maybe 15, can't remember) passenger van
  • Going to a baptism
  • Going on splits with our Bishopric and then with the priests
  • Working with our WML to decide what to do on 5th Sunday.
  • Getting to know all our ward members, dropping by and teaching them how to be missionaries
  • Tracting
  • Having a couple lessons.
Overall, just busy busy. But that makes it fun. Time goes really fast. Can't believe its middle of May and I've been here for 2 weeks. Sorry for the quick e-mail. We have more office work to do tonight. We have 3 days of mission training this week - break the mission up into thirds - one group on Tues, another on Wed, and the last on Friday (all from 9-4). So it will be a very busy week.

Much love,

Elder Perkins

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