Monday, May 9, 2011

April 4- Conference

Sounds like everyone is doing very well back at home. That is very good to hear. Tell Kellie that when we go to college together, she will need to introduce me to all her friends so i can get married very quickly - after conference this weekend, i am not going to waste any time, ha.

My sprained ankle is doing perfectly fine. I sent some pictures, but it got really swollen that night and bruised - hurt for about a week and them went away - it still is not 100%, but it'll do. President Beck is in a very hurry up mode. He has a lot to teach us in these last couple months. We already know the new mission president is President Taylor - my guess would be they are in very close contact with each other so the transition is perfectly smooth.

The study session with President Beck was very intense - it is then i realized just how much doctrine there is in the church - it is fascinating how simple it is, but there is so much contained in each of those simple principles. For the Q&A session, I started it off by asking about D&C 121 - specifically about the doctrine of the Priesthood and they went on for about 45 minutes about Abraham and Melchizedek, The Abrahamic Covenant, Patriarchal Order, Apostolic Order, Temple Stuff, Calling and Elections, Oath and Covenant of Priesthood, Alma 13, and much more. Lot of things blew my mind.

We actually watched all 5 session of conference with Bro. Eagar - we had plans to watch it with 2 other investigators who both canceled on us right before which was a bummer. Conference was great though.
28 March 2011 - Got my package from mom - lots of fun stuff and Cheez-its which i like. The AP's called and asked if I could put together a musical number for Zone leader council tomorrow morning, so went to church and tried something out. Took a nap. Visited Monique and she and her husband made us some dinner - she is close, but just can't get past the whole organized religion thing. Invited her to watch conference.

29 March 2011 - Got to the mission home at 6:30am. All zone leaders there and we had a quick breakfast and then set off to hike Sunrise Mountain. At the bottom, President told us to pick up a rock and we'd carry it to the top. We stopped in 3 spots of the mountain (1/3 up, 2/3 up, and at the summit). Each representing a kingdom of glory - each takes work and has a nice view, but the bottom two do not compare to the top. President instructed us for 20 minutes at the top - we built a symbolic altar out of the stones we carried to the top and rededicated ourselves to work harder - the sky is our limit. Went back to the mission home, showered and changed and started zone leader council at 11. It's fun meeting with everyone - E. Farnsworth, Geren, Tripp, Henrie, etc. Really good elders. Musical number was decent. Stopped by Maria's -back from 2 month trip to Bolivia - showed us some pictures.

30 March 2011 - Had district leader council this morning with the 3 district leaders. 3 focus areas in april are: 1)extending baptism invitations daily 2)Church Tours 3) Training all auxiliary presidencies on member work wheel. After that, I began exchange with E. Trussell. He is really cool - i enjoyed it. We went to teach a 12 yr old with her grandparents who are LA and their wml's wife. Well halfway through the lesson - i went back and forth with her for about 10 minutes and everyone just watched us. I invited her to be baptized and she said no because she doesn't feel ready. So we read Mosiah 18 with her and went through each qualification and then she said that she felt more comfortable with baptism. So it went well actually.

31 March 2011 - Exchanges back pretty early. Weekly planning. Began exchange with E. Bird - went to Anthem ward coordination and Bro. Krueger got a picture with us.

1 April 2011 - Fun being with Elder Bird - we have a concern in his district where the members feel that setting a baptism date in first or second lesson puts too much pressure on the investigators and then they drop off. They feel that if we teach them for 3-4 weeks and build there testimony before setting a date, then more would be baptized. This is not true in most cases - so we will handle it. Next Wed. we are having a zone meeting and I'm slotted for a 30 minute talk on the doctrine of the baptismal invitation - I think i will start off like President Monson did in priesthood saying, "Now I do not intend to offend anyone today...but..." I love it when they say that because you know they are going to cut straight to it.

2-3 April 2011 - Conference all day - Priesthood was the best session as always. As well as the two talks on Sunday about discipline and chastising. We tracted in between the sessions. Elder Bird and Elder Cecil were here for the sessions on Saturday which made it fun - had a BBQ in between those sessions.

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