Monday, April 5, 2010

It's For Champions!

Easter Sunday was very good for us.

Conference is a relaxing weekend for the most part. We ate dinner with a family of 5kids (ages 5-15). Had a nice dinner and played a Book of Mormon game. Then did some street contacting and called it a night.

Glad yall had a nice Easter.

I heard about the earthquake in Mexico. Some people felt it here, but I never did.

Tell Morgan I enjoy her letters.

Morgan, I am glad you had a nice Easter day. You have a lot of jobs! Are they hard for you to do or easy? A lot of people I have dinner with ask about you and I tell them all about you.

We excercise for about 30 min in the morning just doing little stuff. We don't bike too intesively, but its still good excercise.

Members here treat us very well. For lunch we usually just have a sandwich or roman noodles. Nothing too fancy. Cause we have basically huge dinners at night - and we always have dessert. I've started eating healthier, though. I bought Peyton Manning Wheaties Fuel for Champions - its basically the best cereal ever cause its for champions. I bought multi grain bread, V8 juice, oranges for snacks, skim milk, etc. So I'm trying to stay fit and not get so plump.

This week we went down to the Mesa Easter Pagaent which was way fun. They put on a huge play for about 2 weeks and have about 10-12 thousand people at each performance. Hopefully we get some referrals this week from anyone who went from our area. Yes, a lot of talks on family during conference - basically all of them in some way.

I also got my haircut this week. We have interviews next week. Paul V. Johnson of the Seventy is doing a misison tour on the 14th next week which is cool.

We have ultimate frisbee, shopping, 50 chicken nugget challenge at McDonalds, maybe a nap and dinner, then back to work at 6. Conference was good I thought. I enjoyed many talks. I liked all of Uchtdorfs talks. Priesthood session was very good as well.



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